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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Tia Fourte' and U18 Tzar >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. BulldogXTRM
    For anyone not aware @Barra has asked me to come on board to assist him during the tours for security reasons.

    I'll be talking with Barra, about this hopefully later today if both of our schedules permit. Once we discuss this, either Barra or I will be posting the new requirements. From preliminary talks with Barra, there basically will be two routes to take.

    The two routes will be
    A. Providing a lot more information that will be verified. This is what Barra and I will be discussing.
    B. Providing the same basic information already required by Barra's tours and in addition providing a valid Credit Card, to be submitted to the manufacturer of the gear being toured for a security deposit.

    I will give you all the preliminary requirements that I gave to Barra so you guys can have an idea of what steps may be required.
    1. State Issued ID card or Driver's license with photo and address.
    2. Address on State issued ID must match shipping address
    3. Copy of utility bill in the participants name. Utility bill address/name must match ID card and shipping address
    4. Working phone number, Cell phone or landline along with a photo with participants name and address on the bill. No Google voice or other free phone numbers and no prepaid cell phones.
    5. Valid email address
    6. Employer name - phone number (verification may be required)
    7. Social medial profile - Facebook or Linked-In, etc. Required to add BulldogXTRM as a friend.
    8. Join Head-Fi tours group page on Facebook that will be a private group and make at least one post acknowledging acceptance of the tour terms.
    9. Also posting the same acceptance on the Head-Fi.org tour page.

    All participants must do these next steps or will be excluded from future tours.
    1. Must notify Barra, BulldogXTRM, previous participant, and the next participant via group email that the kit has been received.
    2. Must notify Barra, BulldogXTRM and the next participant via group email that the kit has been shipped along with a photo of the shipping receipt with visible tracking number.

    We realize that not everyone will meet all of these requirements, such as college students etc. Therefore in order for these participants to still take part, substitutions will be made on a case by case basis when you first request to participate. As an example a parent's address/phone number may be supplemented for employer. Cell phone bill, may be used instead of utility bill. But one of these will be required.

    The goal of these steps is simple we want to verify who you are, where you live, and in case of you not returning or shipping the kit to the next person, we want to track you down and either get the kit from you or get the cost of the kit from you. If we can't get the tour kit or the money from you, we want to know who to file criminal charges against... We also know that the majority of members will never be an issue because you guys are hard working and honest people.

    If anyone has any issues at this point with any of this, then you can PM me, I will provide my email address and we can discuss it in a group email with Barra and I. If you feel like this is too much, then feel free to notify Barra and drop from the tour.
    There of course will be some exceptions such as those members that have built trust with Barra. He make's that call and if that applies to you, Barra will notify you. My job is the opposite, I don't trust anyone, but I'll be verifying everyone...

    Hope this helps give you guys an idea of what's coming. This will take some time to get this information and verify it from everyone so be patient and we'll get the tour moving as quickly as possible.

    Again this is preliminary requirements, FINAL rules will be posted later. This is not the place to have an in depth discussion or to plead why these rules shouldn't apply to you. But I would love to have a little feedback and find out if you agree or disagree with terms as stringent as these.
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  2. fiascogarcia
    It only takes one or two people to screw up a good thing, but I for one feel that you guys need to do whatever it takes to secure the demo kits that have so generously been sent out to us all. At this point, no one should argue against whatever security measures you deem necessary. IMO
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  3. BulldogXTRM
    Just as an FYI, @Barra has PM'ed all remaining participants with the official upgraded security measures. If you received the PM then you only need to reply with the additional information and the last kit will be shipped out to you for you 7-day turn.
  4. BulldogXTRM
    We still need help getting @ljnew to return the Tourkit, any help the community can provide to put pressure on him is greatly appreciated.
  5. iamstumper

    Tour kit is with FedEx and shipped to next recipient - @BulldogXTRM

    Tracking info has been sent to relevant parties.

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  6. ljnew
    Sent the kit back to @Barra. He should be receiving them by Thursday.
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  7. BulldogXTRM
    Thank you! @Barra can you confirm?
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  8. BulldogXTRM
    I've received the tour kit from @iamstumper. I'll post pics of it this afternoon when I get home from work. I think I'm the last stop on the tour.

    Having just finished the tour of the Trio/U12t, I'm excited to see what the final step up from 64Audio sounds like.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  9. Seancs14
    Seems the tour is suspended, but am adding myself as interested in participating and willing to comply with any additional security measures as proposed by @BulldogXTRM above.

    Still getting involved in the Headfi community, but have been a long time enthusiast, so happy to help with managing the tour to chip in and get to know people.

    Located in Laguna Niguel, CA.
  10. BulldogXTRM
    20180502_124359.jpg 20180502_124355.jpg 20180502_124332.jpg

    Recieved in good condition, one ear tip missing from Forte kit.
  11. ericr
    64 Audio Tour Kit at Seattle Meet this Saturday - May 5!!!


    64 Audio Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Trio (hybrid universal IEM)
    • U12t (12 driver per side IEM)
    Along with my 64 Audio Gear:
    • Tia Fourte (TOTL universal hybrid IEM
    • A18 (18 driver per side!!! Custom IEM - if it fits your ears)
    Also the Beat Audio Premium IEM Cables Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Supernova MKII (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($249)
    • Supernova MKII (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($?)
    • Thor - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($399) (Copper)
    • Prima Donna (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($799) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($1199) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male
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  12. BulldogXTRM
    After spending the weekend with the U18t/Forte I can definitively say these are an upgrade to the U12t/Trio. The sound of the Forte is more balanced than the Trio, with maybe just a bit more bottom end. And the U18t is also a bit more balanced than the U12t, also especially in the low end. So in both cases the low end is where I hear the most improvement on both of these. I'm very much taken back from the sound quality of these IEM's and the clarity they are able to achieve.

    But I don't want to detract from the U12t/Trio, those IEM's are amazing in their own right, just slightly different but still amazingly musical.

    I'm listening to some Santana right now with the Forte and feeling the emotion that he puts into his playing is amazing!
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  13. lotech
    The thing that impressed me the most with the Fourte was the speed of the bass, I'm not big on dissecting sound or focusing on one area but that was my first impression.
    I ended up liking the 18t more than the Fourte which could be a bit bright/strident with some material for me. One of the advantages of the 18t was the ability to tweak the sound with different modules.
  14. swesko
    Haven't listened to the fourte but I read everywhere that they are indeed brighter/more revealing than the u18t that's why I bought the tzar. Great sounding iem with great soundstage, perfect amount of bass, clarity on the upper highs without harshness
  15. Seancs14
    I ended up being the last person on the tour and returned them to Roman at 64 Audio a couple weeks ago. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped make the tour possible. I ended up really liking the tia fourtes and it’s now on my radar as a potential upgrade from my CA Vegas.

    I’m not a particularly knowledgeable audiophile from being able to explain what I like about a particular piece of gear, but want to make sure I contribute and share my impressions. Where’s the best place for me to submit a review, the thread for the phones themselves or in the reviews area?
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