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TOUR CLOSED - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting November 2017

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  1. ctsooner22
    Peter Swartz, Berlin, CT. I would like to participate in the tour and agree to all the rules. Can't wait to get the Prima Donna 8 wire on the Phantom's. thanks so much Barra. You're a good dude for doing all these tours. Thanks Kubig for letting me know about it.
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  2. ericr
    FedEx tracking indicates the kit was delivered to my office. I'll be in the office tomorrow to confirm all arrived safely.
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  3. ericr
    Beat Audio Tour Kit at Seattle Meet this Saturday - May 5!!!


    Also in tow will be my:
    • 64 Audio Tia Fourte (TOTL universal hybrid IEM)
    • 64 Audio A18 (18 driver per side!!! Custom IEM - if it fits your ears
    As well as the 64 Audio Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • 64 Audio Trio (hybrid universal IEM)
    • 64 Audio U12t (12 driver per side IEM)
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  4. Barra
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  5. ExpiredLabel
    Package received. Haven't opened it yet to check on condition etc. will report back later when not busy.
  6. ExpiredLabel
    6EC718AF-BCE7-489E-B1A4-E59C87E49CCE.jpeg All accounted for and everything in its place. Ouch back later with some impressions
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  7. ExpiredLabel
    Okay, so I pretty much just limited my time to the prima done 8-wire their Flagship or TOTL offering and compared it to my Mezzo audio cable. Fortunately for me I was able to plug both my Maestro cable and Beats audio cable into the SE and 2.5mm socket of my Headphone conditioner so at least I only had to unplug the earpieces. However, because I felt little to no difference in audio dynamics,resolution,sound stage,extension (insert random audio feel good word) I opted to then have one ear piece from each cable to see if I could take away a literal difference of sound. Switching earpieces occasionally between the two and despite having to adjust volume a little I felt there was little to no difference or rather I couldn't find/tell personally sound wise between the two. I personally have no idea of the cable make up of the maestro only that it is apparently from a tone arm cable instead of the typical source/configured offerings, and that its termination is in SE as opposed to the termination of the Prima donna 2.5mm. The one reason I opted to go with just testing the Prima Donna was mostly due to it being a 8-wire and secondly because it was their top of the line offering and I didn't want to mess up my impressions clouding them up with the other cables. Thinking about this I'm curious if my headphone conditioner with its auto impedance matching would lend to this being the case, however, without any way to test this all I can do is speculate. I'm somewhat let down that the cable between the conditioner and earpieces was so insignificant to my past wire upgrades between my source and conditioner as I was honestly looking to be blown away in some small measure in regards to one of the aspects listed previously.

    Some pluses for the Beats line are their robustness and quality of parts which certainly lend to its aesthetics but the weight could be perceived as a issue for some I could see in regards to the prima donna 8-wire specifically

    Currently en route to @Blueshound24
  8. bvng3540
    Hi @Barra Bothell wa, I would like to participate in the tour and agree to all the rules
  9. Barra
  10. Blueshound24
    Tour kit arrived safe and sound.
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  11. Blueshound24
    I have PM'd the next three recipients in the tour.
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  12. ctsooner22
    I'm so excited. Will keep everyone posted on getting them, etc... Pete
  13. ctsooner22
    Wow, got the box today. Can't listen tonight, but the boxes and cables are beautiful. First rate to say the least. I hope to get to some listening tomorrow. Thanks all.
  14. ctsooner22
    Ok, done with the cables. I'd like to ship them to the next person on the list tomorrow after my morning PT. Let me go look and see who gets it. and I'll post here. Hope I'm doing this correctly. :).
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