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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. woodcans

    Well, they are official fakes, after all. So you may be on to something.
  2. Gintaras
  3. Audiowood

    X2 that's the main reason why I sold the mk3. Hiss at all the iem I tried with it. For comparable sound quality, and with more features, try the m8 from centrance. No hiss, yet powerful to drive some of the demanding headphones including iem... lots of experience headfier commented that it best portable amp they ever heard. Head over the m8 thread and check it out.

    I highly recommend it..
  4. midnightwalker
    I do not have a chance to try the M8 yet but in form factor, I do not think it is a portable amp, more like transportable. However, I am still very curious on how its sound compares to the Theorem's. Power is not a big deal as I mainly use iems and easy-to-drive headphones. 
  5. Audiowood
    Yep it's like the size of a mini brick..
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Are they made by Rhapsodio? Lol
  7. lee730
    lol you never know? :p
  8. midnightwalker
    Very likely lol
  9. Gintaras
    truth to be told i have one fake and can attest that the attempt has failed, this is not anywhere close to 1p2. there is clearly some voodoo about 1p2 which no one can emulate :D
  10. Cotnijoe
    Howd you get ur hands on a fake? O.o
  11. Gintaras
    LoL... a joke, they are called V1 :D
  12. Cotnijoe
    Ohh... I completely missed that this is still a rhapsodio joke... Oops

    No wonder... I was like why would anyone purposely go for a fake... Haha
  13. Gintaras
    ok, lets stop it [​IMG]
    update on 1p2. i got my DX50 and spin records like mad .... the combo simply shines, i did not expect DX50 to sound so good. really love it. 1p2 shines with glory here. right now listening to this, mind blowing guitars and percussions:
  14. Audiowood
    Any pictures for us to drool over the DX50 combo?
  15. nk77
    How goes the Tour? Is it in the Australian leg now? 
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