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Tower Speakers Under $750


Tower Speakers Under $750

  1. ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2

  2. Polk Rti A7

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  3. Monitor Audio Bronze 5

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  4. Emotiva Airmotiv T1

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  5. Paradigm Monitor 7 S.7

  6. Dali Spektor 6

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  7. Tannoy Mercury 7.4

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  8. Ascend CMT-340 SE (w/ stands)

  9. RBH R55Ti

  10. Tekton Lore Reference

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  1. Fastnbulbous
    I'll allow for lower-than MSRP if the items are permanently discounted on the market and easily available directly or shipped from a retailer. But used prices would result in chaos, you understand. Yes I will keep an eye out for used deals, but please don't tell me how you got your B&W at 80% discount in the UK. Those deals don't happen in the U.S.

    Why the $750 cut-off? There are are too many options right around the $1,000 mark to deal with and apparently the polls are limited to 10 choices, ugh. Personally I'm looking to replace some 14 year-old Wharfedale Evo 20 speakers in the bedroom that are driven by the modest little PS Audio Sprout. I generally play at low volume, so the larger more expensive models are not desirable for this purpose. And the less I spend the better.

    Why no bookshelves? Because I don't want to pay the $ for a subwoofer, and don't need full dynamic range, but why spend money on stands when I can just get towers? Please don't choose this thread to debate about it. Just vote for the favorites you have heard.

    Due to the ridiculous limit to 10 options, I had to exclude these. Feel free to vote in comments too.

    XTZ Spirit 11
    Q Acoustics 3050
    Tannoy Eclipse Three
    Phase V626
    Martin Logan Motion 10
    Wharfedale Diamond 230
    Canton GLE 496
    Fluance Signature Series
    Tekton Mini Lore
    NHT C 4
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  2. mgivens
    Would you be willing to build? I switched from buying to building available and custom kits and have been beyond happy with the results, get a lot more for your money.

    If you don’t want to assemble, do woodwork and stuff like that then nevermind!
    Fastnbulbous likes this.
  3. Fastnbulbous
    I've built things, but they are always a bit . . . off. Feel free to recommend specific kits, I have a couple friends interested in doing that.
  4. mgivens
    Well, I REALLY recommend selah audio, ricks kits are spectacular in my opinion. He can change the crossover voicing to your preference when you buy. The Tono kit uses a great ribbon tweeter and a nice sb acoustic woofer for 650. You could build it into a tower and prob move the f3lower due to the extra airspace.

    I’ve built speaker design works anthology’s. It’s a version of their statement speaker. I was not a big fan, sold them...too clinical and only sounded good on VERY good recordings in my opinion. Their stuff is popular but I would not choose them.

    The amiga mt kit at parts express is 185 per speaker and come with the cabinet pre cut so you just have to finish. Free shipping means u are well below your budget. Also they claim to be flat(f3) to 35hz which is spectacular for this price.

    These are 2 ways but I’ve alwys felt a good 2 way is a lot better than a cheaper bad 3 way.

  5. Fastnbulbous
    Okay, but the DIY kit tower prices start at $1,250. Also, is there something in the poll you'd consider a bad 3-way?
  6. Alcophone
    I have tried the bookshelf version of the Fluance Signature Series, and was pretty disappointed. Based on that I wouldn't even try their towers. The KEF Q100 were much better, and still very affordable.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  7. Fastnbulbous
    See note in original post about bookshelves.

    In the November 2017 issue of HiFi Choice, they did a blind Grouptest and ranked some towers. Unfortunately the winner, Mission LX-5 does not seem to be available through any North American source. However, runner-up Sweden's XTZ Spirit 11 has a site for U.S. customers and a 30% off sale... just $684. SVS Prime Tower was 3rd, but is $1K. They all beat out the Monitor Audio Silver 200, KEF Q550 and Quadral Rhodium 400.
  8. mgivens
    Alright. So, a lot to address in this post. First, maybe I worded that wrong. Not “bad” three ways, just in my opinion I believe you should spend a lot more than 750 before you start looking at 3 ways. With your budget I would be looking at a better 2 way. The problem is they have to divide the cost. So at 750 your getting a lesser quality crossover and worse drivers than a 750 2 way. Also, with the three ways you are looking at a lot will have passive radiators rather than actual drivers. If you look at the specs, elac for example, the towers f3 is only 4hz lower than the bookshelf even though it’s got 2more drivers and a lot more air space. I have towers and I can agree towers are cooler than bookshelf’s however in this price range I don’t think you are getting the full benefit of a tower design. The problem is there aren’t many off the shelf 2 way towers for 750! Basically I just don’t think this is a sweet spot price wise for a three way tower.

    This is why I keep going back to diy. The selah audio tono I mentioned could be built as a tower. It would have MUCH nice drivers and crossover. You would obviously have to build the tower and assemble, so wood cost and finish would put you maybe around 800. Rick could adjust the crossover for you to get a lower f3

    Even the amiga which has pre ct would would be well below your budget and reaches very low.

    However, if I am just annoying you with my diy ramblings than I’d go for the elacs. I’ve had the debut1.0, uni fi and even some of there super nice German made ribbon towers. I like their sound and think they are ‘fun’ speakers that I enjoy listening to.

    If you are interested in diy I’ve got a lot more thoughts on that within your budget. If you want to stick to your models listed above I’ll butt out as I don’t have much more to offer!

  9. Fastnbulbous
    Thanks, I don't plan to do DIY, but I have two friends who expressed interest, but would be looking to spend less than $400.

    I have no problem with 2 Way, both my Evo 20 and my Rega R3 which are still going strong in the basement are 2 Way and are just fine. I'm just checking out what seem to be the most consistently highly regarded in forums, reviews and listening tests. And actually, the Martin Logan, XTZ, Wharfedale, Klipsch, Dali, Tannoy and Tekton models are all 2 Way. Monitor and Paradigm are 2.5 Way. I'm skeptical that as a rule, 3 Ways aren't as good at that price range, but will consider your point.
  10. Fastnbulbous
    I guess Head-Fi is not the best place to poll about floorstanding speakers! I'm making progress, auditioned ELAC and Monitor, slightly prefer ELAC, though both are solid.

    Am wondering how long the 30% off deal lasts on XTZ's U.S. site, as that's a pretty attractive deal. It's coming down to XTZ, Ascend, RBH and Dali. Q Acoustics and PSB are also strong. But by far the cheapest I've seen is the Tannoy Eclipse Three, available for just $430, so I probably should try to hear some of those.
  11. Fastnbulbous
    I was leaning toward the Q Acoustics 3050, available direct from their site. It will be replaced by the 3050i this week. Reviews had it outperforming the Dali Spektor 6, which I was also considering. However I just don't like the look of the 3050.

    I learned that Mission, who have been slaying the competition in group tests in HiFi Choice mag in December and also bookshelves in the current issue, is INDEED available to be shipped to the U.S. from http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/mission-lx-5-speakers-pair ($960 total with shipping). It's also available through U.S. distributor, American Audio Video, but a pricier $1,500 before shipping. I know it's a higher price than I wanted, but I'm feeling it..
  12. koven Contributor
    Try avforums or audiogon instead for speaker discussion.
  13. megabigeye
    You might also try poking around audiocircle.com. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful people over there. Maybe check out the Cheap 'n' Cheerful circle. And there used to be a few DIYers that would build stuff for a fee, though I don't know if they still do that. Might be worth asking, if you're interested.
  14. Fastnbulbous
    I signed up for an account years ago -- went back per your recommendation, and they still have not granted me full access to the tools (updating profile, searching site) despite my following their rules of doing an intro post. Guess I'm not allowed in their circle jerk. AVS Forum is better anyway.

    DIYers are a funny lot. Are there the equivalent on car forums? People comparing models, with the hardcore DIYers going, "built your own car, ya lazy sods"! Yes, if I didn't have a job and a life, I would build ALL THE THINGS. Or maybe not, as the CD shelves and entertainment centers I've built kind of sucked (but served their purpose in my 20s).
  15. GoodRevrnd
    Huh... I got Monitor Audio RS6 for about that price years ago. Bummer the product line prices have crept up that much.

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