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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lin0003
  2. tupac0306
    Get the 901 and save your money and time [​IMG]
  3. Loquah

    I've tried the RWAK100 against every other source I can get my hands on and I still prefer it to anything I've heard. (I haven't tried AK120)

    Although the fact that it needs modifying to reach full potential means extra $$$, I still don't think it should be considered over-priced when it beats everything else for its combination of hi-res (Studio V), form factor (DX100), versatility with different headphones and IEMs, sound quality (X3) and UI (Tera).

    I'm not being a fanboy and would love an even better source, but I think you're making unfounded statements, lin0003. Have you lived with and used an AK100 for a few weeks?
  4. Gintaras
    Lin0003, truth to be told i listen to music mostly on my front-end rig and use my portable rig only when i do not have possibility to play front end system. i also try not to abuse IEMs since extensive usage of in-ear or headphones can result in hearing loss. this is why i am more conservative in picking various portable gear. for me 1p2 with RWAK and T1 makes a very nice combo. i wish i could do better but i cannot justify paying too much for subtleys. yes, RWAK is not ideal source but put with T1 amp i get better control and dynamics. pity i rushed to buy mint condition RWAK just two months before AK120 arrived, so i try not to rush things ever since because fast decisions are not necessarily the best ones. so carefully picking my options would do me better. yes, DX50 is big temptation mainly because of dirt cheap price, 230$ for a good sound must be something, but again i am afraid of piling too much gear since i am very bad at reselling, ask H20 who ridicules me (in friendly way) for my long-time plans to sell something which i never sell in the end.
  5. Mimouille
    +1...but with the 1plus2 the Tera works very well also.
  6. lin0003
    I agree that the RWAK100 is a very good source overall, I'm just saying that in terms of sound quality alone, I wasn't impressed by it for the price. I do love the tiny size and quickish UI but it just isn't for me. 
    I am quite happy with the HDP-R10 because it offers good SQ and only that. It is huge, hard to carry around and has a lot of problems, but it doesn't really bother me because I use it mostly at home. 
  7. Gintaras
    +1, i think Vinnie did a great job to AK100 and we must not ridicule it because of the price tag.
    yes, RWAK is not ideal DAP but it combines so many strong points like great sound, ease to use, versatility, portability.
    for sure i wish i had AK120 but this is next step.
    V-Studio must be great player but i am bit sceptical of small screen, menu and hiss issues.
    H901 sounds like a great DAP but is too heavy and bilky as i could see, something closer to DX100 which became "no-go" for me because of physical aspects and short battery life.
    so this is not so easy to make the decision when RWAK is offering you so many nice trade offs and can also act very well as stand alone DAP too.
  8. Rollk2
    I tried ak100 mod, that of Mimouille, this weekend and it was good, better than the dx50 except in the highs where DX50 are more realist, less sparkly. The AK100 mod is the more airy little DAP I ever heard but not as natural as the R10 or the ak120. On that field R10 and 120 are the best. In terms of speed, attack and decay, I prefer the 120, but in terms of harmony, natural sounding, the R10 is to my ears better.

    With 1+2 the R10 offers much more than the DX50 which go low but not as low as the R10. But it is on the soundstage that the R10 is sooo better than the DX50.
  9. lin0003
    I think that Mim's is done by Rudi's friend which is called the stage 2 mod. I'm pretty sure it's different from the RWA mod. 
  10. Rollk2
    Yes it is, but I don't know the RWAK, no one try both ?
  11. Loquah

    Correct. Same mod (basically), different wire. Vinnie uses Cardas copper while Rudi's friend uses a silver wire (hence the sparkle described by Rollk2). I chose RWA version for the same reason - more natural highs.
  12. Rollk2
    Hum hum that's very interesting ! The rwak must be awesome is the highs sound more natural, better resolution than on DX50 but with that sound signature that is smooth.

    What genre of music is the 1+2 the best to your opinion ? For me it's on novo dub (Kanka, High Tone, On Dub Ground...) and on acoustic music like blues and folk.
  13. Gintaras
    i find RWAK100 doing great job for the matter and makes 1p2 sing lovely. however i believe a good amp can improve some little bits in response and dynamics helping to add a bit more analogue sound. for this reason i use Tralucent T1 which is great and inexpensive amp and it does amazingly good job here. i wish i tried more expensive offerings like RSA Intruder or Vorzuge Duo but for now T1 does everything for less money and to my pleasure.
  14. Gintaras
    Rollk, pretty much everything for me but you rightly pointed for the styles, blues sounds truly amazing and impactful. i listen pretty much to everything and so far i was very happy. 1p2 survived even my wildest torture test akin listening to complete Time album from E.L.O, you know if IEMs are not good enough or balanced enough E.L.O Time becomes unlistenable after 3 or 4 songs because your ears stop reacting properly to musical information. another good stress test would be Chicago and Eyes Wide Shut soundtracks, especially the latter because it contains pieces of everything including deep vocals, strings, orchestral, jazz, cymbals, piano, you name it...
  15. DimitriTrush
    Show is over in Denver, Thanks every one for coming over for Celebration!
    Some of you see you soon for 2 more Shows in Tokyo this year.
    Dispite the bad luck with US customs holding in Bond my Gear for 2 days and me missing one day of Show time
    I enjoyed every minute being part of the North America's Largest Audio Festival at RMAF.
    Will be coming back next year for sure.
    Special Thanks to Head-fi Founder and CanJam Director: Mr. Jude Mansilla, Your support and attention is highly appreciated.
    Regards t rest of CanJam head fi organizers, Thank you for having me over.
    MusicaacousticsCanjAm2013.jpg ]
    on my left there was FOSTEX with the new Prototype Headphones
    and behind my back JH audio
    on my right there was a legendary MR RAY SAMUELS 
    Balanced amps from RAY SAMUELS
    Mr. RAY was stationed right next to me, I had a pleasant conversation wit him. I will collecct his amps from now on
    Ortofon Mh-Q7 Amp 
    New Fa-011 Open Type headphones Hand made in Russia Limited MusicaAcoustics Japan Edition by Ficsher Audio 
    US premier
    listening to Fa-011 LE Japan
    Had a fortune to listen for a split second World's most expensive headphones
    by Sennheiser  call Orheus, (correct me if I am wrong)
    I was not even aware of them. Only 300 units were made and the price range is 13,000USD for SH
    SounDroid Typhoon from VC japan paired with Dx50 DAP (with mini to mini 3.5 mm from VC Japan)
    Hybrid Vacuum Amplifier (hybrid tube) by ELEKIT JAPAN
    Tube Amp company from China with the new Ta-1 Amp
    looking simple and unordinary but sounding Awesome
    Mass Cobo 385 Japan  Hand made by Masuda san. US premier 
    NEW 6 driver from Earsonics France
    1plus2 /Uber Cable by Tralucent 
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