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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. burtomr
    802?......Please explain.
  2. lee730
    I have to agree on this. On the DX100 things were a bit to spacious and distant in a way. The Studios mid-range is definitely more emphasized but the pairing isn't as good as it was on the original silver cable and 1Plus2. :frowning2:.
  3. kkcc


    The grey bluish one on the right.
    - dual 8740
    - loses the stepped attenuator for a normal POT
    - different color shell
    - same everything else and share all p boards and accessories
    - a lot cheaper
  4. lin0003
    Like $600? 
    I must be hearing things...
    Heard some stuff when I was listening to the 1plus2 and I turned to the door and nobody was there... Is this "hearing things you've never heard before"?
  5. lee730
    It's called realism :wink:. What you heard was probably in the track for other IEMs just not portrayed in a way where it felt real or life-like to you. I've had this happen to me even on the IE8. No other IEM has done that for me.
  6. Currawong Contributor
    If you drop the bass and treble a bit via EQ, you'll probably lose the soundstage effect a little. Sometimes I really like the spaciousness of the sound, but sometimes I want more intensity in the mids, like a Grado has.
  7. lin0003
    Exactly. I really like the mids on the 1plus2, but find them a tiny bit too recessed for me. I EQ them up by a few DB and they are just right.
    Maybe the Studio V 3RD Anniversary will pair better. 
  8. lin0003
    Comparison with my miracle that I posted on another thread :)
    Maguire, you have asked me how the 1plus2 compare with the UM Miracle and here it is:
    Comparisons were done with the silver/gold cable on the 1plus2 and the Toxic Cables Silver Poison that I borrowed from Maguire on the miracle. 
    Bass is, to me, undoubtedly better on the 1plus2. It has such impact, such speed and amazing clarity. Hits much harder than the miracle and after listening to it, the miracle sound quite bass light and just lacking somehow. 
    Midrange is more recessed than the Miracles and as a result, I have to EQ them up a few DB. With no EQ, vocals seem a bit distant and whilst the miracle's mids are more upfront. HOWEVER, after EQ, the mids of the 1plus2 is in a completely different league, having more clarity and detail. Vocal separation is very close, but I think that the 1plus2 just edges out. 
    Treble is very interesting indeed. The 1plus2 has a more aggressive, sparklier treble and as a result can cause some fatigue, but not for me. I absolutely love the treble with it's slightly longer cymbal decay. There is also more overall detail. 
    As for detail, it's an easy win for the 1plus2. Sometimes when I'm listening to it, I turn to the left or right, to see that there is nothing there. I've been hearing the microdetails that I didn't hear on the miracle.
    One thing that I feel the miracle is slightly better is overall separation. There is such little difference, that you probably wouldn't know unless you were specifically listening to it. And also, the isolation of the miracle is obviously much better since the 1plus2 is open. 
    In terms of build quality, the miracle is better and just feels more solid in your hand, but the build of the 1plus2 is very good as well. 
    Overall, the 1plus2 is better for me, but if I had to pick one, it would be the miracle because the 1plus2 has very little isolation. The sound of the 1plus2 is just incredible though! 
  9. Gintaras
    great comparison.
    one comment on mids. i had similar impression about mids and vocals on 1p2 being a bit recessed, less sweet and bit more distant ... however comparing live recordings from venues i know i have to admit 1p2 offers superb realism. too much mid centric or sweet warmth can simply destroy images... mid centric sweetness is nice to have but take known live venue recordings and you will be amazed how real they sound on 1p2. i did that after Peter Gabriel concert i downloaded the same tour live recording from his site and compared sound to what i heard just last night at the venue...  what is also stunning how 1p2 is able to keep voice dynamic and detail, voices remain rich, realistic sounding and timbre correct despite bit recessed placement. so it all depends on tastes rather than anything else. i do not care for EQ because i am afraid same EQ will not work on all songs and albums while EQing each time i have to change albums is too much for me.
    i feel afraid that i am turning into 1p2 peddler and some people might feel not good about that... but having spent some money on buying all other IEMs before coming to 1p2 i took some financial loss and feel i have the right to tell because 1p2 could have saved me time and money and bring pleasure straight away.
    and the reason i did not go straight for 1p2 was exactly because of reading some comments on HeadFi bashing 1p2 and telling about some cheaper IEMs being as good... which all was plain wrong!!!
    so i have the right to tell [​IMG] 
  10. Mimouille
    Gintaras, you know I own the 1plus2 and love them, but if everytime someone puts a very slightly negative point on the 1plus2 you have to explain for 5 pages why that person is wrong, it gets boring and annoying after a while. I think everyone here understands and respects your opinion on the 1plus2, so please leave the others to have theirs.
  11. lin0003
    I was told that the 1plus2 and the RDB v1 had the same drivers, but that's obviously not true. I passed on the RDB v1 at $400 and I bought the $1500 1plus2. 
  12. lin0003
    From what I've heard, Gavin appreciates constructive criticism whereas some companies try to hide the negative sides. 
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    There's always so much confusion regarding RDB+ v1 and 1Plus2 models, whispers sneaking around and off-screen talk.
    If anything RDB+ v1 might sound like the old 1Plus2, the original version which doesn't get talked about as much (never the revised version, which you have with you)
    So whoever told you they should sound the same is completely incorrect, I can assure you that much.

    The old 1Plus2. 
  14. lin0003
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

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