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TOUR CLOSED - 64 Audio US CIEM Demo Tour - Tia Fourte' and U18 Tzar >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. The Dan of Steel
    Tour set received. Everything appears in good condition. Commencing enjoyment.
  2. alpha421
  3. bvng3540
    Both IEM look and sound great
  4. ericr
    Bless you A18!


    Excellent build quality and craftsmanship as well.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  5. linux4ever
    Congratulations. what are your impressions on sound?
  6. cellarbro
    Hey @Barra

    Any way to get in on this tour? :) Thank you!
  7. Barra
    Added to the tour list post 2.
  8. shenshengkafei
  9. Malcuso
    Too late to sign up? Live in Missouri and would love to hear the Tia Fourte.
  10. Barra
  11. San Man
    This is the one I'm really looking forward to!
    EagleWings likes this.
  12. The Dan of Steel
    Tour unit being sent out right now to next on list. Sending PM with tracking. Thanks again for the add, it was an absolute pleasure to hear these.
  13. linux4ever
    Received the tour kit. Both IEMs appear in good shape. The U18 seems to be having M15 APEX module. The M20 module is inserted into its slot in the included case. Thanks @The Dan of Steel. Now immersive fun for the next 7 days.

    EDIT: I've also informed the next person on the list and have his address. In a week's time the tour kit will be on its way to him.

    EDIT2: Preliminary Impressions - I wanted to start with U18 paired with my Sony Xperia XZ smartphone and worked my up to Opus#1 & Opus#1 + Mojo. U18 was fairly balanced and with a good seal was giving good bass with slam.

    Then I tried Forte and it took me few minutes to settle down into it's sound. I tried some comply's that I had with me. But the fit wasn't good and not comfortable. Then I tried foam + silicone hybrid tips and within few minutes was hooked to the quality of sound. And I'm yet to take it off. Wow!!! I didn't expect Forte to be this good and this is just being paired with my Sony smartphone. I tried various genres including classical and each sounded excellent. Unbelievable sound clarity and resolution. Detailed, high resolution, yet not dry/analytical, but musical.

    Refined has been redefined.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
    ericr likes this.
  14. shenshengkafei
    Headed over tour kits to @H2Ologd. Big thank to @Barra for hosting this. Appreciate it!
    Quadfather likes this.
  15. H2Ologd
    Received the tour kit today. Everything looks in good condition. I am looking forward to listening to these over the next few days.
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