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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. VisceriousZERO
    I think you're talking about the PRM.
  2. Greed
    You're right I am. Thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. VisceriousZERO
    I actually got one and Its okay but doesn't sound close to my TOTL CIEMs xD
    Compared to the 1p2.. I'm not sure its been a while since I listened to my pair.
  4. Greed
    Wow I was expecting it to compete well with the 1p2 and the other TOTL CIEMs. Guess I'll scratch that one off my list...
  5. VisceriousZERO

    I mean, I like it because it showed me what I really like about IEMs, and being able to hear subtle differences in impedance but I don't listen to it as long as I would like I guess
  6. vwinter
    Deleted. See below.
  7. vwinter

    That sucks, I've never heard the PRM.

    Tuning your own IEM is a dangerous game haha. But yea, I don't mean the PRM. I loved the heck out of the UERM demo. I haven't heard an IEM I didn't wish was just a little better at something or other though.

    IMO, the 1p2 is like watching a modern factory operate from a catwalk. It's fascinating and it's impressive, no matter if you understand it or not. The UERM is like watching a guy pull rabbit after rabbit out of a hat that you're holding. It puts a gleam in your eye and butterflies in your stomach. It's magic. I like and respect both approaches, but I'd rather the one that sparks that fire in me.
  8. lee730
    True. But I'm skeptical coming from a product made from these people before and all the excessive hype around it.
  9. lee730
    AK120-S mod with 1Plus2 crushes Tera Player combo IMO. Not even comparable. I have the Tera Player with me but it is sitting in its box.
  10. lee730
    Well if that is the case I'd still avoid like the plague. The 8A was extremely bass heavy and dull. I have to admit though in noisy environments I did get enjoyment out of them. So the only time I really enjoyed using them was when cleaning house or cooking :p. Otherwise they were just turbo-fart-cannons. I never had any issues with the treble though. The treble was probably my favorite thing about them.
  11. burtomr
    ...and the fire starter is _____________???
  12. VisceriousZERO
    I just got the K10s and they're somewhat more balanced, with greater highs than the 8c (supposedly), but as someone who never went 8A I wouldn't know the differences between the two.
  13. tgdinamo
    Well I don't know what that mod can do to make AK120 THAT much different from stock? Because I did have a chance to hear stock AK120 and I think Tera is clearly better (as of now I would actually more likely look at some future HM player if I was to ever consider anything else - but that would be only if my TP broke down or got stolen and Charles is no longer making them).
  14. lee730
    The mod has improved the sonics so much that it is on par with my desktop rig now. Pretty much the amp I am using with it is the limiting factor in the chain . Even when stock though I did prefer the AK120 to the Tera Player. But when using DSD files even then they are not comparable IMO. I have a ton of DSD content to use as well as high res music. For standard 16/44 tracks though I generally would go for the Studio V 3rd ANV or the Rocoo BA over both the Stock AK120 and Tera player for musical enjoyment. Since updating to the S-mod I sold off the Studio and only use the BA when portability is a must.
  15. vwinter

    Haha sorry, the UERM. Catwalks are dandy but magic is quicker. :wink:
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