TOUR CLOSED - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting November 2017

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  1. Barra
    After all the TOTL CIEM tours I have hosted, I have only once seen a cable that matches the quality of the featured TOTL CIEM regardless of price. Some are garbage, some are good enough, but none seem to be premium enough to leave as is. The cable look can make or break the experience. There are a few notable exceptions that offer multiple connectors to fit our assortment of connection needs - thank you DITA - but mostly there is only a 3.5mm option that will not work with our balanced Sony/AK DAPs to hear our toys at their best. Of course, many swear by the improved SQ or signature tuning that premium cables offer. For all these reasons and more, premium cables become an obvious question after a TOTL CIEM purchase.

    Beat Audio has graciously offered to provide a compelling tour kit that tour members can audition to see just what a premium cable can do for their new CIEM purchase.



    US Premium IEM Cable Tour, Featuring:

    Beat Audio is providing us with a nice full range of cables terminated in balanced AK2.5 with a 3.5mm and a 4.4mm adaptor so we can listen on all our gear.

    • Supernova MKII (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($249)
    • Supernova MKII (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($?)
    • Thor - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($399) (Copper)
    • Prima Donna (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($799) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($1199) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male

    Tour Kit Pictures
    IMG_3995.JPG IMG_3995.JPG IMG_3997.JPG IMG_3998.JPG IMG_4001.JPG IMG_4002.JPG

    Tour Instructions (7 Day Audition)
    The participant list is organized logistically to minimize shipping costs starting from Seattle. The tour will begin with the first in the list for a 7-day audition. Thereafter they will be responsible to deliver or ship the demo kit to the next participant in the list.

    • Upon Receipt:
      • Post: Please immediately post on the thread both receipt and condition of the demo kit.
      • PM: Please immediately PM the next participant on the list to arrange delivery (if local) or shipping. This step is critical to avoid delaying the tour. It is each participants responsibility to keep the tour moving. If the participant is unresponsive, it is your responsibility to move on to the next in the list quickly so the tour does not get stalled. Please, PM Barra with any issues.
      • Shipping: Please, no PO boxes - only home or work addresses. It is important to collect complete info including a phone number before shipping so that we have a way to track and contact the participant just in case.
    • Issues: Please PM Barra with any issues.
      • Dropping Out: Please PM Barra if you feel you cannot fulfill your tour responsibility and I will pull you from the list.
    • Optional Review: Reviews are completely optional, but greatly appreciated by all Head-Fi members.
      • Thoughts/Impressions: Feel free to post your thoughts, initial impressions, pairing results, or even informal reviews or comparisons right here on this thread.
      • Formal Reviews: While you are welcome to post formal reviews on this thread, they are often more manageable if you use the Head-Fi review functionality and post a link here for people to follow.
    • Shipping Requirements: Per Beat Audio, we need to use FedEx with signature required. By requiring a signature, we are not required to insure the package as there is a clear line of responsibility. This will save everyone a considerable amount in insurance costs.

    Participation Rules Clarification
    Please remember to do your part as a participant:
    1. Update the Thread: Please keep the thread updated for receipt/condition as well as shipping and impressions. This way the thread remains interesting and allows participants to follow progress to plan for receipt going forward.
    2. Impressions: Impressions help to keep the thread interesting even if you do not like them if you explain why. Sometimes we can help to fix any issues - pairing, cleaning, etc.
    3. Shipping Ontime: It is each participants responsibility to ship out on time on the 8th day. This means actively PMing the next or next 3 participants to get a viable destination prior to the 8th day.
    4. Proper Shipping: It is everyone's responsibility to only ship to a viable participant with follow up info just in case:
      1. NO PO Addresses: Must be a real address where the item can be tracked to a person.
      2. Phone Numbers: Participants must provide phone numbers and emails so that there is a channel of communication in case of issues.
      3. Tracking Number: It is critical to PM a tracking number to the receiving participant so that the recipient can arrange for the receipt - especially with signature required.
      4. Signature Required: To avoid the high cost of insuring, we have opted to go signature required to track receipt to a real individual. This is required in shipping out the kit.
    5. Enjoy: Please enjoy your time with the demo kit. It is a unique experience to be able to hear these fabulous toys in the comfort of your own home and with your music and equipment so please take full advantage and let us know how it works for you.

    Tour Sign Up
    To sign up for this tour, please post your name, city, and state only – no personal address in the public forum – and then declare that you agree to follow the terms of the tour. That’s it. We reserve the right to turn down the application if we find a cause but hope to accommodate all those US Head-Fi’ers that are interested. If you meet any of the three requirements below and as long as there is room, your in.

    Participant Requirement Options:

    • Long-Term Head-Fi: Automatic Qualification
      • Two years Head-Fi Membership: We need to know that you have a track record.
      • More than 200 posts: We need to know that you are active.
    • New to Head-Fi: A few extra steps if you don't meet the long-term HF status requirement - please PM to @Barra:
      • Copy/scan/photo of ID: We need a photo of your drivers license or passport.
      • Complete Home Contact Info - Phone/Address
      • Complete Work Contract Info - Phone/Address
    • Referral from Beat Audio: Automatic qualification

    Signups begin now and will remain open during the tour welcoming late comers. However, we reserve the right to end signups at any time so please don’t hesitate or you may lose out. The tour will start when we have enough participants to create a reasonable list. Have fun!

    Example Sign up Post: From Barra: I live in Anthem, AZ and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
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  2. Barra
    Tour Participant List
    We hope to gather our list over the next few weeks to build logistics into our tour order. However, the tour will be starting in Seattle first and may start before we close our participation requests. We may add more as it makes sense, but later logistics will be first come first serve so likely to make postage more expensive. The good news is that we will do our best to accommodate all US Head-Fiers that wish to participate.

    US Tour (Name/Location):

    1. @Barra - Anthem, AZ >>> KICKOFF - Shipped to @hattrick15 : 11/30/17
    2. @hattrick15 - Palo Alto, CA >>> Received from @Barra : 12/5/17, Shipped to @ericr : 12/13/17
    3. @ericr - Issaquah, WA >>> Received from @hattrick15 : 12/20/17, Shipped to @Shmuel : 12/25/17
    4. @Shmuel - Milwaukee, WI >>> Received from @ericr : ???, Shipped to @hung031086 : 1/14/18
    5. @hung031086 - Madison, WI >>> Received from @Shmuel : 1/17/18, Shipped cables to @eldss: 1/22/18
    6. @eldss - Omaha, NE >>> received from @hung031086: 1/25/18, Shipped to @ngoshawk : 2/1/18
    7. @ngoshawk - Warrenburg, MO >>> Received from @eldss : 2/2/18, Shipped to @seamon : 2/9/18
    8. @Aleatorius - Garland, TX >>> Skipped, not responsive
    9. @Ike1985 - Elizabethtown, KY >>> Skipped, declined kit
    10. @seamon - Lafayette, Indiana >>> Received from @ngoshawk : 2/15/18, Shipped to @faithguy19 : ?
    11. @faithguy19 - Merrilville, IN >>> Received from @seamon : 3/3/18, Shipped to @muffins : ?
    12. @muffins - Ladson, SC >>> Received from @faithguy19 : ?, Shipped to @kubig123 : 3/24/18
    13. @kubig123 - New York, NY >>> Received from @muffins : 3/27/18, Shipped to @muffin9988 : 4/4/18
    14. @rantng - Brooklyn, NY >>> Dropped from Tour
    15. @muffin9988 - Westfield, MA >>> Received from @kubig123 : 4/5/18, Shipped to @doctorjazz : ?
    16. @doctorjazz - ??? >>> Received from @muffin9988 : 4/17/18, Shipped to @ericr : ?
    17. @ericr - Issaquah, WA >>> Received from @doctorjazz : 5/3/18, Shipped to @ExpiredLabel : ?
    18. @ExpiredLabel - Portland, OR >>> Received from @ericr : 5/9/18, Shipped to @Blueshound24 : 5/18/18
    19. @Blueshound24 - Sioux Falls, SD >>> Received from @ExpiredLabel : 5/24/18. Shipped to @ctsooner22 : ?
    20. @ctsooner22 - Berlin, CT >>> Received from @ExpiredLabel : 6/7/18, Shipped to @Barra : 6/16/17
    21. @bvng3540 - Bothell, WA >>> Skipped, unavailable to receive
    22. @San Man - Honolulu, HI >>> Skipped, unavailable to receive
    23. @Barra - Anthem, AZ >>> Received from @ctsooner22 : 6/21/18
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  3. Barra
    I live in Anthem, AZ and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  4. Shmuel
    I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and woulda like to be on the tour. I agree to follow the tour'terms.

  5. Ike1985
    I live in Elizabethtown, KY and I agree to the terms of the tour. Thank you for this opportunity.

  6. San Man
    I live in Honolulu Hawaii and agree to the terms and conditions of the tour
  7. muffin9988
    I live in Westfield, MA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.

    PMed, Barra, thanks!
  8. muffins
    I live in Ladson SC, and i agree to the terms of the tour.

    Thanks Barra and Beat Audio! Looking forward to this :p
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  9. faithguy19
    I live in Merrillville, IN and I would like to participate in the tour. I agree to the terms of the tour.
  10. Aleatorius
    Neat, definitely interested in a more ergonomic cable. Thanks @Barra

    I live in Garland, TX and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  11. kubig123
    I live in New York City and would like to participate in the tour.

    I agree to follow the terms of the tour.

    thank you
  12. hung031086
    I live in Madison, WI and would like to participate in the tour.
    I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  13. hattrick15
    I live in Palo Alto, CA and agree to the terms of the tour.
  14. rantng
    I live in Brooklyn, NY and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  15. ngoshawk
    I live in Warrensburg, MO and agree to all terms for the tour. Thanks, @Barra!
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