TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Tia Fourte' and U18 Tzar >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. lotech
    Will be shipping to Faithguy19 tomorrow (Sat. Dec. 30) via Fedex.
    I'll send PM with shipping info once I have tracking number.
    Before I start some kind of review I'd just like to thank Barra and 64 Audio for making this tour possible.
    There's no way I would have been able to really demo these without it.
    Now, does anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney?
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  2. chef8489
    I already contacted faithguy before the hollidays about shipping ro him. He should have said that. You should be shipping to the next person. You should have seen my pist about contacting him.
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  3. faithguy19
    While I would enjoy two sets of U18's and Fourte's, unfortunately I only have one pair of ears. Chef8489 I think is shipping to me first. Lotech you may want to check on the person after me.
  4. chef8489
    Here is the tracking for Faithguy19 usps 9406103699300007998096 was dropped of at my front desk this morning when I got back. not sure if it went out today or will be tomorrow.
  5. lotech
    Okay then, I'll be shipping to Kernel888...
  6. fuzzychaos
    I found Andrew on Facebook and let him know that people on the tour/tour originator was trying to get in touch with him. Hopefully we'll get an answer soon.
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  7. ngoshawk
    I had to laugh at your slip of the autocorrect statement... “get in tough with him,” which might be warranted! Cheers, all I’m next!
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  8. fuzzychaos
    Yeah, I caught it after a bit. May be a Freudian slip? :)
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  9. kernel8888
    Ill keep an eye out for your tracking number, very excited for these!

    Can't believe someone has been so irresponsible with that 3rd set...
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  10. Quadfather
    Nearly $7,000 worth of earphones and he treated it like this?
  11. proedros
    24 hrs later , any news ?
  12. Barra
    Thank you very much.
  13. ljnew
    1. Any negative aspects of the Forte or 18?
    2. Anyone here have anything negative to say or valid criticisms besides price?
    3. Are they really worth $3,500+
    4. They can't be perfect?
    5. Any iem or headphone beat them?
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  14. fuzzychaos

    It’s not been 24 hours yet, but messenger did indicate that he had read or noticed the message.
  15. ljnew
    Well, we know what happened at this point. He opted for early Christmas. SMH

    What school does he go to?

    He needs to know you can't jip us and get away that easy!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
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