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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    thanks for extensive review, i deleted large part of this from quote field in order not to take much space.
    what puzzled me i was expecting Roxanne to capitalise even more on the already excellent 1p2... so hearing this sounds closer to ASG2 makes me scratch my head.
    yes, from my experience ASG2 has closer inner in your head stage. ASG2 is lovely but is totally different animal and that's why i thought about having both of them in future.
    but since now you tell Roxanne is closer to ASG2 makes me wonder how much improvement in sound i will be willing to pay? is not ASG2 a golden spot in this case???
  2. Bluebear
    After hearing Roxanne's 12-drivers per side signature, I am very interested to see how different would the new Noble's Kaiser 10 be from Roxanne and if it would be closer to 1plus2's signature presentation. I read that Kaiser 10 is pretty neutral and "airy" with good spacious presentation in its sound signature.
  3. goodvibes
    A couple posters have said the 8C was more neutral than the 10. Just goes to show that you need to try these things for yourself.. Reviews are personal. For instance, I prefer my JH13s to the 1+2 but really like them both. Somebody else that's familiar with both prefers the 1+2. It's all good and nice to have chioces/options that are a lot better than a just a year back.[​IMG]
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  4. VisceriousZERO

    I have the K10 now and my CF Roxanne is coming as well, so I'll be able to try them out :)
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  5. lee730
    I wonder how the 8C compares to the 8A.... If it was anything like the 8A I'd avoid like the plague....
  6. bmichels
    yes, let us know.  very interested  (I have also a Roxane Custom ordered )
  7. Gintaras
    bmichels, when you get Roxanne i am sure you will still be wondering about 1p2. 
    it seems this HeadFi bug hit you too strong. [​IMG]
  8. Gintaras
    Lee, sold VStudio? cool.... i was thinking about V3 but now will wait for Calyx M before deciding if Calyx or AK130 [​IMG] 
  9. bmichels
    You are 100% right.  I am still wondering about the 1p2 !!  
  10. goodvibes
    Seems to be much improved performance wise but again, good to listen for oneself.
  11. tgdinamo
    One good thing about 1p2 is once you get it you are very likely to stop thinking about upgrades (and of course finally stop spending money on one upgrade after another).
    That's at least what happened to me (same as with Tera which is also very expensive but at least I'm now completely done searching for upgrades because I'm 100% convinced this pairing of TP and 1P2 is impossible to beat - never heard anything better - portable or not).
  12. goodvibes
    Nice to be satisfied.[​IMG] Have you heard everything to be 'convinced'?
  13. VisceriousZERO
    From what I hear its the same with better highs... So yeah.
  14. vwinter

    Had the 1p2 for like 2 weeks on loan and it had enough small issues to not warrant a purchase and decided to hold out for something more universal to my tastes and music. Amazing IEM no doubt, but every coin has two sides. I'll eventually throw a short set of impressions up here when I have time to piece them together.

    Point of the story: I ended up ordering a UERM after a loan of a demo model, which isn't perfect either but was much more satisfying for me musically given my listening habits and gear, and in that sense is an "upgrade" to the 1p2 to me.
  15. Greed
    Just wondering - what about the UERM do you feel isn't perfect? Don't you tune them per your preferences? 
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