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Traded Rhapsodio prototype earphone

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by whsvince, Oct 13, 2018.
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  1. whsvince
    For Sale or Trade
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    851187DF-4771-437A-81AF-A192AC1169FF.jpeg 41553B56-9114-4C8F-85B8-1C6DD149DD0A.jpeg hi guys
    I have a rhapsodio prototype earphone that I bought it from Sammy directly. It is a single DD unit earphone. I will include pp fee and shipping
    Feel free to ask me questions.

    30hz to 24000hz
  2. djcarpentier
    Any more info on this? Does it compare to anything else they make?
  3. whsvince
    Don’t worry about this earphone anymore. I got scammed and the earphone is long gone
  4. Watermelon Boi
    Sorry to hear. Happened while trading?
  5. whsvince
    Yup the guy retrieve his package from ups or maybe he just gave me the made up tracking to ship my stuff. People are dark nowadays tbh.
  6. itzflashgordon
    sorry man, that's always the worst and with some quality gear too.
  7. whsvince
    well just learn a lesson as a new head fier I guess. I'm just being optimistic but nobody should done this anymore if you love music and enjoy it
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