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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lee730
    But Gintaras it's not that simple. CIEMs generally won't yield you that perfect fit on the first try. It generally entails refits and sometimes multiple refits. I'm not exactly sure why he keeps asking the same old questions pretty much but I'll bite :wink:. If he's read earlier on in this thread a few people have made comparison of the 1Plus2 having a similar sound signature to the TH900.
  2. Mimouille
    The CIEM vs. IEM is such a personal matter, heavily dependant on:
    1. The level of qualification of the audiologist and his experience with CIEMs
    2. The fact that you follow the CIEM maker's instructions and the method recommended (open jaw vs. closed jaw vs moving jaw)
    3. The quality of the impressions
    4. The competence of the CIEM makers
    5. The trickiness of each ones ears in terms of shape
    6. The sensitivity of each ones ears
    7. The comfort of the universal iem you compare you CIEM too
    8. etc...
    ...That trying to give a general rule is IMPOSSIBLE. People often have completly different reactions to a given CIEM. Lee730 found the SE5 silicone CIEMs VERY uncomfortable at first whereas they are the most comfortable for me. Some people find the Ocharaku Flat 4 universals tricky, but they are very simple for me.
    Unfortunately, everyone must have a first good / bad experience with CIEMs to know what works best for him / her.
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  3. cn11
    Bad customs experience here. And mine are paperweights unfortunately with no resale value since the particular manufacturer's dynamic driver is destroyed if removed for re-shelling. 
    Never again for me, no way, no how. Besides, where's the fun in being able to share the top-tier sound with your friends? 
  4. lee730
    I've had both good and bad. To be honest mostly bad experiences dealing with all 3 CIEMs. So naturally I won't agree on CIEMs being superior. Not by a long shot. If you are lucky then possibly. Most aren't lucky and need refits or have some sort of fits issues regardless. Then you have to factor in the loss in resale value vs a universal. With some IEMs not having any resale value. Universals overall win for me and that includes sound quality as well.
  5. audionewbi
    It is very hard to forget 1+2 bass and soundstage once ones hear it, the only think which is stopping me from getting is the uber cable which i know i will buy once i have the 1+2.
  6. midnightwalker
    +11111111111111 lol
  7. Gintaras
    lol....... you can always purchase 1p2 with a gold silver cable and then you can dream about uBer cable (my case) while enjoying what you have [​IMG]
    more so i can tell you i try not to like my 1p2, every time i am listening to it i try find some flaws, i go between 1p2 setup and my full stand rig... but each time i am doing this i fall more and more in love with 1p2. god bless me and save me from ordering a uBer cable [​IMG]
  8. tgdinamo
    I purchased the Double Helix cable hoping it would be a step up over the gold without going all the way to uber (I'm not interested in uber because of astronomical price but even more so lack of portability - I use 1p2 primarily during my daily commute).
    I have had the DHC cable for couple of weeks now and am very happy so far. I think both the SQ and ergonomics are improvement over the gold cable.
    To me the SQ is smoother and there is a little bit less sibilance with the DHC cable (perhaps not surprising because of copper), and I don't notice difference in detail, depth, and sound stage.
    The particular cable I purchased is this one:
  9. lee730
    I'd love to hear the ubber one day but until them I'm quite happy with the gold. Just kinda sick to know it could get any better lol... Hard to believe and I've been saying that for how long now :p.
  10. Vespertine
    Impossible to forget. Impossible to compare in my opinion, heard nothing like it from any headphone. The 1+2's should have their own category almost. I have a theory that somehow the propagation of sound waves due to the design of the 1+2 (P,S, and L) is somehow causing a Shear wave to somehow actually pull on your ear drum rather than a direct Pressure wave as per everything else, kind of, obviously all three are released from every headphone, but something is happening with the Shear wave on these that is definitely interacting with your eardrum differently to any other headphone I have ever heard. 
    More circumstantial evidence that this might be happening is the absolute need for a perfect seal, or it just won't happen.
    Or maybe I am just trying to fit what I know into what I don't.
    Either way, these things are in a league of their own, and I totally agree that it is totally unforgettable, the entire experience. 
    I was going to go for an Uber, still might, fannying around with other headphone types but at the end of the day these, to my ears, are just something that is technically much more advanced, really in a world of their own.
    And oh does it sound beautiful....and the Bass....YOU WILL NOT GET IT ANYWHERE ELSE.....
    For me, I still can't fix my problem with the cable popping out of my left unit, I have tried tape etc etc, it just keeps happening. The final straw was once in town when the cable popped out and I went to take out the unit from my ear, pulled it out and it slipped from my fingers, bounced on the tarmac and headed towards a drain. No damage done, but it could have seen me ordering some new ones.
    So sadly for me, I can only use them inside now for fear of losing one.
    This frustrates me greatly.
  11. eke2k6
  12. R Scott Ireland
    Me too. I listen to the silver/gold cable and can't believe I'm missing out on a whole higher level.
    But woe be to us when we do hear the uber.  I can't unlisten.  Once I've heard something better it's all over.
  13. lee730
    Don't try the S-mod then :). Your pocket will forever hate you...
  14. Gintaras
    Lee, what amping you use for Smod?
  15. lee730
    I'm using the T1 amp with it while on the go. I did get the UHA760 in but I'm debating on selling that at this point....
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