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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. bmichels
    Happy man :)

    What amp do you use between your TotalDAC and the SR009 ?
  2. Ali-Pacha
    BHSE, what else ?  clooney3.gif
    Arnaud, I believe you, but a visit to Tokyo could be interesting [​IMG]
  3. cat6man
    that is wonderful Arnaud.  congrats on the d1-six.
    i am considering that path also. 
    which input are you using on the totaldac and what are the details of the source?
  4. Pale Rider Contributor
    Or me in NorCal. In comparing my Totaldac/009 with my LCD-4 and HD800 (HeadAmp GS-X mk2), I am repeatedly amazed at how realistic low end percussion and strings sound. My 007 might be a little stronger in the bass, but I prefer the mids and treble on the 009.
  5. Beolab
    Some pictures from Scandinavia s biggest HighEnd Event Firm where we Bang&Olufsen BL90 speakers are the main attraction, but i manage to take som photos of the TotalDAC / BibaCord and i had a short listen.

    Very raw and detailed , not the last in the musicality and fine resolution aura i think..

    Are about to spend a little more time with it tomorrow.









  6. a1uc
  7. a1uc
    Man I'd love to upgrade to the silver front but (4) adds up quick
  8. paul79
    The Totaldac gear allows the recordings, amps, and speakers to speak for themselves. Looking at the above system, it has clinical all over it. Not a bad thing, but will never polish a turd, so to speak.... However, I will also add that the Totaldac scales with the best of the best gear and speakers, and the best stuff can be magical, as in you get music with no artifacts whatsoever, yet all the detail is still there.
    I truly think the Totaldac gear is much higher end than the rest of this system.
  9. Articnoise

    The sound of the system with TotalDAC was really good: open, transparent and musical. Not clinical at all.


    Btw according the owner of the TotalDac stack, Vincent has tested 10 AES-EBU and preferred the Bibacord.

  10. a1uc
    Got a question , I'm having a issue trying to get the black plastic face of my Totaldac system to look clean , I never tried to clean until today and now it's worse , started out that the face looked like a left over film from a protective plastic , today I tried some novus cleaner polish with a fine microfiber cloth now it looks worse ... Anyone else see this ? I am tempted to go with silver to fix this issue but that's not cheap and I like the black
  11. Pale Rider Contributor

    Haven't run into this yet. normally, I would have done something like what you did: iKlear and microfiber cloth. I also have something called Screen Mom, which has been great on LED and LCD monitors. But now, I suggest we ask Vincent. So, I sent him an email.
  12. a1uc
    I'm going to try a product another member just told me about Hut Ultra Gloss see if this does the job , I usually stay clear of touching finishes like this because they scratch so easy even if it's fine scratches , but I can't have my gear looking like it spent the day at a kids day care
  13. Pale Rider Contributor

    Looking forward to hearing how that works. Vincent recommended to me using plastic adhesive film for removing dust. But I still see the need for something reliable for skin oil residue, etc.
  14. a1uc
    The Hut Ultra Gloss product worked great for me . Just thought I would post an update
  15. Pale Rider Contributor

    Excellent. Great to hear, and thanks.
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