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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    ok, fine, anything else?
  2. a_recording

    I said that I would not continue following this thread, but I have to admit that I have been ducking in here to see what kind of thinly veiled and passive aggressive comments you will say next.

    You are being incredibly condescending. You have implied in various comments that I am some kind of plaintive Marxist and also some kind of philistine who complains about expensive things. I stated clearly in my original review that I am a believer in the free market and people are free to pay whatever they want. I have been to Michelin star restaurants and I have enjoyed them. I did not complain.

    My complaints about the 1Plus2 stem from the fact that I felt like I went to a Michelin star restaurant and found out that they were serving store-bought pasta. They cooked it very well, but the fundamental quality ingredients and pride in all aspects of the dish were not there, like I would rightly expect in a Michelin star restaurant.

    I never once said that the 1Plus2 did not sound good. I never once said that any of my other cheaper IEMS sounded better than the 1Plus2, though many had aspects that were comparable.

    I don't know why you seem to have a deep seated need to defend your purchase (I guess you must really love it) but your continual juvenile sniping about my review is really amazing given that no it has been more than a week and no one has continued to complain about the price.

    In fact the only impact my review has had (besides giving you a chip on your shoulder) is several pages of helpful discussion about alternative connector systems that hopefully Gavin can read and use as some ideas for revision. Which was my intent in posting my review in the first place, because the entire point of the review tour is to gather honest feedback, not just to sell more product.

    I am personally insulted by your comments and I will not idle around while you make me out to be some kind of ignorant bumpkin.
  3. burtomr
    ignorant bumpkin

  4. a_recording
    I'm no flamer...
  5. goodvibes
    My partner makes them and has been for 30 years. Has had great reviews and record of the xxxx in some mags. Also teaches. We have analog as well as digital masters so have compared downsampling and aftermarket dithers (in wavelab) with direct A2D transfers at various bit rates using a Nagra VI with upgraded PS and ssd. Use something else for playback. When I comment, it's not theoretical. It represents the repeatable results we get and things don't always go as expected when doing tests. While 24 bit was always a slam dunk, it took a while before I thought 192 was better than 96 due to available A2Ds. Just IMO as I'm not trying to restart that discussion. Never heard a PC/MAC into a USB DAC that I thought appropriate for a High End system, to the point that a lower res in a better dedicated setup may be preferred so it's not always about res. That said, when doing absolute comparisons, it better be done with the best kit you can get your hands on with some experience as to what's really available to make certain that what you are or aren't hearing is what you think it is. Again, IMO.
    If Gavin is reading. A couple early 192 files I sent you have ultrasonic noise. Not a biggy as it's above 50khz but those also will sound better now for a couple other reasons and that energy could affect some systems.
  6. vwinter
    "When I comment, it's not theoretical. It represents the repeatable results we get..."

    I just want to confirm for the general understanding here that these repeatable results involve you guys listening and thinking/agreeing that something sounds better, ie not a quantifiable result, right?

    Not to undermine anything you do or your opinion, I just feel that kind of statement needs a clear qualification.
  7. Gintaras
    wow, interesting. great to have access to such things [​IMG]
    Nagra is pro equipment so must be real treat.
    want try them these files too [​IMG] 
    as regards PC/MAC via USB ways are possible, looks like audio and converters get better every day. i feed Mac into AP2PP via USB then SPDIF to DAC. must admit AP2 with PP does a very good job at minimizing noise.
  8. goodvibes
    I thought I made it so, so no problem at all.[​IMG]
  9. goodvibes
    Best we've found so far is Weiss INT202 via isochronous firewire and upgraded linear PS into a selected DAC. We were already using TC Konnekt with a similar chip set and PS a half dozen years ago and I still prefer that to any USB setup I've heard. Obviously we need something good to hear whats happening but it's still not up to other methods of playback. Again, IMO.
  10. vwinter

  11. Gintaras
    Vibes, yes, Weiss is pretty good but as everything Swiss made not cheap at all :wink:

    i still believe Philipp from Aidiophilleo did some best USB clock implementation, his pure power upgrade makes wonders for me. perhaps one day i jump up to something more serious but right now i am happy and as you i can hear difference between 16bit and 24bit material but also 192 gives some slight edge over 48khz but less so vs. well done 96khz... everything IMHO :D
  12. goodvibes
    We're all glad that you're happy.
  13. tgdinamo
    There is some conversation about 1plus2 going on over in Tera thread (comes up a lot there since it's one of the very few iem's that people feel pairs really well with Tera).
    I have posted some very preliminary early impression and since the post is really more about 1plus2 than Tera perhaps it makes sense to post a link here.
  14. k3oxkjo
    This is a simple matter of maths...
    Simple for mathematicians, that is [​IMG]  .
  15. Gintaras
    yes, do your math [​IMG]
    speaking of which IF 24bit would not sound better than 16bit then online shops most likely would not be charging more money for hires files or would not sell them at all, is this my math? [​IMG]
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