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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Trio and 12t >>> Starting March 2018

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  1. ericr
  2. swesko
    Did I quote you or ask you?are you the reviewer? And very informative answer..
  3. koven Contributor
    Very right. Fourte is meh, outclassed by Andro at 1/3 the price. U18t on the other hand is superb.
  4. BulldogXTRM
    I have the Forte and the U18t both in my hands right now, I definitely wouldn't say the Forte is meh... I haven't ever tried the Andromeda so I can't say. I can say that the Forte is one of the best I've ever heard, but it's not quite the U18t. Both have their own slightly differently tonality, with the Forte having just a bit more low end, the U18t on the other hand is an extremely balanced sound. Both really have something going on with the Tia drivers.
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  5. ngoshawk
    The Fourte is absolutely brilliant, with a level of detail that leaves most TOTL IEM's in the dust, to me. I was amazed by the detail representation, and the bass presentation. I love the u18T and the bass and would purchase it over the Fourte, but the Fourte reaches deeper, and with a bit more oomph besides the detail. It is worthy of TOTL status without question, and would withhold judgement in comparing to the Andro. It is good, but that would be like comparing a tricked out Mustang to a Lamborghini...Both are good, and I like both very much, but...
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  6. Ike1985
    I find A18t to have more oomph in the lower mids than Fourte, I don't remember from memory but I think Fourte may have more oomph in the sub bass. Both are exceptional but I much prefer A18t to Fourte due to preference.
  7. Ike1985
    I missed the fedex man yesterday so I put in PTO for a 3 hour lunch today, so I can be at home 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour after given he came at 12:42 yesterday. I also lefe a printed and laminated note on all doors with my phone number and a note saying I work just a minute down the street from this house and can be here in 2 or 3 minutes or can meet him out somewhere and to call me. LOL, worked last time. Can't wait to take delivery of these bad boys.

    Kit received. Everything appears to be in order although I haven't tested for functionality yet as my Hugo2 is at work.

    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  8. Ike1985
    Tia Trio has way more bass than I expected, very nice suprise.
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  9. Land-O-The-Free
    West Coast Kit has arrived safe and sound! :)
  10. Ike1985
    Alright I've had 4 hours with both of them now, going back and forth:

    Trio w/ 64 Audio foam tips vs A18t w/M20:

    X A18t has ever so slightly more resolution from mids to upper mids and through to highs while Trio has more down low
    Trio has more the more visceral bass (pushing more air) with more impact in both mid and sub bass

    X Trio has the overall more natural sound, thus it is more transparent, especially with cymbals and female vocals

    X It's easier to distinguing image location with Trio because the the stage is smaller(more intimate) and thus images are closer, more solid and less airy, it's a tradeoff smaller stage w/closer more concrete images vs much larger stage with more airy images on A18t. In no way am I saying Trio stage is small, it's a solid medium edging toward large, it's a beautiful stage.

    X Trio's more nautral slighlty less dynamic presentation, more intimate stage makes it easier for the brain to follow a violin in the midst of a congested passage with Trio than A18t as A18t emphasizes the guitars more and the violin less for example at about 2:20 into Wind by Ellende the violin is very easy to pickup and follow when the mayhem begins with Trio whereas A18t requires a bit more brain work and focus (I highly suggest u get the FLAC as this track is good for testing this specific purpose)

    again likely due to stage dimensions of both and the airy images of A18t

    X Trio has the smaller stage but more 3d much like Zeus XIV, A18t stage is much wider

    X Trio has better image solidity, images more airy on A18t

    X A18t bass extends tonally deeper

    X Trio has the more high resolution bass with more texture rendered on the image

    From what I remember of Fourte, IMO Trio sounds like a better Fourte. Better in the sense of the more visceral bass, Fourte was just too bass light. Fourte likely has more detail. I'm going to ask 64 to send me a Fourte so I can analyze all 3 together.

    Trio is beautiful sounding I just wish it was custom for comfort.

    Gear used:
    S8+ in airplane mode running UAPP
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  11. BulldogXTRM
    I also felt the trio had a better bass presentation than the Fourte, but where I disagree was that the bass of the Trio was higher resolution than the U18t. I felt both the Fourte and the Trio had more bass but it was just slightly less resolved than either the U12t or the U18t.

    The biggest drawback for me though was how source dependent the Fourte and Trio were. If you use a good source at times they were much better overall than the U18t or the U12t, but when using an average source, they were a bit less resolved. Still some of the best I've ever heard, but not quite where the U18t or the U12t was.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
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  12. Barra
    Final Additional Security Requirement Reminder - No "+", No Tour
    If you are on the tour, please check the link below to post 3 to make sure that you have a "+" in front of your name.

    If you do not have a "+", this means that you are missing the final requirement to stay on the tour and that your participation is in limbo waiting for compliance. The tour is in progress and skipping those that are missing the "+". Once you have complied, you will see an "+" appear next to your name and we will follow as closely to the original order as we can. Those that do not respond will be dropped from the list on 6/1.

    Assuming that you have all emailed me your ID photo and your phone, you are only missing your phone bill copy with a matching address to your ID and your phone number exposed. This verifies your address and phone number at the same time. @BulldogXTRM will be happy to hear and make exceptions if the phone bill doesn't work for some reason. Our goal is to find a way to make it work so that this tour can continue in full.

    Again, I am sorry for the extra security, but I am sure that you can understand given the value of the kits and the recently stolen kits that 64 Audio has been dealing with. As a bonus, you will be prequalified for my other upcoming tours which I have many in the works. Thank you for your understanding. - Bill
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  13. Barra
    New Tour Announcement - Han Sound Audio Premium IEM Cable Tour

    Music Sanctuary has set us up with some very premium Han Sound Audio IEM cables. I have been playing with them and have felt like a kid in a candy store. If you are interested you may join at the link above. If you have been approved for this 64 Audio tour, you are prequalified for the Han Sound tour.
  14. Ike1985
    I have recorded all my thoughts and am finishing up my A12t and Tia Trio reviews. Thank you to Bill and @64Audio for putting the tour together. Both are truly special monitors that have that TOTL clarity we all expect, one is a fun, totally transparent, simply beautiful sounding monitor and the other is a more reference and balanced sound. I know which I prefer! Watch out for my reviews to see which is which and thank you again to everyone involved in the tour. Shipping out tomorrow at lunch.
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  15. Ike1985
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