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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Wyd4
    I have the occasional tweezer session with my ref1too.

    But I have strange ears. My right ear fits nicely. My left one is more of a blink, stick my tongue out, hop on one leg kind of affair.

    But to be fair to the Tralucent iems this is across the board for me. A short of a ciem I am yet to have an over the ear iem fit my left ear.
  2. ambchang

    Mine was the one on the right, the one without the lip.

    I have the spinfits on and they are fine now.

    The cables are fine too. They are not overly tight but they hold in place. Definitely better than the mentors I had previously.
  3. taiyo

    The new version of tralucent cable (new earbud connector) are well attach with all tralucent earphone. It is designed for tralucent.
    Old version tralucent cable are using a universal cm connector. It may not fit very well for some generation.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Provided the lip on the nozzle which holds the tips on is correct from the mould I've always found some tips may pop off or simply not stay on regardless.

    Only 'some' tips.
  5. kimD

    How does unequally, one side feel better and the other side feeling tight.
    If use with foam tips
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Do you mean foam tips staying on the nozzle. Or do you mean in your ear?
    In your ear is easy as our canals aren't a mirror image of each other, some people even require different size tip for each ear.
    If on the nozzle tips are fitting differently, I'd guess there was an issue with how the housing came out of the mould or was finished by hand.
    Try your JVC SpiralDot tips on the 1Plus2.
    Spinfit are one tip I've found not to stay on 1Plus2 nozzles securely. They will push on if you really make them but the stem will always try and work its way off slowly, especially on removal.
  7. kimD

    Corrected on ear.

    In this case would be return for seller, cause seem like defects on nozzle parts.
  8. Kerouac

    About seal/tips: no perfect seal = no perfect sq => JVC Spiral Dot tips (which H20F already advised above) also work great for me.
    I also found the 1p2 to be very source/cable dependent, but once you've found the right combination/synergy it sounds amazing (holographic/real).
    Concerning the other 2 iems you mentioned: I had the FX650 which was not even close to 1p2 level (but the FX850 should sound better) imo.
    I've also had the SE535 for some months, but to me these were the biggest disappointment in my whole (c)iem adventure so far. The SE535 turned out to be very fatiguing for me while listening...after ± 15 minutes I got irritated by them and had to switch to other iems. While I had them, I even reached often for the much cheaper SE215 instead...
    Well, happy listening and good luck with deciding which one to keep [​IMG] 
  9. Gosod
    which cable is better for these headphones?
  10. Kerouac
    Most of the time I've used the Toxic Silver Widow on my 1plus2...
    But I've read that for some real synergy magic, the Tralucent Uber cable should be the best out there [​IMG]
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I use Tralucent pure silver on my 1Plus2, she's a lean mean clarity machine.

    Tralucent new copper on the 2.2. The body of copper with the voice of silver.
  12. AndrewH13
    Anyone at CanJam London tomorrow, with 1plus2.2? Or Ref?
  13. Gosod
    what? could you share the link?
  14. Kiats

    Different ear tips fit differently. Hence, the variety. Try a different make of ear tips then. :)
  15. Kiats

    Tralucent Uber cable? There's no link. It's well known by word of mouth and by the opinions posted on the threads for Tralucent IEMs.
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