Total newbie looking for quality dac/amp for hi-end headphone
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New Head-Fier
Jun 18, 2015
Hi all!
For the first time in my life, I have bought a pair of hi-end headphones sony mdr-z7 and now i need to buy me a good amp/dac external sound card.
It's a jungle out there, there's how many different ones to choose in between  and I am not an expert on this.
I play my music through my laptop and I use Spotify to flac files and I mostly listen to metal/hardcore/punk.
My budget is 500 dollar max, I want the best I can get for that price.
I found this Gustard u12 but i don't know if a need a dac or amp also?
Please write if any of these you could recommend or if you know any better.
Thanks in advance!!
Sony mdr-z7:
This is what I could find that seemed interesting.
Gustard u12:
Gustard H10:
Schiit: +
Teac UD-H01:
Yulong A28:
Audinst hud-mx2:
DarkVoice 336SE:
XiangSheng 708B:
Custom amp:
Sound card
Turtle Beach Wien:
Musiland monitor 02 us dragon:
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And why are those amps and dacs interesting? Some of em are solid state and some are tube amps with higher output impedance.
If its your first amp i would suggest going solid state, and you don't need to pour your wallet into it to get some good gear.
I was recently recommended the Audio-gd NFB-11, and the more i read about it the better a choice it seems, so I'm gonna buy one. It will end up at 365usd with all upgrades + shipping and tax.
It is a combined DAC and headphone amp(and stereo pre amp), but it doesn't have analog inputs.
Other than that i would look at that Gustard amp and Schiit audio's products. For a standalone DAC i would say go cheap, but my opinion isn't the same as the rest of the audio community.

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