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  1. Toxic Cables
    Unfortunately we have never run promotions/discounts on existing cables, i like to price my cables fairly to start with and this does not leave room to allow for discounts and promotions.
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  2. Toxic Cables
    As Richard has mentioned, depending on which headphones, the Poison would more then likely be a good choice.
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  3. hifimanrookie
    I think thats more then you cant discount if you are already pricing ur stuff as honest as toxic cables does..if i would buy same kind of cables ( i owned over the years from toxic) with certain US based higher end cable brands it would for sure at least double priced..and yep..those are the brands who ALWAYS have black friday or any other special discounts...and sometimes even HUGE discounts..i always wondered how they do that...b-stock? Refurbished stuff? Returned goods (of not satisfied customers?)? their margin per item that huge that they can afford it??? not one company will sell their stuff under productiin costs+minimal margin ..NO ONE..Makes you wonder huh? Dont get me not saying they make bad stuff..on contrary..some brands make excellent stuff..but overprice it badly sometimes...for the record: SOME..i do have experience with oversees companies who have same attitude as Frank towards doing business...and use fair pricing (not cheap and bad quality!)and they do pretty well...big respect for those people! And Frank ofcourse..wish more were like them.
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  4. ezekiel77
    Thank you for your input. My cans are HD800S, HE1000v1 and LCD-X. It seems like the silver/gold in SP might do the trick.
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  5. eddie0817
    Just receive my new DAP Sony NW-WM1Z, the gold color perfect match with the Toxic GSP 8 wire, thanks to Frank for those amazing cables.

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  6. Rowethren
    Damn! That is one hell of a nice looking combination :L3000:
  7. rafo
    That might just sounds as good as it looks
  8. ezekiel77
    Great-looking combo for sure, but as people in the Sony thread say, go balanced 4.4mm to unleash the 1Z's true capabilities.
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  9. Wyville
    Looks to be 2.5mm balanced, so adapter? That is how I would do it, especially if I would be lucky enough to have the 1Z, which is too heavy for on the go anyway and so the added adapter would be fine while keeping the option to use balanced on my AK70.
  10. ezekiel77
    Oh yeah, good eye! If you're lucky enough to have both Sony and AK DAPs, an adapter will do nicely.
  11. Fsilva
    Hi guy´s i will be putting my Silver Poison for sale very soon, it has the 4.4mm plug and it is the 2 pin connector version. If anyone is interested just let me know
  12. moby1974
    Ok, I can leave this to someone who can add more detail and more eloquent then myself.
    Short version, are these cables worth buying, YES.
    So you just spent a good bit of money on a player/dac/amp, and because you are here, you must also have spent a good bit of money on some new headphones, but like when build a high end PC, the setup is as only as good as its weakest link.
    Don’t get me wrong, many stock cables sound great, but most companies want max profit, no need to really push the boat out on high end cables, so even though it all sounds good, there is room for more improvement, one area is cables such as these.
    A few years ago I begrudgingly paid for a so called better cable for some IEM headphones, I did wonder if I would just think/tell myself they were better to justify the cost, but when I noticed better separation and detail, I was converted.
    Not long ago I bought some LCD-2f headphones, everything sounding great (small-ish ST but that’s known for these) then I saw many cables out there and people filling forums, what different cables could add.
    I saw Toxic Cables/Frank, get lots of praise, may take a bit of time, but that’s due to him doing it all, also swamped with orders, and like the saying, good things come to those who wait.
    I asked Frank for a cable recommendation (best for setup) to which he said the Silver Widow, I emailed the poor man so many questions, he replied to all when he could (think he works 23hrs a day lol) very helpful.
    Once the cable arrived, I did wonder again, will the fact there is a cost in this, will make me imagine added quality, the whole cable burn in thing, will it only show after many hours of use.
    Well the cable came, excellent build quality, shocked is not the word when it came to sound, as soon as I swapped cables there was a clear improvement, detail, separation, and even soundstage, all went up a notch, had the biggest smile on my face.
    Its very much like the first time you move from good headphones to high end, at times its better, maybe not night and day difference to start with, but you use the high end ones and then go back to others, that’s when its like “oh god no, cannot use these anymore”
    Cannot rate my purchase enough, the build, the personal service and advise, and of course the sound, really is a case of doing the new headphones a service by treating them to a Toxic cable.
  13. Womaz
    Please excuse my lack of knowledge . I have an IBasso DX200 and Campfire Audio Lyra 2 in ears.

    I am looking to get a new cable to allow me to use the balanced output for my Lyra 2. What would you recommend and can you keep me right with the correct connections? Its a 2.5mm trrs?
  14. Fsilva

    My Silver Widow 22 is finally here! Thanks Frank @Toxic Cables
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  15. softbunlet

    Hi Frank, been enjoying the Silver Widow on my Fitears for some time now. Unfortunately it seems the plastic area and the sheath has broken, not sure how it happened. Not due to rough handling anyway.
    Can you PM me on repair costs, or if there is some kind of trade-up available to the Hydra? Thanks so much!

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