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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lin0003
    Personally, I do not like the fact that the tera has no screen and plays only WAV, but other than that, it seems like it is quite a nice player, but Charles is too greedy, doubling the price...
  2. Mimouille
    You like analog sound so the Tera is ideal for you...and pairs nicely with 1plus2. With dbpoweramp, it took me 5 hours to convert 170g of flac to wav.
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    Actually I have talked to some people who do not agree to the way it sounds too, not just ergonomics. The just don't (logically) frequent this thread. I'll admit and after all this time, will still stand by my original 1Plus2 review. It's not just what I heard then but even now if I find the original Tralucent Silver v1.0 cable floating around, the 1Plus2 doesn't suit me.
    That's how much the Uber cable has turned me around for the 1Plus2 sound.
  4. james444 Contributor
    WAV only wouldn't be a problem in my book, I'd just leave my collection in FLAC and use Mediamonkey's auto-conversion feature to automatically decode tracks to WAV during sync. That said, I wasn't that much impressed by the Tera, but it sure does sound "analogue". [​IMG] 
  5. Gintaras
    Mimouille, OMG, no.... i cannot think about converting 750G of flacs into wav, no way. :frowning2:
    Anak, on uBer cable, do you know why sometimes i hate HeadFi? [​IMG]
    James, perhaps something did not work for you which is a matter of personal taste, still all reputable high-end reviewers point to that Terra sound is simply the best high-end sound you can get from a portable. anyway, there is no issue about sound or pairing which i believe is great with Terra, but like i said 750G converting is not for me, i am too lazy for this not mention WAV are bigger in size if i am not mistaken so more space taking on HDD.
    oh yes, you know how to make me sweat.... analogue [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Gintaras
    dbpoweramp - NOT Mac compatible [​IMG]
  7. james444 Contributor
    I'm afraid that's not a matter of personal taste. There are measurable and verifiable issues about pairing the Tera Player with certain IEMs, which I've tried to explain in the post quoted below. Nevertheless the TP may well pair nicely with the 1plus2, no doubt about that.
  8. Mimouille
    Of course James...but works wonder with 1plus2 and se5...total crap with Miracles though.
  9. tgdinamo
    We don't want to make this into another Tera thread (especially since most of them end up closed and people banned) - but since it does keep coming up here let me provide my perspective (as a strong Tera supporter, but I promise this will be my last mention of Tera in this thread).
    To me the mindset one has to have to move to Tera "ways" is a not unlike deciding to move back from digital to vinyl.
    You have to accept that your vinyl player will only play vinyls (Tera only wav's), not have playlists so you have to get you ass off the sofa and move the needle when you want to listen to another song (which you have to look up on the external album cover - although sd cards can be thought of as playlists if you want), and that you will not be able to use fancy network servers for easy access to your flacs, mp3's etc (all the things we are used to in the itunes world).
    Also you will not have the same easy access to all the music you want - Tera will force you to look for well mastered and hires music as it really only truly shines playing well mastered and hires files, and with well matched phones. If you can't or don't want to deal with meeting those requirements then Tera makes no sense (even forgetting the high price as an argument although I disagree Charles raised the price out of greed as he is certainly selling less and making less profit at new price than before - instead I suspect he is either tired of making them, or wanted to make it clear that his device even without any features added is still head and shoulders above anything else that has been released recently - ie AK120 and HM901 which encroached into old Tera price so there could have been perception created that they must be better than Tera because more expensive - this is what I suspect was the reason he doubled the price to kill that as an argument as he is clearly convinced his device is the best - of course that sounds very arrogant and many people are annoyed by it, even some existing Tera users who happen to like the device - I personally happen to agree he is right about having the best device although I don't like the new high price - it will be more expensive to eventually replace my current Tera with the new one [​IMG]).
    Anyway, for me Tera is the most amazing device I have every purchased over 30 or so years of buying fancy electronics/gadgets (expensive cameras, lenses, computers, music equipment, etc). I still cannot believe something this small that looks like a toy when paired with $40 Porta Pro phones can blow away pretty much any other high end system I have ever heard - it actually sounds better than vinyl to me).
  10. Gintaras
    funny, now back to 1p2? [​IMG]
    on a side note, i still did not hear any portable or IEM which could beat a proper high-end rig leave alone vinyl. this can be good, very good but... excuse me, forget it.
    as regards pairing i fully trust Mimouille findings about 1p2 giving great synergy, both these and Terra receive high praise so why not?
  11. tgdinamo
    I also trust Mimouille's findings regarding the synergy (so much that I spent around $3K on TP and 1P2 to prove it [​IMG]).
  12. Gintaras
    i am sure you not married, otherwise you would have a problem to explain to your wife who is Mimouille and where is 3K [​IMG][​IMG]
  13. tgdinamo

    Actually I'm married and have kids - but since I'm the one working and making money for the family this question better never even come up (I need my toys and distractions from reality to maintain sanity - working on wall st for 20+ years can be profitable but also dangerous to anyone's health/sanity).
  14. Mimouille
    In this sentence I sound like the mistress...not sure I like it :wink:
  15. tgdinamo
    And for the record when I was talking about toys and distractions I was referring to head-fi gadgets and not mistresses [​IMG]
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