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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. flymetothemoon
    Yeah, the DAC function might be the edge that AK has over it's competitions.
  2. midnightwalker
    This one will be a real competitor to AK120. Does anyone know its DAC and battery life?
  3. midnightwalker
    Which cable do you prefer for your 1plus2?
  4. Greed
  5. Audiowood
    I chose uber because I never heard it before.
  6. flymetothemoon
    My set up at workplace...
    It helps to inspire [my work] and energize over my entire workday.  Excellent company.  Investment well justified.
  7. Keenan
    I choose gold and sliver because i only have that.
  8. midnightwalker
    Actually, I preferred the Silver/Gold and SD3 among these. May be my rig is not good enough to take advantage of the uber cable.
  9. wasily
    I have a mint quality uber cable for sale- putting it up just because I want the portability- otherwise its the best I've heard. PM me anyone who's interested.
  10. DannyBai
    My 1P2 + Uber + Silver/Gold cable was delivered today so this work day can't end soon enough. Haven't been this excited to go home in awhile. I ended up ordering the BTG Audio Starlight cable as well just incase these two cables aren't gonna cut it while moving about. Thanks Gavin for the quick turnaround time and excellent service all around.
  11. midnightwalker
    Tried the BTG before not even in the same league with the silver cable :) Congratz for the new 1p2. It is 1 of the best iems I have ever heard.
  12. DannyBai

    Thanks midnightwalker. I assume the same regarding the BTG cable but I know he makes ergonomic cables and love his work and it's an inexpensive alternative for on the go.

    As for the 1P2, listened for a little while and the difference between silver/gold and uber cable is very apparent. Silver cable is much brighter and uber tames that down but the added dimensionality is stunning. I'm immediately happy with my purchase and look forward to this weekend. On the burn station they go for now.
  13. refault
    Does the 1plus2 "hiss" when connected to the ALO Rx MK3-B+ amp? Also, I'm not sure if I should order a "balanced" termination for whatever cable I'd decide to get with it (probably the gold+silver cable), especially if the 1plus2 hisses with the Rx MK3.
    With a regular single-ended 1/8'' mini termination, I could probably add an impedance adapter (75ohm) to reduce the hiss with the Rx MK3-B+, but I don't know if it'll change the 1plus2's frequency response for the worse.
  14. flymetothemoon

    The 1plus2 is not self powered and thus would not hiss! Your amp does.
  15. midnightwalker
    The MK3 produces hiss with ALL iems I tried. The hiss is much louder than the Theorem produces. 
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