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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. preproman
    CA don't speak on the TotalDAC re clocker.  At least I haven't seen any mention of it.  
    You said:
    "They are not doing the same thing."  
    So I wanted to hear from you.  Why you think they're not doing the same thing?
  2. cat6man
    I traded in my VTL monoblocks (SE) for Ayon monoblocks (balanced, triode mode) and made my system fully balanced after I heard the difference between balanced and SE (d1-dual to bhse) with stax 009.
    It was clearly worth it as the balanced is really much better.
    The BHSE gives the option of having a feed through output that could go to the monoblocks (if you use a headphone amp).
    In my case, I chose to get a used Pass Aleph P which has two balanced outputs.
    Later this year I'll see if a pre-amp upgrade is warranted.
  3. cat6man
    i'm glad to see this thread perking up with more totaldac users.
    i just received the usb regen and will be testing it out shortly.
    i have a short 1m cat7 cable run from a TP-link fiber converter (going back to my mimimServer/NAS/router) that feeds a sms-100, then to sonore's usb/aes-ebu converter with the super clock option, which clearly does some form of re-clocking along with reformatting the data going to the dac.
    one thing i've found is that synergy is everything and it is the rare piece of equipment that is unequivocally good everywhere.
  4. romaz
    Here's an actual picture as shot by Peter.  It shipped out today and I should receive it by Monday.
    This is actually a new color (Titanium Gray).  Dual XLRs are 3-pin female Xhadows.
  5. nepherte
    Thanks Romaz. Peter proposed that colour to me too. I'm still undecided between never-out-of-style black and the more risky white/gold for the headphone cable. It's hard to determine whether the latter would match well with the HD800 and LCD-XC, but I'm not in a hurry :)
  6. romaz
    Here's a photo of the XLR to 6.35mm adapter.  
    Here's another photo that shows the difference between the Titanium Gray and good ol' black.
  7. ptcl
    I received a Totaldac DAC and a reclocker 2 days ago. I have a two channel setup. The source is a fanless CPAS V3 server with an SSD and an SOTM USB card. The mother board, the USB card and the SSD are separately powered from 3 rails of an HDPlex Linear PSU. I would just say my amplifier and speakers are good enough to hear the contribution of the Totaldac. I run a Totaldac USB filter/cable from the server to the reclocker and an DH Labs  Silver Sonic AES/EBU cable to the DAC.
    I heard textured sound and instrumental bodies with the reclocker in place. The sound staging in all dimensions is quite special. I removed the reclocker and the sound from the DAC alone lost a little fine gradation and tonal quality. Putting it back it, the full bodied textures seemed to return. The fine textures also manifested themselves in better delineation of the space around the recording venue. IMHO, I prefer the DAC/reclocker combination.
    Having said that, I am curious about the Bibacord AES/EBU cable that Vincent offers.  Has anyone tried that cable to offer some feedback?
  8. a1uc
    I had Pual from Many Moons make my AES/EBU cable very happy
    He has sold a few people these cables that own Totaldac he demos
    ToltalDac and has the 12
  9. romaz
    Congratulations.  I have a similar server that I purchased from Small Green Computer.  It also has an SOtM USB card and is powered by a similar multi-rail HDPlex Linear PSU like yours.  I have also built a few Windows-based servers like it using Windows Server 2012 (single box).  Furthermore, I have a tweaked Mac Mini with linear PSU and an Auralic Aries with linear PSU.  As good as you think these music servers are, they do NOT do your TotalDac DAC justice.  This is what I am finding with my d1-monoblocs on both 2-channel and headphones and the improvement is not subtle.  The difference between a reclocker and a d1-server is about 1,000 Euros but that little cuboid server will easily make 2-3x more difference than the reclocker combined with your CAPS machine.  While I believe you will notice a difference with the Bibacord, you will notice a much bigger difference with a better source.  If you are still in your 2 week trial period with Vincent, I highly suggest you consider that upgrade.
  10. romaz
    Thanks for the reference.  I have sent Paul an e-mail although it looks like he's a busy guy (10 month wait according to his website).
  11. romaz
    Entreq Poseidon grounding box arrived Wednesday.  CAD CAT server arrived Thursday.  DHC cables arrived yesterday.  Aurender N10 due Monday or Tuesday.  Monoblocs + d1-Server nicely broken in now.  More to follow.
    Yoga and karlgerman like this.
  12. Yoga
    Exciting stuff buddy! Enjoy :¬)
  13. nepherte
    Anxiously awaiting a comparison between the CAT and the TotalDAC server.
    PS If I were to stack the TotalDACs like that, I wouldn't be able to resist getting a 4th one based on the lack of symmetry :wink:
  14. romaz
    Lol, I know what you mean.  Vincent actually sells a quad stack which includes a 2nd reclocker with his d1-twelve.  Maybe I'll stack 3 high.
  15. bmichels
    Me too, but Romaz.... no cheating, no totalDAC reclocker should be used between the CAT and the TotalDAC DAC [​IMG] 
    Buzy buzy week...[​IMG]   Hope you will also get the NAGRA in time...
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