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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    What!? And no mention of my glorious review?? Just joking [​IMG].
    But seriously I actually don't think I've heard other cables that has made that large of a difference for portable (C)IEM. Granted I haven't done that many cable reviews but for the few I have, the Uber stands out.
  2. Kiats

    Heheh! :speak_no_evil: Blame it on old age....
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Seems Gosod is no longer with us. I was almost certain I had a sale lined up for Tralucent there!
  4. Kiats
    Heheh! Oh well...
  5. ambchang
    Thanks for the tips guys. I changed out the spinfits for the spiral dots, still didn't get a good deal on my right ear, so I got a set of complys and they fit well now.

    That said, I think it lost some transparency and the bass is a little more boomy than I remembered. Still very rich and thick sound, soundstage is still good, but there seems to be a veil now.

    The search for the right tips continue.
  6. Kiats

    Have you tried Ortofon tips? Secondly, it may be that you need a different size for each ear. :)
  7. wormsdriver
    I found the ortofon tips best with the 1+2. Unfortunately I had the same issues with both versions of the 1+2 with the tips getting stuck in my ears.
    It's a shame too, I really liked the 1+2 but due to fit issues I had to get rid of them before I threw then across the room in a blinding rage! Lol! :D
  8. Kiats
    Ah... Can't say I had any issue with either version of the 2.2 with ortofons. I still have both. However, what I have noticed when used with some other iems, the silicone of the Ortofons lose tensile strength and consequently grip after a while.
  9. ambchang
    So I plugged the 1p2 in the geek pulse infinity and the sound was definitely better than the iPhone. Better separation and more transparent but there is still a little veil over the music. Maybe I'm being unreasonable as I'm comparing them to full desktop setups with full sized headphones.

    Previously, with the spinfits, I actually prefer them with the iPhone over the geek pulse infinity as the .geek made it sound too artificial.

    On the lookout for the ortofons.
  10. Kiats

    Love the transparency with the LPG and balanced out of the AK 240 and 380Cu stack... Not sure iphone has enough juice for it to showcase itself. I used to listen now and then to the 1plus2 off the Bryston BHA-1. Very carefully so that I didn't blow out the drivers. Ditto with the LAu. :)
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Don't ask me how I managed to keep my AK300's screen so clean for the shot. Hours upon hours with a small dust brush. 
    Kerouac likes this.
  12. Kiats
    H20, you have to tell us the brand of that brush! :yum:
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor


    Nah, just joking. :p

    I used a straw in my mouth and blew air on it manually.
  14. Kiats
    Now we'll want to know the make of that wonderfully effective straw, H20... :yum:
  15. Kerouac

    Hmmm, at first I was really looking forward to a full detailed (at least 18 pages) review on that beautiful brush.
    But now we probably get one about that amazing straw instead [​IMG] 
    On a serious note: the AK300 + 1plus2.2 pic is very well done imo.
    It's almost like everything is floating on air...
    H20Fidelity likes this.
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