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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. refault
    I've been thinking about ordering the 1plus2 with the balanced kobiconn terminiation, but if it still hisses to the same extent it does on my IE80s (w/o impedance adapter), I don't think it'd be tolerable.
    For some reason, without the 75ohm impedance adapter (Etymotic ER-4P to 4S adapter), my IE80 sounds weird/congested (along with the hiss) on the Rx MK3-B+ amp, but once I put the 75ohm adapter in-line it sounds "normal"... I wonder if the adapter simply is like raising the output impedance of the amp? :/
    Are there any balanced impedance adapters for the Rx MK3-B+ amp/1plus2 that wouldn't change the sound too much but at least reduce the hiss?
  2. DannyBai
    Another option is to check with ALO to lower the gain on the MK3B or look into an amp with a silent background like the RSA Intruder.
  3. Gintaras
  4. refault

    I don't get it... semantics?
    I was only wondering if the 1plus2 has the characteristic background hiss with the ALO Rx Mk3-B+ amp, since it would factor into the decision making process when I decide to order the 1plus2.
    I already know/it's well known that the Rx Mk3-B+ hisses with sensitive IEMs, but I've read semi-conflicting posts with regards to the 1plus2 having "tolerable" amounts of hiss in balanced out with this amp. I guess not, though... :frowning2: I might have to get an SR-71B or Intruder eventually for the 1plus2.
  5. vwinter
    They're being unhelpful.

    The Meier Quickstep won't hiss at regular volumes no matter the load or sensitivity and is a very neutral if you like the sound of your DAC section. The 1plus2 doesn't need an amp, but it'll let you hear your amp, so choose wisely.

    Don't know about ALO amp unfortunately.
  6. lee730
    Why not just sell the MKIII? There are better amps out and and for IEMs as well :wink:. There's more to it than just "hearing your amp". While it is not a requirement it will certainly improve the sound coming out of the 1Plus2. Pretty much you improve the source being fed into these IEMs and you really benefit from the scalability.
  7. midnightwalker
    Personally I prefer the Theorem 720 to the Clas -db + RX-Mk3b in term of both sound quality and portability.
  8. refault

    Yeah, I've really been thinking about returning the Rx Mk3-B+ and picking up an SR-71B instead (to pair with my balanced out on the CLAS -dB.) SR-71B seems slightly more powerful than the Intruder to drive harder-to-drive headphones (which I use, like the HD650, every so often) and doesn't have that "background hiss", but I'm worried the lower end won't be as 'detailed'/'refined sounding' as with the Rx Mk3-B+.  Oh well :/
    Good points, thanks. :)

    I saw the Theorem 720 for $699 (instead of $799) on a TTVJ sale a few days ago and I'm kind of sad I didn't pick it up! lol, I hope it goes on sale again... I assume the background hiss with sensitive IEMs is pretty much the same between the CLAS -dB/Rx Mk3-b+ stack and the Theorem though.
  9. lee730
    Word of warning ladies and gents I just got word that the 1Plus2 has finally hit the big time :wink:. There are official fake 1Plus2s for sale in China now lol. So be careful guys. If it sounds too good to be true it simply is. :p.
  10. Gintaras
    funny ...  i wonder why someone would want to fake 1p2, does not make much sense since 1p2 is not mass production item... IMHO but masochists of course exist in this world [​IMG]
  11. midnightwalker

    Seriously? How much do they sell?
  12. lee730
    It's called profit Gintaras. People saw how successful the item was selling and of course the appeal for the 1Plus2. Basically they figure if they can cut into it themselves why not? That's always been the motto of China. Try to copy another companies product and sell it for cheaper to make money on it.
    I'm not really sure on this. Basically the seller of fake 1Plus2 approached one of Tralucent's dealers in China stating they have 1Plus2s at a cheaper price. He then followed up with Tralucent who then confirmed this is not real. There is no such thing as gray-stock with them. :p

  13. midnightwalker
    Why don't they just buy one and confirm the quality with Tralucent? It is definitely not a good news but it makes me curious.
  14. Gintaras
    yes Lee, trust you, still sounds so weird because 1p2 is audiophile IEM and not mass IEM.
    and this music can help anyone to tell apart fake and genuine 1p2 [​IMG]

    amazing performer, and i did not know Gabriel endorsed him very much some years ago. love what African musicians can do, simply magic.
  15. vwinter
    Maybe the fake ones sound better. :p
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