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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. nepherte

    You're absolutely right. If you prefer single box solutions, the d1-six is definitely the way to go.
  2. Pale Rider Contributor

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! <-----All in good humor! Actually, yes, upgrading dual to six and keeping my server is the least expensive of the upgrade routes, and probably bested only by the monoblocs/twelve/system combinations. But nothing here is saving me money. [​IMG] 
    i need to leave some room in the budget for the MSB Signature, so just have to decide whether the six or twelve is likely my end game here. Decisions, decisions.
    BTW, anyone else using the Roon functionality with their Totaldac? That combo is dynamite for me.
  3. yellowblue
    Pale Rider, how are you running Roon? Does it sound better than MPad?
  4. Pale Rider Contributor

    I have Roon running on a Baetis revolution PC box that I upgraded to Win10 and then loaded Roon. I no longer use the Baetis as a media server. It is connected to my Cisco SG-300, as is the Totaldac, but in different rooms. My Synology 1812+ provides storage, and Roon monitors it for music. I control with an iPad mini.
    My impression so far is that Roon does sound better than mPad, especially in bass impact, air, and soundstage. Most important, I had a problem with missing a note or two at the beginning of new tracks with mPad, and not just when switching resolutions. Roon has no such problem.. Much more listening to do, but so far so good. 
  5. yellowblue
    That was what I feared when I heard that the D1-server would be Roon-ready. I bought the server to avoid other PC-solutions. Would be nice to hear some more sound impressions. Do you know if the quality of the computer (special USB-board, power supply etc) affects the sound with Roon feeding the D1-server?
  6. cat6man
    re: comparisons between (d1-dual + d1-server), (d1-six + d1-server) and the (d1-six/server single box), the first two have the usb re-clocker but not the third.
    however, if i understand correctly, i assume the first two options use aes/ebu between the d1-server and the dac.  Is that correct for those making the comparisons?
    i'm trying to isolate the impact of the re-clocker vs. the aes/ebu or usb input to the dac
    in other words, is it the re-clocking or the conversion to aes/ebu (both in the d1-server) that contributes the most to improvement in sound............or does the d1-server in the single box solution also include convertion to aes/ebu?
  7. paul79
    The USB out of the PC with Roon Server does not need a fancy USB Card unless you plan on bypassing the Totaldac Server. The Totaldac Server is an endpoint, so it only needs Roon Server on the network somewhere (Ethernet).
  8. Pale Rider Contributor

    That's a great question. Have you asked Vincent? I have the reclocker on my server, but I connect to the DAC via AES/EBU. My impression from my email discussions with Vincent last fall is that the reclocker sound improvement was separate from the delivery to the DAC.
  9. paul79
    Both. The DAC's like to be fed AES/EBU for best sound, and the extra reclocking doesn't hurt a thing.
    The Server includes conversion to AES/EBU. The Server is quite simply, the modified Cubox and Supply Board installed into the Reclocker Chassis.
  10. Pale Rider Contributor

    First, a disclaimer. While I believe that power supplies and cables can make a difference with a direct USB connection, I do not believe they matter in an Ethernet delivery system. And that's one of the reasons why I plunked down early on for a Lumin, and then a NADAC, and now a Totaldac, and hopefully an MSB.  I subscribe to the view that Paul McGowan summarizes here:
    So, while it matters that the box is capable of delivering data accurately [a pretty low bar in the modern world], hopefully without injecting more noise into the LAN line, I haven't found any correlation between SQ and power supplies, USB cables, HDs vs. SSDs, etc., in this configuration. When I tested Roon on my Macs, same outcome. Obviously, if Roon is somehow flawed, or there is something going on in the Totaldac, or the NADAC, or the Lumin, or whatever, that's a different beast. But so far, for me, Roon's SQ is the equal of mPad, and its UI is light years ahead. The Roon UI is so engaging and informative, that I have found it improves the quality of the listening experience.
    Yellowblue, what are you currently using for your file storage to feed the Totaldac?
  11. yellowblue
    I use a Synology NAS powered by a HDplex LPS. Maybe I should give Roon a try from my office-computer.
  12. Pale Rider Contributor

    I would love to have Roon running as a package on my Synology, but I don't see it happening. Using the Baetis made sense for me. I put a little 7-inch monitor on it, plus a mini USB keyboard with an integrated touch pad, and it all fit on one shelf in my server closet.
  13. a1uc
    Earlier I posted I went from a D1 Dual to the Monobloc , I liked this upgrade so much I just contacted Vincent about sending the DACS back to be upgraded to the Twelve . Im just waiting
    for the email letting me know when to ship since Vincent is in the middle of a project at this time .
    I also listed a pair of Killer Signal Transformers Finemet Core I used with my monobloc's if anyone is interested
  14. arnaud Contributor
    D1-Twelve, congrats! Too rich for my blood, I am enjoying the D1-six upgrade presently and am a happy camper :wink:. Could be all placebo but after having let it warm up / running a while, it seems more detailed / layered / dynamic than ever. I challenge anyone who thinks the SR009 is not capable to reproduce bass and drum kick to pay me a visit in Tokyo :).
  15. a1uc
    Not a placebo effect , I never turn off my Dacs off or Server . I do turn off the display that's about all
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