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Toxic Cables feedback thread

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  1. Jones Bob
    Originally ordered some Sliver Widow cables for my LCD-2s in mid December with a "6-7 week delivery". 7 weeks came and went and I sent an emaiI asking for my order status. I got tired of his many "will ship them by next week" replies to my order status with no end in sight. After the latest today, I asked for a refund for my almost 14 week late order from Frank. He refunded alright in GBP, but due to the currency float I am out about $40 from him sitting on my order. My out of pocket loss for trying to work with Frank.

    I now see why he quotes a 6-7 week lead time: to get past the 45 day dispute limit on Paypal. If I had but in a dispute on time, it might have put a little emphasis on Frank to make good on the deal. Good advise to anyone dealing with him in the future.

    I will never do business with Frank again, as I have found him dishonest in his dealings with me throughout.

    Caveat Emptor
  2. hifimanrookie
    And u signed on to headfi to say this??? To warn us for his treasurous acting? Are u  kidding me?? U know u sound a bit off right? Why is it again a person with only a few or no posts enter here and posts saying frank is dishonest in his work...we dont need to be saved from the devil himself called frank..we already are toxicated..thats worse![​IMG]
    first of all...we cant help the dollar made a dive into deptness compared to the gbp or euro..as u state..he refunded u for the price u paid him...sooo he did what every other company would do!! U must be nuts in thinking that any company would do more!
    Second...dont do as if ur silly or ignorant..why is it u only find this thread AFTER u had this 'misfortune'..if u were like all of us..u checked forums like this BEFORE u order..thats what everybody does! and then u should have known there is a very long waiting list since january..
    third...trust me..u loose in this by cancelling ur order..u will pay premium to get a soundquality even close to the cables toxic cables make..u will..i know..i did once..
    so pls..do urself and others a favor and find another thread about complaining..there is a thread for that..u can post there anything u want..as this is a appriciation thread..
    ur post wont change the opinion of the hundreds/ maybe thousands of super satisfied and happy surprised customers from frank..and yeah..we all know some had been waiting for 2 months for their new babies..!
    I also..its normal..for something special and custommade u have to be patient..last year i waited for my premium DHC cable 8 weeks also! and my new amp i ordered will be built only in november! Yes a 7 months delay time..they asked for my understanding as their business is booming lately..and i do!
    funny that not one customer of that brand complains about that..I Checked their thread!!!! or is it because they also make amps for more then 20.000usd a piece and its situated in canada? So they have almost NO COMPETITORS?mmmmmm wait a sec..frank does have a bunch of competitors who are losing customers because of their prices or otherwise....oops. Sorry dont want to suggest anything here..my apologies[​IMG]
    Why is it that certain US citizens tend to be sooooo impatient (my apologies for the patient ones..lolz)have u any idea how long u have to wait for a premium US made car for us in europe compared to a premium japanese car..and am not even talking bout european made car brands! and not one european customer has problems with the delivery times..
    thank you for ur attention!
  3. Toxic Cables
    Sorry, but last month i offered to send you a cable as your order was only a day out from the batch i was making, you declined this saying you are going away to China on the 1st of March for a month. If you had not declined, your cable would have shipped on time.
    Today you demand that i refund you $40 more then your original payment of £247, calling me a thief and everything else under the sun. That's uncalled for.
    It's not in my best interest to have to refund people, because i lose the fee's i had to originally pay when receiving the payment, then the same fee's again for sending the payment to you, using the gift option, so that you are not charged any fee's. 
    I got tired of his many "will ship them by next week"  I know i have let other people down in this manner and i am sure you have read that here, but i told you to hold on a week just once, 5 days later you requested a refund and received one.
    As for quoting a wait time to get past the dispute process, a lowly stunt like that would only be good to someone who does not intend on refunding his customers. As of today, every customer who has ever requested a refund, has received one, including yourself and those who have waited it out, have received what they paid for.
    If you had put in a dispute, it would not put any emphasis on me to complete your order sooner, but it will get you a refund, which you could just ask for, without a dispute.
  4. Jones Bob
    You offered the cable for more money, Frank. I was not interested in sending you even more money for something I did not want. I wanted what I ordered from you a long time ago.

    You told me 3 times they would ship "this coming week" and another time in 4 weeks.

    What is uncalled for is you taking on payment for goods with no interest in delivering to that customer as agreed. You let me down multiple time. I lost money trusting you. Never again.
  5. Toxic Cables
    Please tell me where in this message it requests more money,
    Frank Donghi <info.toxic.cables@gmail.com>

    13 Feb



    to Steve

    Hi Steve,  
    Unfortunately we are running a little behind and your cable is not in the current batch i am making, it's in the next one, but if you need it, i can send you the one i was making for myself in the current batch. I am not sure if it would get to you on time though, as the standard shipping can take 1-2 weeks.
    Please do let me know what you would like me to do and i am really sorry for the wait.

    I offered to send you my own cable i was making, as you had missed the current batch by just a day, having ordered 18th Dec.
    Having gone through all 44 messages, i can only find once me telling you to hold on a week, 5 days later you were refunded.
    I try my best to make as many cables as i can and get them out as quick as i can, and everyone who has ordered from me has always received what they paid me for. That's hardly taking money from people with no interest in delivering.
    Should get back to making cables now. [​IMG]
  6. Jones Bob
    On Mar 16, 2013, at 6:35 PM, Frank Donghi wrote:

    I am extremely sorry for this delay. If you might be interested, i have a cable ready made, it's made with 24AWG rectangular OCC silver, the exact same wire another company uses for a 6ft cable they sell for $3,000. Obviously it will be more then your one, but i can do you a fantastic price and it can ship straight away.
  7. hifimanrookie
    Read!!: he was trying to find a solution for u..as any other wellrespected company would do..u were not forced to accept it..
    275 and a bit more (if i understand it correctly ofcourse!)for a retangular silver cable? Ru nuts man..u should have accept that with both hands blindly!!!!! Those cables are the most expensive ones and best sounding cables money can buy..am not kidding!!!my god..ur a lucky basterd and u said no? Ur kidding right?
    frank can i have that one for that price? Plss ..oh damn..i dont have a lcd but a he500..i hate myself!! 
    As i wanted to say..frank did no more then a company would do..trying to find a solution for a problem according to the customer..and because he didnt have ur cable ready yet he offered the best he had for a bit higher price then his mainstream silver widow cable....
    u know how unbelievable u sound now? U first wanna spend almost 300 gpb on a cable and then have a problem for a bit more for the best cable u probably will ever hear on a lcd 2 or 3 ever..u know how that sounds like right? 
  8. hifimanrookie
    Yeah u should..make new babies for us..and myspecial baby too[​IMG]
  9. Jones Bob
    Sorry Frank, I have no intention of chasing your frequently edited posts here.

    This has been a real toxic experience.
    As I said before Caveat Emptor.
  10. thegrobe
    Dude must have been blinded by rage not to jump on the rectangular cable at a "crazy Eddy" price.... Would have, could have....oh well... I want one.
  11. Toxic Cables
    That was an offer of an alternative, weeks after i had offered to give you the cable you had on order. You should not have declined your cable when it was offered to you.
  12. Jones Bob
    Frank, if you actually had a non purchased SW cable earlier, why didn't you just send it?
  13. Toxic Cables
    Because you said you would rather wait and that you are going away to China, and won't get back till April.
    Maybe it would be a good idea if you read what you had said to me.
  14. Jones Bob
    No, I said I would wait because I did not want to be put in the queue before others.

    But why are you keeping cables for yourself before shipping to paying customers that have been waiting for months? If the cable is made why even ask if I wanted it. I WANTED IT.

    I know exactly what I wrote. You do too.

    Maybe it have been a good idea for you to ship the cable within 6-7 weeks in the first place.
  15. Toxic Cables
    You missed the batch by a day, your order was next and that's the only reason it was offered to you. Batch covered orders till the 17th, your order placed on the 18th.
    Why even ask if you wanted it, maybe because you said you are going to China till April, and i don't want to pay postage twice when it's returned to me.
    I think i am done here. I am just going around in circles with you.
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