Total newbie looking for quality dac/amp for hi-end headphone
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Jun 18, 2015
Hi all!
For the first time in my life, I have bought a pair of hi-end headphones sony mdr-z7 and now i need to buy me a good amp/dac external sound card.
It's a jungle out there, there's how many different ones to choose in between  and I am not an expert on this.
I play my music through my laptop and I use Spotify to flac files and I mostly listen to metal/hardcore/punk.
My budget is 500 dollar max, I want the best I can get for that price.
I found this Gustard u12 but i don't know if a need a dac or amp also?
Please write if any of these you could recommend or if you know any better.
Thanks in advance!!
Sony mdr-z7:
This is what I could find that seemed interesting.
Gustard u12:
Gustard H10:
Schiit: +
Teac UD-H01:
Yulong A28:
Audinst hud-mx2:
DarkVoice 336SE:
XiangSheng 708B:
Custom amp:
Sound card
Turtle Beach Wien:
Musiland monitor 02 us dragon:
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Jun 16, 2015
And why are those amps and dacs interesting? Some of em are solid state and some are tube amps with higher output impedance.
If its your first amp i would suggest going solid state, and you don't need to pour your wallet into it to get some good gear.
I was recently recommended the Audio-gd NFB-11, and the more i read about it the better a choice it seems, so I'm gonna buy one. It will end up at 365usd with all upgrades + shipping and tax.
It is a combined DAC and headphone amp(and stereo pre amp), but it doesn't have analog inputs.
Other than that i would look at that Gustard amp and Schiit audio's products. For a standalone DAC i would say go cheap, but my opinion isn't the same as the rest of the audio community.

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