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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Trio and 12t >>> Starting March 2018

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  1. faithguy19
    Kit has been received safe and sound from Ike1985!
    BulldogXTRM, kubig123 and Ike1985 like this.
  2. Ike1985
    Yea I don't think the Trio has higher resolution than A18t overall, just in certain areas.

    Get ready to rock with the Trio, love that monitor.
  3. koven Contributor
    What's going on w/ the west coast kit?
  4. Land-O-The-Free
    In regards to the West Coast Kit; there were some issues with acquiring the needed information for the next 2 people on the list and it was delayed. Once I had the information late last week, I was unfortunately out of town until tomorrow. I will be getting them sent off to @Vansen early Tuesday morning. Sorry for the delay.
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  5. BulldogXTRM
    Ladie's and Gentlemen,

    When there is a delay for shipping out to the next party, immediately notify @Barra and myself via email and PM. We need to keep track of any issues so that if need be we can intervene. Thanks!
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  6. Land-O-The-Free
    Apologies for not notifying you, @BulldogXTRM, I never noticed your email CC'd in the conversations with Bill. @Barra has been a part of the conversation from the very beginning and throughout though. Thanks for the help!
  7. BulldogXTRM
    No problem as long as one of us is aware then that's all that's needed. Although I quoted you it wasn't necessarily directed at you but a blanket statement. Stay in communications with us throughout the tour so it moves smoothly with minimal problems. We want to keep doing these and many more!
  8. cantsleep Contributor
    This is great. Didnt even know anything about demo tour.

    Too bad i cannot afford to join, even in the future. Both ups and usps around here always lose things :expressionless:
  9. San Man
    Once you drop it off to them according to the terms of the tour (FedEx, signature required), you're relieved of your responsibility if they lose it.
    Ike1985 likes this.
  10. BulldogXTRM
    Not quite accurate. Your responsibility ends once you get confirmation of the recipient signing for the tour kit.
    • "Responsibility Ends on Signed Receipt: Your responsibility ends when the shipper posts a signed receipt from the recipient."
    This is simply to keep you in the loop in case there was a theft/damage or the kit was lost by Fedex/UPS/USPS etc. If that occurred would then initiate a trace and an insurance claim if necessary to recuperate the value of the kit and post proof that you had done so.
    But to answer @cantsleep, there's no reason you couldn't join the tour if you can ensure that you can receive the kit and get it shipped. Maybe traveling a few miles to a reputable shipping agent to pickup and to drop off the kit could work.
  11. San Man
    Once you drop it off at the FedEx/UPS/USPS and you receive the receipt with the tracking number, isn't the burden of responsibility as far as security and delivery of the item on the carrier at that point?

    If the item becomes lost, who would then have to initiate the claim? The manufacturer or the person who sent it last?

    Good info for everyone involved...
  12. BulldogXTRM
    Obviously no one is going to hold you responsible for something that is the carrier's fault. But, 64Audio nor @Barra nor I can initiate a claim for a package that @San Man shipped... That's why I said that your previous statement was not entirely accurate.

    It's just that if by chance something does go wrong in the shipping process, you're not relieved of your responsibility. We still need you to initiate the trace or claim. However once you have received notification that the item was signed for by an adult, then posted proof of that notification, then at that point you're relieved of further responsibility.

    Hopefully that makes sense. It's just not as simple as "I shipped it I'm done..."
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  13. San Man
    For sure bro, just clarifying the info :smile_phones:

    Thanks for the correction
  14. Land-O-The-Free
    WCK is on its way to @Vansen! Direct signature is required. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and apologies again for the delay. I will post my impressions once time permits. Thanks again! :)
    Barra likes this.
  15. Vansen
    These showed up on Friday and where in perfect condition.
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