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Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Shini44
    ^ yup mate don't judge them till you at least give them 100 hours.

    also guys i am really interested in  HE-6 , LCD-3, H800 and LCD-2 on my mind, and ofc i want a Silver Widow cable with the one that i will pick , so i need to pick the right cans

    i love the Treble to be sparkly (i am a treble head), and for the bass to be tight, punchy and controlled, and for the mids to be sweet and warm, specially on Female Vocals

    i used to have TH900, and i don't hate the colored sound sig, in fact i love coloration :p

    i am using WA7 (EH tubes) + WA7tp (cv4003 Mullard) , Chord Hugo as a DAC.

    what would be the headphone that i should go for?  and ofc it should be super fun on Treble/Bass and Smooth/liquid warm on the mids <3 transparent etc. 
    thanks in advance ^^
    HD650 will do it?

    and oh i listen to J-pop VN/Anime OST.
  2. longbowbbs
    Silver Widow/HD800 is a great combo. It is my reference set
  3. hifimanrookie
    i can agree with what eric says...but it is right if u use a tube amp..a colder sounding (ss) amp could be to much treble for some with that combo.
    ..alternative if u can find one..try a code-x (with a powerful high quality amp) with a silver widow 22, it will surprise u... :wink:
  4. Shini44
    don't worry the WA7tp and its tubes, are not the kind of tube amp you are thinking about,  if it was there is no way i will buy it to begin with :p 
    you should read about it, really good, just check the last review on the WA7, and you will find more info.

  5. Toxic Cables
    Please note that as of next week, i will stop taking orders.
    I plan on going on holiday mid June, so i will be stopping new orders so i can complete all the orders i have before i go.
    Once all the orders are done and if there is time left, i might take a few orders before i go.
    Alternatively, you can place an order, that can be completed once i get back. In this case, you will get 10% off.
    For those who have an existing order, don't worry, these will be completed before i go away.
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  6. hifimanrookie
    Lolz..already owned a very special modified powerful tube amp...so i know how a good tube amp (with the right tubes) can sound..and i actually heard a wa7 once...sounded pretty good for what it costs....but for now i am happy with my Custom BC amp (check my review out about this amp..shortcut is under this post)
  7. chubbyroaster
    Shini44, I notice you had TH900 before, do you like it or not? Your profile looks familiar since we had the majorities of I-Pop/animated fans here in Taiwan, and all they discuss about the headphones are ATH, DENON, or SENNHEISER. If you want to go to the opposite way, I will suggest HE-560 or EL-8 for it'll be easier for WA7, and the treble will be extended better.
  8. Shini44
    i loved the TH900 a lot, specially with the WA7 EH tubes, i didn't have the chance to listen to it with the new WA7tp which gotmore dynamics and tube options

    yet i sold the TH900 not once but twice, cause i got a special CIEM from the Custom Art, not exaggerating but it wins hands down, at least for me, and soon i will get the v3 of this project which will be the last upgrade 3.0, with 12 divers this time, the sound? imagine a perfect TH900 with better mids, and not U shaped as well.

    i will go with the HD800 with Silver Widow 22AWG, 8 wires maybe with reference plugs.  
  9. chubbyroaster

    Wow! Now I see your point. HD800 will give you a whole different level with 8 wire SW22 reference version. Please share pictures and impressions when you receive them!
  10. Shini44
    ^ i didn't say  i will order now :p

    i can't atm, waiting till i move out and get a job etc, i live in UAE, arabian family etc, so HD800 which is more like speaker will cause nothing but noise to the family, thats why i had TH900 and CIEMs.

    the main hall / living room is 2-3 meters away from me, my PC is near the door, super near :<  

    i remember when i bought HD650... wow talk about the music which can be heard from the hall as if the people were next to me, so loud :/  

    but was a nice sound and fun :< that i couldn't enjoy... T_T

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  11. axl1
    Hey i know UAE, Ras Al Khaimah. I was in UAE Fujairah before. Nice place
  12. CanDude
    Frank you got PM...[​IMG]
    If you don't have the time to make me a SW22 before you go on holiday I guess I can live yet another summer with my SW24 and/or Red Astrachan (no one knows what that is...) cables. Even though different cables are not supposed to make that big difference when using current drive they still do IMO. I just switched my RA to SW24 between HPA-21 and LCD-X and the sound changed a little bit. And the comfort definitely changed... [​IMG]
  13. hifimanrookie
    For anyone interested..i hope that my new sw22/8 will be burned in by the end of the coming week and so i can do a honest comparision between the new cable and the loaner regular 4wire sw22 i still have in my possession..already have the tracks ready in my head to do that :D so bare with me if ur curious...
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  14. leits10
    After reading all the reviews on this sight I took the plunge and ordered Toxic Black Widow cables for my HE-500. The wait time was about a month as described by Frank when I ordered them. If you are in the US, Frank sent me an email when they were shipped and they arrived 8 days later. I was excited to see if they were worth $265.00
    and afraid they would not live up to my expectations. I was hoping it was as big of an improvement as my switch to AQ Rocket 88 speaker cables.  
    I ordered the cables 8 ft long with black silk and I am very happy with their appearance. They are braided and have a silver Y-splitter. The connections seem very good and make a tight connection at both ends. They also do not tangle like the stock cable and are not sensitive to the touch. The stock play static when touched. The BW is a huge step up in appearance and function.   
    Set Up
    My system is composed of a Macbook Pro >  Synology 213+ NAS > JRiver > AQ Carbon USB > Burson Audio Conductor SL (1793 and 9018 chips) > HE-500 and PM3 headphones (that just replaced Focal Spirit One's for portable use). The Focal's are going up for sale if any one interested send a PM. :) All of my listening was done using the 1793 chip which I greatly prefer for the HE-500. I listen to mostly Acoustic, Guitar, Rock, Jazz, and some country. I have a lot of Hi-Res files and also have ripped all my CD's lossless.  
    The stock cable is more laid back and sounds like you are further back from the music. The BW moves you much closer to the action and sounds more immediate. I noticed most reviews here detail specific songs but I do not feel this is necessary because the differences are the same on all tracks and even more so on 24/88-192 files.
    1. Improved clarity and presents a better detailed sound. 
    2. The biggest improvement is in the bass. It has both better extension producing a deeper bass and better control providing a more realistic bass.  
    3. It does not sound slow at all like some 100% copper cables. This was a concern because I am using the slower chip of the DAC. 
    4. Decay was improved substantially. 
    5. Cymbals are more lifelike and crisp
    6. Strings are natural sounding and have more air around them.
    7. I have always found the piano to be the hardest instrument to reproduce. The BW did an excellent job of making the piano more realistic sounding. 
    1. The stock cable has a slightly bigger soundstage and a little better separation of instruments. This is not a deal breaker. It is the sacrifice made to bring the listener closer to the music and this makes it more engaging than the stock cable.
    2. I am going to have to upgrade my cable for the PM3 now. :) 
    I would like to thank everyone on this board for introducing me to Frank and Toxic cables. I am looking forward to switching DAC chips and seeing how the sound has improved using the ESS9018. Earlier I stated I did not review specific songs. I was not being lazy, one song bled into the next one and before I realized it I was done listening to the whole album. I was getting lost in the music, forgetting I was supposed to be listening critically. I eventually gave up and just returned to enjoying the music and that is the biggest complement of all. 
    Thank you Frank for improving my listening experience. I will be sending you a PM for another BW for the PM3 shortly. 
  15. softbunlet
    An update from my previous posts. It's been three weeks since I got my 25.5AWG Silver Widow for my Fitear TG334.
    When I first listened to it on the day I got it from Joe, I must say I was kind of underwhelmed (relative to the hype going on here). The bass was deeper and some details were a bit more apparent, but the mids became very recessed in comparison. I was disappointed because it completely changed everything I liked about the TG334, which was a mid-forward, vocal-centric signature.
    But after posting here and heeding the comments of Frank and other HeadFiers, I decided to let it burn in a bit more. (I believed that burn-in could only change the sound by a tiny bit, not completely change the sound characteristics. Also, I don't believe at all in "brain burn-in", at least not applicable to me.)
    After about 1.5 weeks of playing around with it and upping the volume a bit versus the stock cable, I found that the mids had developed a veil-like roll-off effect similar to my Shure 535LTD. Not entirely unpleasant, but not the transparent sound I remember from TG334 with stock. It also detracted from the emotion in vocals on familiar favourite tracks.
    Now at three weeks in and about 60 hours of burn-in, I found the clarity and emotion coming back and the veil getting less, if only a bit. Direct out from my iPhone 6 with ALAC, the sound is much better and clearer but still not as mid-forward as stock. The sound is awesome out of my Centrance HiFi-M8 though, with no tone controls, which leads me to suspect that the Silver Widow needs more amping juice to really shine. That said, the HiFi-M8 has a mid-forward sound signature, which I chose because I am such a mid-head.
    Now I'm just hoping that the cable will continue to open up so the iPhone 6 sounds good (again) too.
    I also have my eyes on the Virus and Gold-Plated Silver Poison. Maybe this time I'll just request for it to be cooked first. :wink:
    Thanks again, Frank, Joe and HeadFiers.
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