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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Trio and 12t >>> Starting March 2018

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  1. ctsooner22
    ....very cool. Really excited about this tour. Thanks.
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  2. ericr
    64 Audio Tour Kit at Seattle Meet this Saturday - May 5!!!


    64 Audio Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Trio (hybrid universal IEM)
    • U12t (12 driver per side IEM)
    Along with my 64 Audio Gear:
    • Tia Fourte (TOTL universal hybrid IEM
    • A18 (18 driver per side!!! Custom IEM - if it fits your ears)
    Also the Beat Audio Premium IEM Cables Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Supernova MKII (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($249)
    • Supernova MKII (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($?)
    • Thor - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($399) (Copper)
    • Prima Donna (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($799) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($1199) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male

    After the meet Benny and I will coordinate a hand-off of the 64 Audio kit.

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  3. ngoshawk

    64 kit in the House...holy buckets I love Santana....
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  4. ctsooner22
    Yes, one of the great for sure. Try out some Joe Bonamassa who's a savant guitarist, lol.
  5. ngoshawk
    Indeed. I downloaded all of Joe’s albums for free when Apple did some promo. Joe Satriani is another good one.
    ctsooner22 likes this.
  6. ctsooner22
    Awesome. Love great music!!! not just the cool gear.
  7. Land-O-The-Free
    Hey all,
    So has the West Coast Kit been received by @bvng3540 from @ericr? Thanks guys!
    ctsooner22 likes this.
  8. bvng3540

    Should receive it today
  9. bvng3540

  10. ctsooner22
    I need to learn screen shots guys. lmao...Very cool stuff.
  11. ngoshawk
    I must say that it has been an a phenomenal almost-week with the pair. I can vividly remember the anticipation then arrival of the U18t/ tia Fourte pair. I was the proverbial kid in a candy store...that said, I do believe the leaving part of this pair will be much harder. Wait....what? Why? Well, to put it into as few a words as possible; the U18t/Fourte were and are the best IEM's I have had the honor of listening to, and that was enough. My Maestro V2 compared well and I appreciated both companies approach, and have since picked up a scratch-n-dent U8, which I really like.

    With the U12t/tia Trio, I have fallen madly, passionately, crazily, scarily-freakishly in love. The U12 is incredible, but once I heard the tia Trio, I spent probably 75% of my time in them. This is the kind of love you feel as an adult looking at your favorite Ferrari, or Lamborghini. A lust of I MUST HAVE THIS...A feeling that you immediately start to save your pennies for the purchase. Knowing I really, REALLY liked the U18t was enough and I appreciated it. Knowing this LOVE for the U12T will not be enough. The Post Office will have to take the package from me kicking and screaming...please do not be surprised if you see me on the news causing a raucous and getting arrested, outside of Kansas City. That will be me, and that will be the 47 officers of the law required to pry the critters from me and onto the next....oh...dear....GOD....and please save a copy of the story for me and posterity...wow.
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  12. lotech
    Before you send them out try some Alvin Lee, both with Ten Years After and solo works. I especially enjoy the live recordings with the 64 Audio gear.
    Suggest 'The Last Concert', truly a great loss.
    So, given your druthers (what the hell is a druther anyway?) would you go with the Trio, or the 12t?
    (Lamborghini or Maserati ?)
  13. ngoshawk
    Trio...as opposed to when I had the U18t/Fourte where I liked the U18t more...you will have to wait for my review as to why. And thank you for the music suggestion, it was wonderful!
  14. ngoshawk
    My apologies, I had every intention of sending the tour kit to Ike, today. A family emergency will prevent this from happening.

    The critters are boxed and will be sent mid-morning Monday, or noonish at the latest.

  15. swesko
    We all know why the u18t sounds better than the fourte, the treble is hot/too bright for most. It's also a lot more clinical compared to the u18t. This is the reason why I bought the u18t. Am I right ?:)
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