Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. koven Contributor
    What's the wait time for these cables?
  2. hyde27
    Just ordered SW 22 for my Utopia.
  3. alota
    from site 12-14 week.
    i ordered mine in august:ksc75smile:
  4. Rowethren
    I ordered mine in May and they arrived early September. I have a full complement of Silver Widow 22 V2 for my Sony Z1R, Mrspeaker Ether Flows and Noble Audio K10 and they are all fantastic quality, well worth the wait.
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  5. Big Kev
    Can someone please let me know the difference between the Hydra 22 and Silver Widow 22 (not sure where the V2 is on the website either). I'll be using a 2.5mm TRRS termination with my set up.

  6. Malevolent
    I have the Hydra 22 and Silver Widow 22 (v1); I use them with my IEMs. Both have excellent technical qualities, but the Hydra is the brighter of the 2. For that reason, I use the Kaiser Encore with the Silver Widow, but not with the Hydra, as the latter combination results in an overly bright sound.

    The Hydra is also a little thicker than the Silver Widow, but I think that this might change, as the v2 looks a little different from its v1 counterpart.
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  7. Big Kev
    Thanks mate.
  8. Toxic Cables
    That's definetly not one of our cables, good luck finding someone to fix it.
  9. goodvibes
    Probably never had a good connection. I've seen folks mostly solder just the flat end and insulating layer and not the skin of the actually wire unless they know what they are doing or have the right tools. Anything can break but that looks like it was never right nor probably sounded it. There's good reason to get the real thing.
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  10. Toxic Cables
    The Description on the site has not been updated, but the V2 version for the SW cables now ship as standard.
  11. Big Kev
    Thanks mate.
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  12. ezekiel77
    Looking for a mid-priced cable to drive my cans. Prefer detail without sacrificing smoothness, and better soundstage/imaging capabilities. Would silver poison fit the bill?
  13. TheAttorney
    Based on my experience with the SP for my Sen HD600's, the SP would be a great choice. It did absolutely everything better than stock cable. More detail and dynamics etc, etc, yet smoother too.
    It's also thin and light weight. Mine didn't have the external sheath option, so I can't comment on that.
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  14. ezekiel77
    Thank you. Do you know if they have sales periods eg Black Friday?
  15. TheAttorney
    I've not seen any sales promotions, but then I've not been looking that closely,
    As the waiting list is so long, I'm not sure that Frank needs to do such promotions.
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