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Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Eric510
    PMed... I might be intested!
  2. negura
    Look what arrived earlier today.
    I've got to say this 8 wire Black Widows, from the first hours, is very impressive sounding.
    chubbyroaster and yuanathan like this.
  3. NzAudezey
    Those are some awesome looking cables! this makes me tingle in anticipation for when mine arrive!!! (silver widows)
  4. M42a
    gorgeous looking cable!
    now can't wait to receive mine...[​IMG]
  5. atsq17
    Darn. Would have considered a Virus for the HE to 4 pin XLR. 
  6. Dcun201
    Anyone got a hold of Frank? I email him a few times last month regarding my order status but no reply =[...
  7. NzAudezey
    Frank is super busy at the moment trying to finish all his orders before he goes on holiday towards the end of June, Hopefully he should get back to you soon.
  8. bluewrx1025
    Hey everyone!

    Sorry in advance if this had been asked before. But I'm looking for a cable that pairs well with the Hifiman HE400i. These are my first headphone purchase. (I will be getting them tomorrow) because all I've ever owned was IEMs.

    I already have a Silver Poison cable from Frank so it's a no brainer to order a new cable from him (when he's back from vacation of course) for the HE400i and be terminated with a 2.5 trrs for my AK120II. Thanks!
  9. Dcun201
    Thanks. Me and Frank worked it out.
  10. hifimanrookie
    the he400 series is one of rhe brighter phones of hifiman.. So u maybe could try the BW22..or the copper venom RC4..but seeing what u already have, u also maybe would like the virus.. Although it could get a bit over the top with treble.. I had a he400 and although i deeply hated it soundsignature (treblly and bassy) it was listenable with the bw22 4wire i once had..good paring.. Powerful sound with enough treble (if u like that) and a midrange to die for..have fun choosing.. Lolz
  11. bluewrx1025

    Thanks hifimanrookie! I did notice the HE400i were a little bright and was leaning towards a copper cable. I think I'm going to go with the BW22. Now to contact Frank and let the waiting begin.  [​IMG]
  12. NzAudezey
    Does anyone know if franks left yet? My cables have arrived but they are not the ones I ordered so realllly hoping to catch him before he leaves
  13. sFrog
    Well, Frank has left for a while and I have been in contact with Max lately. My cable is sent but I guess it went missing on its way as I don't expect it to arrive after such a long wait. 
    Either way, I am happy for the ones who got their stuff. :wink: 
  14. CanDude
    He left June 17th. Shortly after I received my balanced SW22 for LCD-X.[​IMG]  No adapters though. [​IMG]
  15. M42a
    I received mine yesterday
    Frank promised to make my Sw22 and interconnect with adapter when he is back...
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