Transit vs Aurilium
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Originally Posted by lukealexander /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I am getting the occasional pop/click at the moment which is annoying me (and is scary at louder volumes!). I have the Aurilium connected to a USB2.0 port on my laptop along with a Wireless USB Dongle for my mouse. The other two ports are free.

Any ideas?

I got hum on headphone out if I connect with USB power, after change with external psu there is no hum at all.
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I can't really be bothered taking it apart...
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I will take a look at that a bit later.
As you know, I was debating the Transit too....which has just gone for £42.55+£2.50=£45.05 versus my Aurilium at £36.05. £9 saved. My wallet isn't sorry!
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If using optical out, I imagine it would be neutral. Hell, I',m no expert!

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