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TRADE DONE WTT: your decent portable amp for my UE Super.fi 5 Pro

  1. Hanafuda

    I am interested in getting a decent portable amp for use with decent portable headphones. I am off IEM's due to medical reasons. But I have a near-new set of Super.fi 5 Pro, obtained as a warranty replacement in oct 2009, and I'm unable to use them now.

    I have the SF5Pro listed for $90 in the headphones, you can see the ad here:


    Here's a pic:


    What I have in mind is an ibasso P3 or D2, Practical Devices XM4, a properly built Mini^3 (misterX, ybmaudio, etc.), or something else that sold new in the $130 to $200 range. (i.e. approx same price as the SF5Pro when it was new).

    What I'd hope to accomplish is a straight up trade, without much quibbling. If you've got a portable amp you don't use because you upgraded or whatever, and would like a nice dual-armature IEM, then think about it.

    I am not looking for cmoy variants, pa2v2, fiio products, and etc.
  2. Hanafuda

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