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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Trio and 12t >>> Starting March 2018

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  1. bvng3540
    I don’t mean the 50% deposit, but at least provide a valid credit card number in case it happen again
  2. rantng
    Apparently ljnew also tried signing up for the AAW tour as well as the Null Audio Premium cable tour.
  3. Ike1985
    I'm 99% sure Nick has been identified, I suggest we focus on shure or bust and ljnew.
  4. chef8489
    I agree to the terms. I am in Asheville North Carolina. Enjoyed the last tours.
  5. BulldogXTRM
    We'll be posting the new requirements and rules soon guys. Barra and I are going to discuss things and how tight we want to make things.

    Ike check your PM
  6. bvng3540
    The requirements should be an attachments a pictures of you driver license, a valid CC, and your passport :ksc75smile:
  7. BulldogXTRM
    Close... we'll post things shortly give us a day or two to iron out the details. By next Monday hopefully we can get things rolling and accepting the additional details and data from the tour participants.
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  8. Ike1985
    Along with your head-fi profile in the background-printed on paper or from a screen. The same way people will use the newspaper to authenticate a date also will make things easy for Barra as each picture will have the profile already in it. It needs to have your ID, actual face and head fi profile IMO and a valid(tested) CC on tap in for worst case scenario. Obviously the CC #'s will need to go to 64 to protect Barra should any numbers be stolen in the process. It's likely 64 will have to create some sort of website interface, anyone who has used 64's excellent website knows you have to create an account and have a CC on file to buy something so it would be easy to handle all this through the accounts people have already made on the site or will make in order to review their IEMs.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  9. Barra
    Tour Kit Unboxing Video
    While we work out our security details, I thought I would entertain you with an unboxing video. This includes the 12t and the Trio, plus my custom 12t with some comparisons. As mentioned earlier in my early impressions, these products are stellar and in that same rarified new level set by the 18 and Fourte'. Yes, the 18 and Fourte' are better performers, but the 12t and Trio can be more fun if you enjoy their high-quality bass response like I do. Take a look:

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  10. dc655321
    Great clip. Thanks for putting that out there.
    You touched on it briefly in the video, but can you make any further comparison between the custom and universal versions of the 12t?
  11. FangJoker
    I hope these guys get caught. They ruin the trust of those that are good folks on here. It sounds like 2 out of 3 were younger guys since contacting their parents were mentioned. Maybe we should have an age restriction here. I know that won't solve everything, but it might help weed out some of the people that are most likely to steal.
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  12. chef8489
    Some of have done many of these and been around a long time. Always sucks when this happens. Hope we find the guys. Just this past year i have done 2 pairs of Oppos, another 64 audio tour, Aaw tour, A Few Fiio players, and Ak players I have demoed and a few other iems and players. It really ruins these for everyone.
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  13. ericr
    12828.jpeg 12820.jpeg

    Both the Trio and U12t have arrived safe and sound.

    The bummer is I'm out of town until Friday. I REALLY want to hear these! It will be great to compare the Trio to my Fourte, and the U12t to the original A12.

    Also, Barra has asked me to hold the Trio and U12t until further notice due to the tour issues.

    Due to the hold on the tour, I will do my best to answer any questions you all may have and make any comparisons I can for you. Work is demanding right now so it may take a few days for me to reply, but I feel that as long is this gear is with me this is something I owe to the rest of you. Let me know how I can help.

    - Eric
  14. BulldogXTRM
    The 2nd tour kit is scheduled to be in my hands today as well. I'll also be holding on to it while Barra and I work out the added security measures of the tour. For anyone not aware @Barra has asked me to come on board to assist him during the tours for security reasons.

    I'll be talking with Barra, about this hopefully later today if both of our schedules permit. Once we discuss this, either Barra or I will be posting the new requirements. From preliminary talks with Barra, there basically will be two routes to take.

    The two routes will be
    A. Providing a lot more information that will be verified. This is what Barra and I will be discussing.
    B. Providing the same basic information already required by Barra's tours and in addition providing a valid Credit Card, to be submitted to the manufacturer of the gear being toured for a security deposit.

    I will give you all the preliminary requirements that I gave to Barra so you guys can have an idea of what steps may be required.
    1. State Issued ID card or Driver's license with photo and address.
    2. Address on State issued ID must match shipping address
    3. Copy of utility bill in the participants name. Utility bill address/name must match ID card and shipping address
    4. Working phone number, Cell phone or landline along with a photo with participants name and address on the bill. No Google voice or other free phone numbers and no prepaid cell phones.
    5. Valid email address
    6. Employer name - phone number (verification may be required)
    7. Social medial profile - Facebook or Linked-In, etc. Required to add BulldogXTRM as a friend.
    8. Join Head-Fi tours group page on Facebook that will be a private group and make at least one post acknowledging acceptance of the tour terms.
    9. Also posting the same acceptance on the Head-Fi.org tour page.

    All participants must do these next steps or will be excluded from future tours.
    1. Must notify Barra, BulldogXTRM, previous participant, and the next participant via group email that the kit has been received.
    2. Must notify Barra, BulldogXTRM and the next participant via group email that the kit has been shipped along with a photo of the shipping receipt with visible tracking number.

    We realize that not everyone will meet all of these requirements, such as college students etc. Therefore in order for these participants to still take part, substitutions will be made on a case by case basis when you first request to participate. As an example a parent's address/phone number may be supplemented for employer. Cell phone bill, may be used instead of utility bill.

    The goal of these steps is simple we want to verify who you are, where you live, and in case of you not returning or shipping the kit to the next person, we want to track you down and either get the kit from you or get the cost of the kit from you. If we can't get the tour kit or the money from you, we want to know who to file criminal charges against... We also know that the majority of members will never be an issue because you guys are hard working and honest people.

    If anyone has any issues at this point with any of this, then you can PM me, I will provide my email address and we can discuss it in a group email with Barra and I. If you feel like this is too much, then feel free to notify Barra and drop from the tour.
    There of course will be some exceptions such as those members that have built trust with Barra. He make's that call and if that applies to you, Barra will notify you. My job is the opposite, I don't trust anyone, but I'll be verifying everyone...

    Hope this helps give you guys an idea of what's coming. This will take some time to get this information and verify it from everyone so be patient and we'll get the tour moving as quickly as possible.

    Again this is preliminary requirements, FINAL rules will be posted later. This is not the place to have an in depth discussion or to plead why these rules shouldn't apply to you. But I would love to have a little feedback and find out if you agree or disagree with terms as stringent as these.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  15. Ike1985
    sounds good, those who are serious about hearing these IEMs will go through the steps. I also suggest the mods IP ban LJnew, Shure or Bust and Nick for putting everyone through all this.
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