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Totally new to this world, looking for some advice.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by btar93, Jan 7, 2014.
  1. btar93
    Hey there, ive recently become fed up with poor quality gaming headsets (which i used for games and music) after I received my current headphones, which im in the process of returning. After spending the last 3 days going over various websites and reviews for headphones im in need of some advice. Basically my setup will be whichever headphones i decide to purchase being primarily plugged into my computer (onboard 7.1 surround sound or Fiio E10 if needed.)  along with me buying a clip on microphone for skype. Initially I was leaning towards the Grado SR80i I believe they are called, however they do leak alot, which is fine, id be using them at home anyway, however i have concerns about the mic picking up my music etc. Ive also found that while I read one review boasting about how good a headphone is, I find another saying how poor it is. Sound is subjective I know but as this is my first glance into the world of decent sound I want to be reassured im going in the right direction. Last but not least I mainly listen to  Trance, Hardstyle, dubstep, house, pretty much anything "hard" and electronic so im assuming I need something that wont buckle under pressure of these songs, however I do listen to softer music, Lana Del Ray, indie bands, even classical. I guess what im saying is that I want headphones which can handle my main musical genre, but still be good all round (but mainly for electronic) :p 
    Budget will be mainly around the 100ish pounds mark, however I could be pushed to go a little further if needed.
    Headphones ive been looking at so far: 
    Grado SR80i
    Grado SR60i

    Audio Technica M50
    House of Marley Exodus
    Sony Prestige MDR-1R
    Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 80 OHM 
    Out of the ones listed id say ive been primarily interested in the Grados, Phillips and Beyerdynamic DT770  as people have said the DT770 is good for electronic. 
    EDIT: About DACs etc, im willing to purchase the Fiio E10 so keep that in mind. 
    Any feedback and/or questions are appreciated and if ive placed this in the wrong forum section I do apologise, its late here and im about to go to bed, just posting it now in the hopes of some replies to wake up to. 
    Oh and about build quality and comfort, obviously id like something that looks, feels and fits nice, however im mainly talking about sound quality at the moment. 
    Thanks again. 
  2. dailysmoker
    Had the Sony 1R and think it sucks with electroinic music......
    House of Marley sucks (most of them)
    M50 is a good option (but for 70 euro on ebay you can also get the M-audio Q40(And buy Alpha pads for them for 50 euro)which i prefer to the M50's....
    Cityscape i do not know,but Philips is making great stuff lately(Philips X1 is awesome but more like 230 euro)
    Grado is more for Rock music,so for electronic music i would not buy them.....
    DT770 i never heard so cannot say anything about them....
  3. amigomatt
    Yamaha HPH-200 - best sound by far at that price.
  4. fightwithdogma
    BeyerDynamic DT 250, great balanced closed cans at around 150€, sound is more clear than warm, depends of your preferences. Made a friend start audiophilia with these, he is absolutely blessed.
    Starting with balanced HP, you can then choose either warmer or clearer headphones, more mids or more basses, etc...
    I myself bought a K551 for a more clear, accurate sound, especially for the lows. Still looking for something better with the same sound signature.
  5. btar93
    Thanks for the replies so far. On a side note, would you recommend I get a DAC anyways, like i said i could buy the E10 as it will be for computer use. E10, E6, E05. Cheaper the better really as getting the headphones themselves are pushing the boat out a little. 
  6. deadspider187
    For that genre I really liked my HD595's.  There's the new version (HD598) for $187 so It's near your price range.  They can be used without an amp but will definitely improve (especially for that genre) with a little amping of some kind.
  7. Jeremyth
    The first headphones that changed my gaming completely were the beyerdynamic dt990s. These I think are a little over your budget but Up until I took the plunge on these I spent 100s of dollars with, what I thought was very average kit, spending that bit extra I'm convinced saved me money and time in the long run.

    I used the 990s with a turtle beach or astro mix amps and with the comfort and "fun" sound the 990s had found this to be really good for any FPS.

    However after playing with them for a while I then found myself wanting more, as a result, my greed for the best headphone kit lead me to a A8 realiser, amp and a set of Hd800s. Have to say that this just rocks my world for gaming , movies and music.

    Good luck in your search.
  8. johnvonmacz

    I currently have a setup of Audio Technica M50 Red Version + FiiO E10 DAC and I must say, it's the best headphone I have heard so far! The clarity of the vocals is so amazing I feel like I'm having eargasms. I also listen to dubstep and bass-heavy music and the bass is punchy and solid, it doesn't overpower the vocals but you can still feel the thumping in your ears and doesn't sound muddy which is awesome especially when you turn on the bass boost in the E10, it's a total treat! Go get the E10 + M50! You won't regret it.
  9. dailysmoker
    Yeah that is a very good combo indeed
  10. tattoou2
    Either the DT770 or the M50 along with the Fiio should be quite satisfying.  
  11. Jeff Y
    Grados aren't good with dubstep nor gaming
    I would go with the m50s or the Beyers
  12. sinnottj
    Also consider the AKG K612 pro (can be bought for around £130 new in the UK) Excellent sound quality for the price (very similar to the Sennheiser HD 600) & fantastic soundstage for gaming. Excellent comfort too, lightweight with big velour pads.
    They are not bass-heavy, but I really enjoyed electronic music on them - the bass reaches deep down when called for. They work very well with most genres really.
    Would need amping, but the E10 will drive them fine.
  13. Sil3nce Moderator
    Here's the bottom line.
    Needs an amp: Beyerdynamic DT990 250 Pro. Currently on sale. Great bang for the buck.
    Yamaha Hp-200/Sony Ma900- Great open sound. Quite balanced.
    Sony Mdr-sa3000- very analytical and detailed, not the greatest low-end extension. Only recommended if you want something different.
    Or just get an Ortofon EQ-5 with a Sansa Clip+. Win at life. 
    Stay far away from the m-50s. Overrated. Owned the limited edition ones. The fit wasn't great for a bulky and heavy headphone. Sonically, they were nothing special.
    For someone who likes JPOP and female vocals, I've decided the Audio-Technica signature honestly doesn't give the best representation. 
    You'll hear people raving about the bass. The Koss ProDj100 bests them, for only 42 dollars. 
    The Akg k550/etc. series are flawed, very colored. Unusual amount of harmonic distortion. Not very good if used in conjunction with high-quality dacs/amps. Basically they don't scale well.
    The Grado sr-60/80s are no longer recommended by me. For one, they're unusable outside. Not great for gaming. And they're quite fatiguing in the upper mids/treble.
    None of the Sony 1R in any iterations. They lack clarity, imaging, and micro-details. Quite obviously not marketed for a reference sound. Colored in an unpleasant way. Reminds me of Klipsch S4s.
    Ps: I listen to electronica. Lana Del Rey. Etc. 
    Also, skip the Fiio Amps. They're not worth it in the long run.
    If you're going to bother spending money on a discrete DAC and a clean amp, I would rather you do your research and look elsewhere.
    Just Pm if you have any questions.

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