TOTL Over Ear Headphones vs TOTL IEMs
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Don't all headphones have their own signature though?
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I love love love my Audeze LCDi4 and also own the Utopia and Sony Z1R and think with the EQ setting applied in Roon or simulating the eq in my Sony WM1a they rival the Utopia and best the Sony. These are open so they demand a quiet listening environment. They are very organic sounding and detailed without the studio monitor vibe of the Utopia (which I do really like and think is an outstanding HP).

I also own the Lola by JHA and think it is great in the CIEM space but the LCDi4 just sounds better. I use the Lola for travel or outside use but defer to the LCDi4 at home
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After my long journey with iems and heaphones and trying many of the best stuff out there I stopped with Tia Fourte Noir and wm1z :)

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