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TOTL Headphones Comparison

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matthewhypolite, Jul 22, 2017.
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  1. Thenewguy007
  2. matthewhypolite
    Yes i mostly agree with that comparison, however my thoughts differ somewhat in some areas. For e.g. i think the Abyss has more presence and size, and is more forward. The HEKv2 does however have a more euphoric and natural tone and presentation.
    Quoting from my review, " I don’t think the V1 is good enough to compete head to head with the likes of the Utopia and Abyss in a lot of genres, but the V2 very much does so, whiles retaining the excellent comfort and ease of the sound. " This seems to line up with what's described in the review you posted. I do believe the abyss still holds a substantial lead against the HEKv2 in terms of raw performance, but the HEKv2 did a much better job and even took a genre off of the Abyss for my tastes, i.e. Metal.

    IMO the Abyss and Utopia are clearly better than the HEKv2, but they all do different things. I think the HEKv2 is more similar to the Utopia in that respect.
    HEKv2 trades blows with both the Utopia and Abyss, but when combined, the only area i see the HEKv2 wining over both is comfort. If you look at my "best at" table, you'll see the HEKv2 taking alot of 2nd places, but no first, because either abyss or utopia is better than it in everything except comfort/long sessions.

    So to wrap it up, i use Abyss for what it's the best at, reach for the utopia for what it's best at, and reach for the HEKv2 when i wanna game, study, read, kick back, etc.
    If i had to get rid of one of those, it would be the HEKv2, glad i dont though :)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
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  3. skimmel
    Thank you so much for this outstanding review. Can I ask for your thoughts on the "brightness" and forwardness of the Utopias? Are they quickly fatiguing as others have mentioned? Thanks.
  4. matthewhypolite
    Thanks. As far as the "brightness" goes, i really dont find the Utopias fatiguing, the Abyss sounds brighter to my ears, and i can see fatigue stepping in alot faster with that cans, in certain genres. The Utopia does have a slight brightness up top, but the cans produce a nice rich lush sound to my ears that balances out the sound signature. I can rock out to some System Of A Down or Disturbed for a couple hrs no problem. As with everything YMMV, but i personally dont think the utopia has that problem.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. skimmel
    Thank you, that is very helpful.
  6. knopi
    Really great work, big thumbs up from me too. I like also your shorter writing style, it is more than enough describe sound how sombody feel it.
    For this reason I often do not understand long reviews on 3 pages where reviewers describing there low mids high mids and I do not know what else, WTF :D.
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  7. nogi replicant
    Kudos to the creater of the OP. Very informative and well done.
  8. TomNC
    Great comparative review. I may not agree on some of the overall SQ ratings, but you got all the key descriptive words there which I have to agree. Looking forward to your adding LCD4, 009, and Susvara to the round-up.
  9. raypin
    Mm....just a suggestion: don't use 10. For me, 10 denotes perfection. There is no perfect headphone or any of its aspect. At best, 9.9 but not 10.
  10. jmills8
    Why not go to 11?
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  11. raypin
    Mm...absolutely not. 11 is reserved for the HE 1.
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  12. noxa
    Nice, simple and easy to get a good grasp of the sound, good job!

    I do agree though, 007 and 009 would be awesome.
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  13. matthewhypolite
    Hi Guys, been off the forums for a bit, trying to catch back up past few days:

    Thanks man.

    Thanks, of course the ratings are subjective, so i tried to explain the sound as well. I'm actually thinking about selling my HEK as it's not been getting very much eartime having both the Utopia and Abyss on hand. Also, i'll have the Abyss Phi in december, so that will be added to the lineup soon. LCD/009 maybe, Susvara? price limiting atm.

    Thanks man, yea alot of folks asking for the 009 in the mix. I can get a pair of those easy enough, whats preventing me though is the required amp. I guess i can go with a cheap amp just to get it in there. But i prefer to compare it with a high end up to keep things fair. Currently looking at selling my LAu to fund a WA33 though. When i get the WA33 i may consider pairing it with a WEE to drive the 009, but haven't had much feedback on the Wee so undecided.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  14. SHAMuuu


    for the 'smoke&mirrors'-less approach like the joker fella with the IEMS. Hope you get a hold of all TOTL's , and the musical wheel (guessing from Lawton AUdio) was a nice touch

    good job sir,

    All must be done to keep this thread alive. :D
  15. matthewhypolite
    Thank you good sir :D! and yes, Lawton Audio, forgot to give credit for the wheel there. Thanks for the reminder :wink:
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