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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Rollk2
    I use the 1+2 for two days on HDP-R10 and DX50. I own S-EM6 and EM32 and I well know the ToGo 334 and the Parterre or the Rhapsodiio RDB+v1 mini. I just will give some observations, nothing peremptory just what I think about the product.

    The general sq of this IEM is soundstage oriented : the main wow effect is here. Better than on RDB (wider and deeper with more 3D aspect) it is a little bit impressive but not as coherent as I was expecting. In comparison the 334 are a bit opener and the S-EM6 more coherent, global sounding. To be more clear and extrem as the same time the lack of coherency is heard as I could distinguish 2 ways, one done by twfk the other by the DD. The same observation can be made with the RDB but even more because of the texture in the high in opposition with the low : one is thin, the other is thicker. Not very coherent.
    It is accurate, not too much, just good to isolate some instruments and to hear the beat.

    I though the 1+2 was very speed and impactful, it's not false but it's not as good as I could imagine : the Merlin have more impact, clearly, and the S-EM6 have a better sense of speed on bass and high (better control, better musicality). 1+2 have beautiful lows but they don't go as deep as I imagine : EM4 or EM32 go further.

    But, where I can be very honest and nasty on the sound signature because it's necessarily personal and subjective :evil: although I mean the sound signature is the first way to have more realism and also more neutrality.
    Here I think the 1+2 are absolutely not neutral, not balanced and not realist on many things. The highs are too brilliant to be realist, cymbals are not as bright and not as sparkly in the reality IMO, but details are here it's sure. The miss have core and details, it's emotional enough for an IEM that price, but too sibilant. The low reach not all the frequencies, for me it lacks some details although the pretty 3D aspect. The resolution get to fast to show completely the timbre.

    Currently I mean :

    + : 3D soundstage / highs detailed / precise and musical / fun

    - : mids are too sibilant too be realist / highs are extended aggressively : lack of liquidity / lack of coherency between the freqs.

    To my mind it's a little bit like GRADO sound signature and qualities when you hear it for the first time : if you like it you will love it, if you dislike it you will hate it. I will give more observations later.
  2. Mimouille

    Interesting impressions Rollk2. Could you tell me more on how they compare to the EM32 ? I mean in more detailed terms. If you want you can to it by PM in French :)
  3. flymetothemoon
    Coherency probably a inherited problem of musical instrument as all music are being produced by different instruments.  A drum won't sound the same texture as a guitar.  
    Bottom line is that I can live with certain level of incoherence.
  4. Gintaras
    Angelo :D
  5. Rollk2
    Flytothemoon your observation is obviously obvious. When people say "coherency" or the feeling to ear one way it's the same. It's not a problem of instrument position, it's a problem of freq phase inherent of multi armature transducers and even more BA+DD : who does what and when ? To be honest it's not a permanent problem but nobody doubt of that :wink: to my mind it's very difficult to make an IEM with such a configuration based on BA and DD, both are too different but it's an interesting challenge. Don't be condescending in telling me I just don't ear timbre difference between guitar and drums. That's childish an fanboy being. If you don't agree please choose better arguments :)

    Michael, EM32 and 1+2 are very different IEM constructed on different philosophy : one is for stage, the other only for audiophile.
    1+2 is generally more clear and/or transparent for instrument which are on forWard part of the stage, but this clarity is not as natural as the smoothness of EM32, especially on drums and cymbals, voices when they hiss, etc.
    The soundstage is for both very good but the approach is again very different because 1+2 is more laid back and EM32 on stage, though EM32 can go deeper but not as wide as the 1+2 can go.
    The attack and decay are jus different, but I already spoke about the sense of speed of both, which are very good.
    More observations later :wink:

    At this level I've to be very critic if I want to say something in the relative way. Nothing I've said is absolute, I hope you understand :)
  6. lee730
    I have to say I disagree on the coherency bit. On the AKG3003 I could relate to some extent. But then again it wasn't so bad where I hated it. On the 1Plus2 I feel the bass, treble and mids all jive together as one. Timbre is excellent across the board. I can't say I hear the IEM as V-shaped either. Not dead neutral but not a V-shape as some say.
  7. flymetothemoon
    Reproduction of music via transducers, regardless of form and mix, would inherited deficiency of one way or the other and is not a topic of argument and not to mention that comes down to a tiny IEM in our ears.
    On the other hand, you may try to have the same set up and having the 1Plus2 in Uber cable config and let us know how you'd comment on that.
    How I love my current head-fi set up without the needs for a second thought is that I have good reference of how it performs against my in-room system (and my past system too).  It does, not without deficiency but it performs as a very good headfi set up.
  8. Gintaras
  9. flymetothemoon
    thanks Gintaras.
    Have you upgraded to Uber yet?
  10. lin0003
    Gintaras, ever thought of upgrading your source? 
  11. Rollk2
    I may try it with the uber cable yes, but I it performs like this at 1450$ I believe it would be better with the uber cable at 1300$ :) I hope.

    If I don't compare the 1+2 with other high end IEM those are very qualities IEM : soundstage, precision, speed etc. But if compared I observe some technical defects lie coherency, timbre accuracy... It's not my will to criticise them frankly, I would prefer to tell here they are the best I ever review.

    I have to hear more (I'm now around 10 hours with them) to be more credible.
  12. lin0003
    Rollk, did you buy them or are they on a loan? 
  13. Gintaras
    not, not yet... i morally prepare myself for that moment, right now different issues hold me from pulling trigger. and i must find a believable story to explain to my wife about uBer cable or i risk getting a uBer boot from her [​IMG]
    why would i? or do you mean DX50? ops.... temptations .... [​IMG]
    seriously i still did not decide if i need DX50 or wait and go straight to AK120.
  14. lin0003
    Not sure if the DX50 would be an upgrade to the RWAK100, but the Studio V that Lee likes so much might be. The RWAK is pretty overpriced IMO. 
  15. Rollk2
    Hi Lin0003, the 1+2 are loaned that can explain my lack of enthusiasm IMO

    How do you compare them to your Miracle ?
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