TOUR CLOSED - Null Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting December 2017

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  1. Barra
    Ready..... Set.......
    Hey tour participants, as you can see from the tour members post 3, I have updated the tour to add everyone in logistical order. I have also added a "+" in front of everyone that provided the required contact info. We have everyone but three so far so we are almost ready to start. I will give a couple more days to collect the remaining contact info and will then kick off the tour on the West coast to EricR in Seattle. I can tell you so far that the cables make a difference. Will follow up soon with some initial thoughts to warm things up.
  2. rantng
    Thanks for the update @Barra. Excited for this tour. I currently own Arete & Lune cables & can't wait to try out Vitesse. IMHO Null Audio cables are an amazing value.
  3. ngoshawk
    Excellent! Thanks, @Barra!
  4. Barra
    Official Kickoff
    The kit is officially shipped to @ericr today arriving on Wednesday. We are officially kicked off. Please let us know when you get it Eric.
  5. ngoshawk
    Excellent! WooHOO!
  6. kubig123
    I leave in NYC, I'm very interested to be part of the tour, if its' still possible.
  7. Barra
    Sure, no problem, just PM me your contact info and a picture of your driver's license per the instructions and I will add you to the list.
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  8. kubig123
    Thanks, I'm really excited!!!
  9. ericr
    The kit arrived Thursday. The Post Office managed to crunch the shipping box, but the contents are in good shape.


    8 cables and 2 adapters.
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  10. kubedzero
    Looking forward to hearing what people have hooked these up to. I only have phones/computers to drive and no fancy DAC or amp or anything, so I'm curious what benefits or drawbacks a TRRS balanced cable will have on my "setup."

    Also, does anyone know if there are specs for MMCX or 2 pin connectors that dictate the rated number of connections? In mechanical keyboard hot-swap switches, the sockets are usually only rated for 100 insertions/withdrawals so I am curious i anyone knows if these cables will get "worn out" with all the tour activity going on.
  11. Barra
    These cables are usually the last mile when speaking of audio quality benefits requiring the rest of the chain to be right to hear the benefit. However, comfort, appearance, and the convenience of new connection options - 2.5mm, 4.4mm, or any other balanced option may be a good enough reason by itself. While I have never seen a manufacturer insertion rating on a CIEM cable, the CIEM socket is the weak point that needs to be considered where you may want to consider limiting insertions or risk loose connections in the future. However, the pin size varies so larger pins can eliminate that issue as well.
  12. ericr
    OK, @Land-O-The-Free has kindly given me his address and phone number.

    I will be shipping these on to him at the end of the week.
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  13. Land-O-The-Free
    Hello all,

    I just received the kit from @ericr and have reached out to the next three members on the list. I will update once I have been contacted and they have been shipped to the next on the list. Thanks!
  14. Land-O-The-Free
    Just sent @hattrick15 the tracking number. USPS 2-Day should reach him by monday or tuesday. Thanks again @Barra!
  15. Land-O-The-Free
    Hey everyone, just wanted to stay up to date. Unfortunately for some reason unbeknownst to me, my Postman decided not to take the package yesterday. I work 13 hour days, 6 days a week, outside of town, so getting to my local USPS is not a viable option for me. So I guess this package won't be making it's way to @hattrick15 until tomorrow. Sorry for the delay and I will update once it is on it's way for certain! Thanks.
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