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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I use 2.2 from DX90 single ended (3.5mm connection). It offers the most detail and resolution for 2.2 from my sources, one area noticeably ahead of the original the amount of detail being revealed. The original 1Plus2 was also run from DX90 on the same firmware which I know well so its a good test to identify variation.
    I also run 2.2 balanced from Lotto PAW 5000 though find the Lotto to make them a little cold or bright for long listening, I put this down to a fault in the synergy because with DX90 they're spot on, enough to be happy for quite a while.
  2. tgdinamo
    Thanks - good to know. I have been using Tera as my only hires DAP for about 4 years now and I'm still thrilled with it. However, given how expensive Tera is now I've also started thinking about what other DAP I may get as backup for Tera - something where the dropoff in SQ would not be horrible (I have in the past tried HM901, AK120, and AK240 but frankly did not like any of them compared to Tera). Also, I love good physical buttons instead of fancy touch screens that eat up battery life, so I was thinking about maybe trying Lotto PAW Gold. But I'm also thrilled with my Tralucent phones - currently original Ref 1 and 1p2 so whatever other DAP I get must pair up nicely with those, and also with either new Plus5 or 2.2 - still can't decide which one of those I should go with next.
  3. spkrs01
    Personally I would go with the Lotoo Paw Gold, and stay with a 3.5mm connection. Fantastic sounding and built like a tank, also great with DSD.
    Probably my 2nd favourite Dap after the 380Cu stack that I am using at the moment...............
  4. tgdinamo
    Thanks. Sounds like big time endorsment of LPG - especially given you are probably using Tralucent phones with it. [​IMG]
  5. Kiats

    Agree on the LPG. Excellent pairing with the Tralucent IEMs. :)
  6. spkrs01

    I don't actually own a LPG but have heard it extensively, my friend's unit and at stores.
  7. flymetothemoon

    Please share your impressions should you ever get the PAW Gold with the Ref.1 as I'm having the same IEMs as yours.
  8. tgdinamo
    No problem. I just ordered LPG - should receive it in couple of weeks and will let you know what I think.
    flymetothemoon likes this.
  9. musicday
    You will not be disappointed with the LPG which is the second best sounding music player in my opinion.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, that was easy!
    Can't get much better recommendation assurance from any other than  Kiats and sprks.
    Please, please come back and tell us your thoughts! 
  11. tgdinamo
    Agreed - some of the most knowledgeable people seem to be hanging around in Tralucent threads and I have already learned so much from them since I joined the forum.
    By the way, LPG may have been easy decision but picking between P5 and 2.2 is not. I though I had already decided on P5 but am having second thoughs again after recent stellar feedback from people about 2.2 (and my love for the original 1p2 signature with that incredible sparkly treble). Also, someone recently said 2.2 sounds like 1p2 and Ref 1 had a baby - I know it's crazy but that almost instantly put 2.2 back on top of my wanted list! Still - before I buy I want to see more reviews/feedback about both of them, and also want to digest LPG first with my current phones and see how it compares to Tera).
  12. Kiats

    Haha! Very kind of you, H20. :)
  13. Kiats

    Well, tgdinamo, as a fellow Tera Player owner, I perfectly understand your dilemma. I was assured by Detrozer and Awry who had heard the 2.2 that it is sufficiently different from the 1plus2, I took the plunge. No regrets at all.

    That being said, the Plus5 is an incredible BA IEM. :)

    All being said and done, with the Tera, the 2.2 does have fantastic synergy and really brings out the best of the Tera. On the other hand, I prefer the Plus5 for its interplay with the LPG.

    Which is why Sabre2 is having such a ball of a time right now: being able to luxuriate in 3 different musical presentations for the same piece of music. :)
  14. Kiats

    The lushness of the 2.2, its sense of space and its lingering edgy trebles is spine tingling with female jazz vocals like Halie Loren...
  15. tgdinamo
    That's why I love the original 1p2 - some of my favorite female singer like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Diana Krall, & Norah Jones have never sounded better to me than with Tera/1p2 combo.
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