TOUR CLOSED - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting November 2017

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  1. San Man
    Thanks bro!
  2. Barra
    The tour is official now, I have shipped out to @hattrick15. I miss them already......
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  3. hattrick15
    Everything arrived to day and all the equipment is in good shape. The packaging box is pretty beat up (looks like it was sent from China!), so I'll pack everything in a new packaging box when I send it out. I've PMed @ericr and will post when I send it out.
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  4. davidland
    interesting thread:beyersmile:
  5. ericr
    Hattrick15 and I have connected; I asked him to ship a day or two later as I am currently dealing with the sun and beach in Florida.
  6. Barra
    Poor Eric, we all feel very bad for you. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
  7. hattrick15
    The package is on its way to @ericr via Fed Ex. I've sent him the tracking number.

    Thanks Barra for arranging the tour!

    Quick impressions: I tried all of the cables and in the end preferred my Effect Audio Lionhart with my A18. The Lionhart sounded more transparent to me and had a sparkle that I didn't hear in any of the Beat Audio cables. I also tried the 2.5mm to 4mm Beat Audio adapter with my Sony WM-1Z DAP. I got a lot of hiss when I did that, no matter which cable I used (including my Lionhart). So, instead I used this adpater ( Absoulutely no hiss with any of the cables with this adapter.
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  8. Barra
    That's interesting that you got any hiss on an A18 with any device. My A18 has never hissed on any equipment ever and it is not known for hissing. I wonder if the adaptor got damaged somehow as I didn't hear any problems when I used my A18 on my WM1A balanced. Did you try any of your other CIEMs to see if you got the same his from the cable?

    I go back and forth on my black dragon copper cable with my A18 with the M15 as it gives me an in between for more body rather than going M20 providing additional transparency in comparison. But the PD 8-wire ergonomics pulled me in for the most ear time and the transparent dynamics won me over during my audition week. How does the Lionheart compare ergonomically?
  9. hattrick15
    No, I didn't try another IEM. My bad, I should have. But the hiss existed no matter what cable I was using. Maybe it is a problem with the adapter. @ericr now has the cables, so will be interesting to hear what he says.

    As for the modules, I mostly use the M15 with the A18. I'm a sucker for soundstage and transparency. I think that the M20 can just be too much warmth and doesn't sound as transparent to me. I do sometimes use it whenever what I'm listening to sounds too "lightweight" with the M15. For the A18, I've yet to find a better match than the EA Lionheart cable. The ergonomics are fantastic. The cable is very light. Very happy with it, but I keep signing up for your tours to see if there's something better out there for my tastes.
  10. ericr
    The cables all appear to be in good condition and @Shmuel has replied with his address and phone number. I will be shipping them out on Saturday.

    20171220_122525[1].jpg 20171220_122616[1].jpg
  11. Barra
    Welcome back from the sun.
  12. ericr
    The kit is on it's way to @Shmuel

    Unfortunately my flight home turned a mild cold into a nasty sinus infection. My head was in no condition for any sort of critical listening.

    If it's possible join in again at the end of the tour I would appreciate another opportunity with these cables.

  13. Barra
    Well, because it is you.... adding you again to the end.
  14. ngoshawk
    Well done, @Barra, well done! :clap::clap::clap:
  15. ericr
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