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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Mimouille
    Yep I think my wife sometimes thinks a mistress would be cheaper than headfi...
  2. Gintaras
    [​IMG]  guys, thanks for good laughs... humor helps to carry over some routine and boring things. perhaps one was to defuse any question is regularly take your wife or girl for shopping. [​IMG]
    yes, 20+y on WS must not be bad if you are still there [​IMG]
    Mimouille, do not worry, we will make sure no mistresses 4U, only 1p2 [​IMG]
  3. Gintaras
    listening to some my most loved recordings on 1p2 i cannot stop thinking why some people blame recessed mids and less intimate vocals? 
    what i hear is slightly different, 1p2 gives me some most believable stage and singers are integrated on stage into one single performance act. some may like more intimacy and closer voice presentation but that will come at expense of breaking stage impact and moving singer too close to you which is not what you experience in live venues.
    why i am telling all this? i listen to older music which i know so well and was nearly on stage and know how it should it be.... and 1p2 brings me closest ever experience as regards stage and nostalgia feeling. amazing stage accuracy and precise placement of instruments and vocals. soloist is placed exactly where i remember him many years ago [​IMG]
  4. kkcc
    Gin it's not hard to understand.  IMHO the staging of 1p2 is more akin to how vocal sounds in a speakers setup, which is very different to headphone/IEM.  So it really depends on the individual's own reference and preference, as I know many prefer the IEM type sound over speakers where vocals are often tuned to be at the forefront over all other instruments.  
  5. goodvibes
    XLD is. 
  6. Gintaras
  7. Gintaras
    thanks, will check
  8. goodvibes
    A couple things here that don't go to the pairing and overall quality of the Tera.
    If you're accustomed to HiDef, you'll probably understand that the word length is more important than the overall sampling rate if you've compared on top kit. I would take 24/48 over 16/192, personally. Tera lops off the last 8 word bits to be able to feed a 16 bit stream to a 16 bit DAC so while it plays HiDef it's not a true HiDef unit as it's limited to 16 bit resolution. If it matters in portable is up for debate but I wouldn't call it a true HiDef player.
    Somebody here made a comment about all it's respected reviews. I think the only one is from Headphonia and he said this 
    " I know that it would take the HM-801′s PCM1704 to take on the tiny Tera’s sound quality. And this is what I found: The HM-801 is still the best in recreating a live recording ambiance, and in that aspect it’s much better than the Tera-Player. It’s really good at painting the picture of the whole soundscape, but for some reason instruments and vocals weren’t as distinct nor as weighty as on the Tera-Player. Moving to the Tera-Player, I gained that body in the instruments and vocals, that black background that I get from higher up set ups desktop set ups.

    I’d consider the comparison roughly a tie"

    I've heard the 801 and clearly prefer the 901 but that's probably too much extrapolation.

    We have reviews here that are valid but not exactly by professional reviewers other than Swimsonny whom I have never found credible, even before his ban. I guess when you get paid for reviews, you're a professional.[​IMG]

    All that said, I know there's more to this than a few folks opinion and HiRes. Hi Def comparisons really work best when compared on the same top kit. There are many things I wouldn't listen to at any res so it's not the end all. I haven't heard a Tera so perhaps Charles has built a better mouse trap but we should keep in mind what it is and isn't.

  9. eke2k6
  10. Gintaras
  11. goodvibes
    We're all glad that you love it but you tend to be over zealous about how perfect your preferred kit is. This isn't the 1st. It doesn't help your cause since it brings more compensation than affirmation from other posters.
    I heard the 1+2 and thought it a great piece. I also think working with good people is 1/2 the battle and it doesn't get much better than Gavin who fully appreciates other's offerings. I did hear what other did with the silver cable. I didn't find it as troubling as some and understand what cable tweaking etc can do so I concentrated on it's music playing capabilities as opposed to purely it's tonal balance which was already VG. I think it's an absolutely great device and one I'd strongly consider if I were in the market for a top universal. I have a CIEM that I slightly prefer but others have had the opposite view. Both are valid. At some point you'll need to accept that.
  12. goodvibes
    Stop by when you're in Chicago sometime. I'll play a variety of master conversions done properly with custom dither and played in a top system without a computer as source.[​IMG] I think you'll understand my 24 bit comment. Until then, we can agree to disagree.[​IMG] What is not discussed in is how sensitive we are to relative timing or how much distortion there is at low signal levels in 16 bit digital. I won't discuss it further here or in general because it's a never ending circle something or other[​IMG]. Listen to what works for you.[​IMG]
    None of that goes to my previous point about the Tera.
  13. Gintaras
    Vibes, i am not asking others to love them, just share emotions after listened to the music i know so well for reproduction and acoustic feel from own experience.

    yes, i agree and i can only tell for me there is no holly grail except own ears, so everyone decides to himself.

    so i never objected someone loving another IEM, but if you look for my posts on ASG2 or H200 you will find similar impressions, because for every category and sound sig you find some truly great offerings. i also do not like when people enter a boutique shop or Michelin starred restaurant and complain loud about price because they can easily find nice cheaper shop or eatery without the need to complain. :p

    Ciems are not for me because i am scared of making imprints, inserting in ear so deep, impact on my ear and danger of infection and hearing loss as consequence. many dudes who abuse Ciems and generally earphones or headphones later have to visit a doctor who would tell them stop hobby. have seen and heard such audiophiles selling away their systems in tears :frowning2:

    As regards master copies, +1
  14. Gintaras
    Vibes, curious where get top copies from master since not many hi-res offerings and often i find no music i want in this quality :frowning2:
  15. angelo898

    very sad that you have missed the point so many times...
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