Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread
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  As I've discovered myself, these sorts of timescales are pretty normal for such small enterprises - i.e. typically one man with a bit of help from wife etc.
The other cable company that I've been interested in (but not yet bought from) is DHC. I understand their typical turnaround time is around 6 months. 

Not all of them, another very popular tiny outfit (who makes very nice cables) turns them around in about a week.
Still, the main thing is that it's not the sign of a serious problem. Insane delays are one thing, people being unwell are another.
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  I'm a little worried that Frank is struggling- I ordered a cable on the 4th of August, and so far, no sign of it. Without wishing to read too much into what be a freak incident, is he OK?

  I have an order that dates back to the 27th of July and completion is close im told  so hang in there :wink:  cant be far behind

Both these will be shipping this week :wink:
Unfortunately i was unwell for awhile, so that has put things back a little too.
With the sheer amount of orders we get, unfortunately the wait times cannot be helped without a significant increases in our prices which is already hurting with the plummet of the GBP in recent months, or rushing the cables in which case the quality would drop, a compromise i would never consider.
As some of you might remember, only last year we had a 7-8 month wait with just me and Max at the helm, with more help we have halved this wait time, but does still continue to get longer. 
We did have a 1-2 week wait time 5 years ago when i first launched Toxic, but that was short lived for a month. That sort of wait time would be impossibly unless you had a large team behind you, a small amount of orders or cables that do not need to be hand made tip to tip.
We are working as quick as we can, while still trying to make sure you get the very best quality cables available, please bear with us.
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Frank, hope you get back to normal. Please take a good care of yourself.
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Frank, my friend, do take care of your health. :)
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Today I received a Viper cable, as ordered on the 4th of August.
I won't have a chance to use it until later, but build quality looks first-rate. Even the sheathed section is very flexible, and the whole thing looks very tidy and feels sturdy, but just a little luxurious too. Very nice... thanks, Frank!
(Oh god, I hope I don't love it so much that I want an SE version too.. not sure my patience is up to it 
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Copper Venom has landed! Been a long wait but feels oh so worth it now. First impressions - makes my investments over the summer feel like my endgame. Can't really heap much more praise on a cable I feel. It's beautifully made too. Would very much like to bunk off work tomorrow and stay up all night listening.....hmmmn :D
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I would have thought Toxic Venom are OCC Silver? :confused:
Nov 23, 2016 at 5:15 AM Post #9,326 of 10,310
Haha...the Toxic Unicorn :joy:
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I just wanted to recommend highly the Silver Widow cable for the Senn HD650. It is superb at all frequencies, with special mention for the tight, fast, transparent bass.
Imaging, especially image boundaries and focus, is more distinct without being hard or edgy.
It's a great match.
[EDIT: there are no microphonics that I can detect on the Silver Widow]
Nov 23, 2016 at 3:00 PM Post #9,328 of 10,310
That's reminded me to post about the Silver Poison for my HD600, which has improved the sound at every possible level, but in particular improving clarity and dynamics without any kind of harshness or thinness.
The HD600 (and possibly the HD650) has been accused by some as being veiled. Well clearly, the stock cable has a lot to do with that, because the SP removed several veils - I reckon about 7 of them :wink:
I would expect the SW to be better still, but that was more than I was prepared to spend at this point.
The SP is also very light and flexible for an audiophile cable (although not quite as flexible as the weedy stock cable). And the standard Toxic microfibre-like-finish connectors look very smart.
The only practical comment I have is that the SP does increase microphonics over the stock cable - i.e. I can hear the SP cable rubbing against my shirt collar (this doesn't come through the music though, purely an external effect). I imagine this would have been reduced had I gone for the protective sleeve option.
The root problem here is too many headphone designs have the cable entry pointing straight down, instead of angled slightly forward. You'd think they'd have learnt that point over all these years.
EDIT: The best thing about the SQ improvement of the SPs was that I didn't need my high end rig to notice. The effect was also obvious when listening to free Spotify with HD600's connected directly to my laptop socket. This has really boosted my "transportable" rig on my travels.  

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