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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. spkrs01
    Hi, I use Ortofon L and adore them...I use Ortofon on every pair of Universal IEMs that they fit on nozzle wise.
    My experience with Ortofon tips are:- 
    - they need to fit you as they come up small
    - they need a few days to get some grime on them and soften up
    - after the above, they need a few minutes to reach body temperature and then they seal and grip well.................................
    Hope that helps
  2. Sibiriak
    Thanks for your answer!
    I prefer Ortofon tips between all other default tips which comes with 1plus2 too. Just thought to try some other tips which could be recommended
  3. Gintaras
    let me put a small ramble of happy 1p2 owner. i am now on business in London and after busy day i relax and put on my 1p2 which brings me back to life, lovely feel having high end system and speakers in your pocket (or should i say in your ears :))) i love every bit of 1p2 and G/S cable :-D

    happy listen dudes :wink:
  4. Gintaras
    1p2 owners, do you like Blues?
    check the new album of Buddy Guy called Rhythm & Blues, masterpiece from top to bottom. Buddy Guy like a good wine with age becomes only better. your 1p2 will love it [​IMG]
  5. tgdinamo
    No surprise there - Buddy is arguably the greatest guitar player ever (there is a reason both Hendrix and Stevie Ray idolized him and learned from him).
    Since you like Buddy, if you have not seen this before check out this 1968 video of Hendrix watching his concert (sorry for low video quality - but the content quality more than makes up for it [​IMG]).
    Also, here is Buddy remembering that concert and meeting Hendrix:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ8Fl771sBg
  6. gav007
    I am interested in purchasing a pair of 1plus2, but does anyone know where I can try them out before ordering?
  7. kkcc
    Best is to hit up Gavin to see if there's North America tour going on that you can sign up for....
  8. caseyse
    I just received my 1plus2 w. silver/gold cable and have been listening to them with my HM-901 w. IEM amp. card.  I took a blind leap buying them only from reading various posts in this forum.  They do sound excellent and I'm very happy with the purchase.
  9. lee730
    Congrats. Keep us posted on how they open up for you :).
    To my knowledge the tour is officially over regarding adding participants but it doesn't hurt to talk with spkrs01.
  10. SkyBleu
    It has been a good 2 weeks (well..almost 2) of being able to demo the 1Plus2 from the Australian Tour, and it is now time to say my farewells to the beautifully crafted IEMs, the Tralucent 1Plus2. 
    As seem in my first impressions (http://www.head-fi.org/t/623514/tralucent-audio-1plus2-iem-appreciation-impressions-thread/4200#post_9796305) of the IEMs, I enjoyed them to great extents upon receiving them to now, departing with them.
    Anyways, onto the Final Impressions now.

    Final Impressions on the 1Plus2

    I'll do my Final Impression based on the rig I used (as shown in the picture above), consisting of the iBasso DX50 and the JDS Labs C5. Also, I am aware there are numerous reviews already out there on this IEM, and so, instead of giving you guys a "specific and detailed" review, I'm going to give you guys a general/broad view of what I thought of this IEM. 

    After The Two Week Demo...

    My thoughts on the 1Plus2 in general: Simply, an IEM that puts you in the mood for music! I felt, over the two weeks, that the 1Plus2 kind of grew on me (in a good way). It really did. The way it presented my music to me, was just phenomenal. Mesmerizing is what I find best describes it. Usually, you'd have to be near asleep to let your audio gear kick in and make you feel like you're "in the moment", but with the 1Plus2, it can almost be instant at times.
    Over the course of owning them, I found myself to be dazing off into the distance, somewhat zoning out, just listening to these. I won't lie, at first when I received them, I wasn't yet blown away, but the more you get used to them, the more of the 1Plus2 begins to show. 
    My thoughts on the 1Plus2 in terms of physical presentation: They look amazing. From the carbon-fibre backplate to the hard-to-see BA drivers right inside the nozzle! As some Head-Fi'ers are already aware, I have an obsession with the "stealth-black" theme/design/colour of audio gear in general, and I can say, the 1Plus2's do not disappoint me in that respect! Nice gloss black, with black carbon-fibre, along with a full black cable, definitely puts a smile on my face when using these.
    I found these IEMs to be built exceptionally well. A nice, sturdy, acrylic body with a firm nozzle that does not feel like it is going to snap off is a good sign of great build quality. What surprises me the most about its simple nozzle build, is its ability to accommodate every single tip size available in my collection of tips. Really cool feature, and I do not know how it actually works to that extent, without having tips fall off, or feel loose when used. The cable on the other hand, was not as impressive to me as I had hope, but then again, I suppose the $700 did mainly go into the technology behind its jaw-dropping sound quality, as opposed to the design tactics. 
    I do, however have one complaint about its build, is that the socket where the pins of the cable connects is a tad bit loose, and hence, the cable will fall out from time to time (for those who are concern, no I have never dropped them. They have only ever come loose twice for me, and have both fell back into the Dolfin case when I took them out). Although this may be the case for this pair, I'm sure it does not occur for many other pairs out there..hopefully, it doesn't. 
    My thoughts on the 1Plus2 in terms of sound presentation: Well....DO THEY SOUND GOOD OR WHAT? As stated earlier in this little write-up, I stated they were somewhat mesmerizing, and don't fail to make your jaw-drop at times depending on the track you are listening to. 
    These things...along with my new DX50...just take my songs to a whole new level! Giving it that extra level of depth, melodic-flowing tonality, sensational separation in instrumentals, highly distinguishable details/micro-details, that nice and wide soundstage (not just left and right, but all around - front and back), textured dynamic bass response, sparkly crisp treble, and that thick rich vocals, that I know oh so well by now. In short, this thing is quite the package to be blown away by!
    Although that is the case, I did find them to sound a tincy wincy bit warm, but that may have reflected on my choice of tips that were used. I mean, it's not bad, in anyway, but it does make the IEM sound all that smoother. "Smooth as butter" as some might say. Due to this, I cannot vouch for the clarity of the IEM, but then again, I might just be \losing my sense of good hearing!
    Overall, for sound quality, they sounded very clean and natural, as if the artists were right in front of you performing. Well..not exactly, but it is a good replication of what could be. The instrumentals stood out to me the most to me, as I had mentioned in my initial thoughts. From the strumming of the guitar, to the cymbal clashes on the drums, just sound so realistic. 
    Final concluding thoughts: I must admit, I have never heard such a excellent sounding IEM like this before, and I don't think I'll ever get the chance to experience something like this ever again in this audio life - simply the best. Well worth being on the tour and having the ability to own them for two weeks. 
    In saying that, I feel the need to thank H20Fidelity for allowing me to be on the tour to actually be able to try this fine specimen, and most of all, I have to say a big thanks to Gavin at Tralucent for letting us Aussies have a go at his personal pair of 1Plus2's. (@ Gavin), It was very thoughtful and kind of you to send your pair over here for us to demo, and it was certainly my pleasure to be able to try such an IEM. Thank you. 
    That's it from me! 
    Over & Out,
  11. maguire
    Nice review mate, your thoughts echoed many of ours. 1plus2 is an amazing IEM that's for sure.
    Interesting also that at first listen.....I don't know if its we are expecting to be suddenly blown away or something ....But its only after we settle back & actually forget that we have this IEM, we get to be seduced by the the way it presents the music to us. After all its all about the music in the end.
    1 plus2 then becomes like those Sirens .....luring you as they did poor Ulysses, how his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing......lol.
    I like Ulysses am also tied.......me by my wallet......or else im jumping ship & getting 1plus2 soon as possible.....[​IMG]
  12. SkyBleu

    Thank you! :)

    Loving the example, haha.
  13. Gintaras


    love your metaphor and comparison, 1p2 is rare case when you can lean back and stop worrying about upgrades, just sip, puff and relax listening to your music. 1p2= audiophile dreams come true :)
  14. tgdinamo
    I also recently ordered 1plus2 w silver/gold (hoping they may be able to finish building and ship this week). I was also led to purchase based on various posts on this forum, and especially in Tera player threads where some experienced members recommended 1plus2 as the best IEM to pair with Tera (which is picky about pairing with iem's). I figured since some of those same people have previously recommended Tera (before I took that expensive leap of faith) they will not be wrong on this either (I'm super happy about Tera and consider it as my best purchase ever - and I'm not only talking electronics either).
  15. Gintaras
    Boys, remembering immaculate music idols of the past, one of golden voices ever and elegant one:
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