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TOUR CLOSED - Advanced Acousticwerkes US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - W900, W500, plus two surprises >>> Starting March 2017

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  1. GTecX
    I live in Pomona, CA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms and conditions of the tour.
  2. Barra
    Happy to add you once you supply the additional PM info for less active Headfiers per instructions.
  3. gearofwar
  4. wormsdriver
    Oh man, how did i miss this!?
    Hey @Barra if you're still taking participants in the tour, I'd like to join. :)

    I live in McAllen , Tx and wouldlike to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  5. Barra
    Of course you are in.
    wormsdriver likes this.
  6. ustinj
    Can anyone comment on the size of the universal shells? From photos I've seen, they're pretty thick and large -- is the W900 shell the exact same size/dimensions as the A3H V2 shell? Possible comparison photos to say, the Campfire line or other well-known IEMs?

  7. datranz
    I own the a3hpro, I would like to demo the others, I live in Fontana, next to Pomona. I would like to join this tour. Please let me know how. Thanks
  8. Barra
    As you can see from my original post, the shells in perspective of the tips next to them are pretty small. I personally like bigger shells on universals as I get a better seal, but these seemed to give a good seal anyways. The entire lineup is about the same size.

  9. Barra
    Added, welcome.
  10. datranz
    Do I need to fill out any info?
  11. Barra
    Nope, you meet the minimum requirements, just enjoy.
  12. San Man
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  13. Overkill Red
    So its finally summer and I have time to pen my thoughts of the AAW lineup!

    I only really listened to the W500 and the W900, as I wanted to really get to know their sonic profiles. I also wanted to be able to compare them to my own CIEMs, and the lower end CIEMs would be troublesome to compare as the price ranges are so far off.

    Source is a Ryuzoh-modded AK240SS, which I'll write a review of eventually, and I used my PWAudio 1960 for all auditions as I felt it brought out the IEM's potential better than the stock cable did.

    *W500 (compared to the HUM Pristine Reference)

    - This is a real basshead's IEM. The bass clearly takes center stage and has much more boom and impact than my HUM Pristine. The decay is very well done, and there is little to no bleed into the other frequencies.

    - Mids and treble are both good, but nothing to write home about. Don't get me wrong: they're both fantastic, but they simply don't stand out compared to the bass. The HUM Pristine is more natural in the mids and has slightly brighter treble in comparison.

    - Soundstage wise, the W500 has decent depth and good width, which made for pretty nice imaging and a good sense of space (definitely better than the pristine in this sense).

    - Overall, the Pristine is slightly more resolving but I found myself enjoying the W500 much more due to the fun factor being very good.

    *W900 (compared to the Zeus XR Adel with Carrot modules)
    - The cream of AAW's crop, and it doesn't fail to impress. The bass on the W900 is outstanding, easily beating the Zeus in impact, body and layering. Decay is very natural. I could listen to this all day.

    - The mids are a toss-up. The Zeus had slightly sweeter vocals, especially in the female region, and was slightly more resolving, while the W900 has very neutral vocals which worked better for male vocals than the Zeus. The mids on the W900 have more body while the Zeus is more airy, so music preference will decide which you'll prefer here.

    - Treble wise the Zeus takes the cake here for having more sparkle and resolution, but for the price of the W900 the latter performs very well, besting many other IEMs but unfortunately can't stand up to the Zeus.

    - Soundstage-wise, the W900 sounds larger and more airy, but imaging isn't as good (instruments and vocals aren't as 'grounded') as on the Zeus, which still has the current best imaging in an IEM that I've found.

    - Overall, I'd say the W900 is a fantastic choice for a neutral/musical sounding IEM. Very impressive indeed from my fellow Singaporeans!

    Thanks to AAW for letting the tour happen, and to Barra for setting all this up!!
    ranfan and crinacle like this.
  14. Barra
    I felt the same way, nice impressions.
  15. The Dan of Steel
    Tour set received here in Tampa. Thanks again @Barra for getting these tours organized.
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