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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. tgdinamo

    I have also just purchased Meier Quickstep amp as I find that Tera max output is sometimes not quite enough for me (for metal and guitar distortion in general it sometimes feels like it does not have quite enough kick for my taste) - although so far I have suspected that this may have more to do with RE-600 than Tera as I do not feel like more volume is ever needed when I pair Tera with Porta Pros).
    Anyhow, Quickstep will be good to have around for sure and it will be interesting to see how stack of Tera->Quickstep->1plus2 does with artists like Hendrix, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Zeppelin, etc. - I have very high hopes [​IMG] 
  2. Gintaras
    guys, what amazes me is how one can afford Terra which is screenless, plays only wav and costs so much that i rather fork money for Vinnie's B-modded ak120 ... i thought about Terra when it was cheaper but reading it plays only wav and i have 750giga of flacs put me off forever. :frowning2:

    what amazes me too is how well 1p2 pairs with any player, i am thinking even if i throw in milk shaler it will pair nicely. seriously, you cannot imagine how i love my 1p2 because Gavin did miracle, he brought high-end loudspeaker sound to small IEM, nearly impossible but mission accomplished in 1p2 :D

    sorry for rambling but yes only true audiophile could create 1p2 to the joy of other mad audiophiles.... i love such products to death and another such product is Metrum DAC, amazing product amazing creator who just did something impossible bringing all my digital to analogue like sound for just under 1k, i love it so much that next is Hex will be on order soon.

    and never forget T1, a small relatively cheap amp which made me smile wild and wide.

    listening now to Sting's Symphonicities in Berlin, sounds so natural godly ... on my front end, and on 1p2 -:wink:
  3. gav007
    Gintaras, how is the sound when pairing the T1 with the 1p2? I'm also tempting to order the T1.
  4. Gintaras
    Gav, for me this great match, i assume T1 was made with 1p2 in mind :)

    still, the main match should be between DAP and amp, so not every pair will be perfect. RWAK surprisingly loves T1, with c3 this is not obvious. T1 does amazing job adding dynamic and black velvet space to music without coloring or sacrificing anything, well made and i love it. i admit there might be better amps and choices are plenty, but under 300$ i did not hear anything better. consider me Tralucent addict :wink:
  5. gav007
    Thanks for your response, I plan to pair the T1 with the DX50 and use the 1p2. My wallet is going to hurt, but I'll call it a early xmas present [​IMG]
  6. Gintaras
    Gav, the price tag of T1 is peanuts compared to 1p2, more so best amps we know cost north of 400$ with T1 literally being one of the very few cheaper alternatives to the best. well i am still toying with the idea to get RSA or Vorzuge or Meier or Cobe or you know many names come to my mind, but what is good about T1 it makes me feel no rush and makes me happy at this stage.

    so gladly try and buy it if you like it.
  7. gav007
    I know the T1 is pretty cheap, but I'll be buying the T1 with the 1p2 and possibly gold cable. I'm still waiting for the demo T1 and 1p2 to get here. It should be here by Monday. I will probably make my order end of next week.
  8. Loquah
    I'll add another vote for T1. I haven't tried the RSA models yet, but T1 is as good as or better than every other portable I've tried.

    PS I'm listening to it right now with RWAK100 and Miracles via DHC Copper Litz cable. Looking forward to trialing 1p2 in coming weeks.
  9. Mimouille
    Hum...have you ever LISTENED to the Tera ? Have you listened to the modded ak120 with amp ? The Tera's orginal price was 1k$. A B-modded AK120B with a decent amp is going to be 2.5K, and will be roughly 5 times the size of a Tera.
    What amazes me is that you cannot tolerate when people say the 1Plus2 is a bit expensive considering ergonomics and build quality, but when it is for OTHER products, then we can talk about price. Your reasoning is very one sided.
    angelo898 likes this.
  10. Gintaras
    seems you got an issue with me?
    no, i am not saying Terra is so expensive... what i am saying Terra offers no GUI, only wav and costs as much as b-mod AK120 [​IMG]
    frankly speaking i was nearly to buy Terra before i found out that only WAV is allowed. then Terra became a history for me.
    do you need any more clear answer to stop teasing me for 1p2 and price.
    if i would use portable audio at least 30% for all music listen then i would have bought Ak120 b-mod with good amp long ago. but i listen to portable only 10% ... so hope you can see my point.
    i do not doubt Terra must sound amazing based on all responses. but i told you what stopped me. i can skimp GUI but only wav was a real stopper.
    also i must clarify another issue, size wise i am less sensitive and AK gives a lot of portability without amp. however i use my portable setup mostly in office, on plane, on train, in hotel, and sometimes at home... for this reason i am less concerned about carrying it with me and size. for sure i do not like bricky portable but AK standalone is very nice and fits so easily and IF i want truly portable then iPod nano or old trusty lighter size Cowon is what i would take for Gym and similar.
    i considered price of Terra as Ok until recently when the dude making this hiked price nearly twice. still this was not the major issue as concerns me, but only wav was a real disappointment made me nearly cry. i am not a masoch and do not want convert all my 750G of flacs into wav.
  11. Mimouille
    I have an issue with you? Who started after my friendly post on the Tera? I say it is a perfect match to your precious 1plus2 and you say it amazes you someone would buy it...so that was aggressive to me and I had to answer.

    I am sure you are a nice person based on your posts but you are always basing all reasonings on you tastes and habits and no one is ever allowed to say something negative about the 1plus2, or to talk about things differently....just allowed to say 1plus2 sounds great and that's it. But on the other hand we have to accept 3 page rants every other day on why the 1plus2 is the best thing since slice bread...

    But then you criticize the Tera, which you have not heard, based ON THE SAME limitations that you defended the 1plus2 against, price and ergonomics.

    If you do not see what I mean AT ALL the we will never understand each other so let's drop it.
  12. Gintaras
    mate, yes, i am saying what is good for me because i do not know what will be good for others.
    i did not object that Terra sounding great in that combo, i even do not doubt this.
    there was just one issue i mentioned which for me personally, let me repeat, for me personally, made this no go.
    but if you wish i can say Terra is amazing and i would be mad not to buy it. yes, i am mad [​IMG]
    nothing against Terra.
    1p2 is not perfect IEM but if you want perfect please call specialist manufacturers making IEMs for music stars and they will gladly make an IEM which will sound and fit exactly like you wish... it's only a matter of price. [​IMG]
    that said WHO said 1p2 is the only one? see my rants about H200 and ASG2 too... both excellent and will please many.
    however thanks for nice words, and i do not doubt your right to disagree especially when i find no reason for this at all.
  13. angelo898

    have to agree with this...
  14. lin0003
    There will never be a "perfect" IEM, just what you are happy to stop at. 
  15. Gintaras
    Lin, absolutely agree. one man's hell might be another man's paradise [​IMG]
    speaking of which Mimouille just cannot even imagine how much i wanted to buy Terra player before i discovered WAV only issue.
    so yes, i admit for many Terra is magic DAP but for me the issue i mentioned made Terra redundant.
    same applies to 1p2, for me i find them perfect, but i fully admit there will be people who will not agree to trade away looks and cable flexibility. no problem, this is why we have so many companies and offerings around [​IMG]
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