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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. maguire
    Thanks for the impressions Lin.. Going on memory for me, 1plus2 was more spatial outside the head experience.
     And like you, I too found myself looking around my shoulder or turning really quickly thinking someone was either talking to me or was there...
    Highs & Lows.....Forget about it...beats the Miracle.
    As I have mentioned before I think it sounds like a Miracle/Merlin combo (to me anyway)...in 1 IEM.
    I didn't find the mids too bad, but in saying that, I'm not much of a vocals person.
  2. vwinter

    Others do a good enough job in stead. It's akin to being buried in paperwork.
  3. goodvibes
    And do you think they used 2 cardiod mics in coincidence at the same place that you sit without any post production or up on /near the stage with some tailoring? Nothing is perfect for everyone though it's great that they're perfect for you.
  4. Gintaras
    Vibes, do not understand what you mean?

    ok, they are perfect for me. ok i admit they may not be perfect for eveyone. and i respect others right to have an opinion and can see fair points.

    what makes me sad however is when someone impressions start like this: " ah you know this are damn expensive IEM, for this price quality sucks, for this price cable is not soft smooth shiny enough, this damn steep price for universals must be a joke, this exobirant price can buy me two cheaper well made IEMs, you know how many beers this damn money could buy, you know this price makes me think of Everest, damn i wish such prices would be outlawed by the government, i wish i had an Alladin lamp and etc etc etc.... " :p

    and i bet there were nearly no reviews which would not mention steep price for 1p2 :xf_eek:
  5. goodvibes
    Never mind. I don't want to sully a great iem thread simply because you're a bit over zealous. 
  6. angelo898
    I think the comments about the build quality are very valid. It is a bit childish of gintaras to constantly defend his purchase this much. If Gavin gets any criticism buried by his supporters under a pile of accolades about other unrelated greatness, he will never need to improve his product. I think we can all agree that no product is perfect, and this applies to the 1plus2. Therefore, for the love of god, stop it gintaras
  7. Sibiriak
    as I saw earlier here in tread many appreciators of FitEar products,as 1plus2 as well. Maybe you could help me to find comparing 1plus2 with fitear 335wd?
    have to say thanks to Gintaras for keeping this tread in the good mood :-} It is a pleasure to read constructive and creative thoughts. At the russian forums people usually start threatening each other  after the first disagree :-}
  8. Gintaras
    Vibes [​IMG]
    Angelo, i was not talking much about build quality but sound. as regards build quality 1p2 are Ok, but i think i told several times 1p2 is not perfect outdoors IEM for the most, rather i would consider 1p2 as indoors relax IEM. on the rest quality for me means reliability, this is why i asked how many 1p2 owners could report defects and wear issues? and coming from high-end i long ago stopped worry about gear looks because often you find ugly looking gear sound better than some shiny high-tech looking ... 
    anyway, 1p2 has its limitations and one of this is comfort wear outdoors and vent ports making for poor isolation outdoors. acrylic shells will not wow you by looks but i found them sturdy enough unless you like dropping your IEMs on the floor.
    as regards cable 1p2 cable is made of high-end wire used in some mega expensive cabling and loudspeakers which by definition cannot be as flexible as your typical IEM cable. people are correct to blame flex and look of the cable but if you ask me about it i would tell i prefer this cable for sound and easily swapped more flex and light cable on ASG2 for silver gold and would not look back because that adds good sound.
    so i do not know what childish?
    guys, seriously there is life, nice weather, a lot of music to listen and purchasing IEM or else is all about pleasure and enjoyment. so i am very happy to see people disagreeing with me and i wish you find your musical holy grail like i found mine.
  9. DimitriTrush
    Greetings to all
    Anyone here currently at CanJam Audio fest? please come and check/compare the Tralucent with the S-Em6
    Hope any one from this forum makes to canJam on its last day sunday 13th
  10. JohannLiebert

    lol at your spoiler.
  11. 3nenbgumi
    Truly great review, a_recording. That was really informative and helpful. The sheer amount of detail and scrutiny goes to show how much you have been closely examining them, which is critical for a purchase at this price point.
    I'm having the EX1000 in my possession now and I think I can extrapolate the general idea about the 1P2's sound signature from that. Truth be told, I have been on the fence not less than a few times trying to argue with myself whether it's worth shelling this much money for the 1P2 based on general impressions and words-of-mouth, but I'm glad I was able to hold myself back until reading your review. I'm still seeking an opportunity to audition the 1P2 however, but it seems like my impression would have to be drastically different from yours (in a good way) to warrant such an investment. 
  12. angelo898

    This is my point exactly. Your opinions are not a definite fact, but your own opinions. If some people think that the build quality is lacking, you don't have to come in and reply that it is very adequate. Constructive criticism is what helps improve companies. Personally I have not heard how it sounds, but I am very interested in this product, which is why I read this thread. Please stop being so defensive when others criticise your "holy grail".
  13. a_recording
    Thanks 3n!
    To be clear, I do prefer the sound of the 1Plus2 to the EX1000. The 1Plus2 has amazing bass and a visceral, clean sound. It isn't quite as smokey or 'romantic' as the EX1000, but since  the EX1000 can sound fairly nasal at times this isn't a bad thing. I prefer the 7550's sound to the EX1000. Again the 1Plus2 is cleaner sounding, but I did prefer the timbre on my dynamics. 
    Very much a personal thing, but I do recommend an audition. Or, wait for the H1 / H2 / H3 reviews to start pouring in :wink:
  14. lee730
    Well he does have the right to disagree and post his own comments but I do see your point at the same time. As you said you have never heard them yourself so you won't know your own truth until you try them yourself.
  15. angelo898
    I am just going to drop it, hopefully my message got through
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