TOSLINK from HDTV resampled to 48 khz ?

  1. amol
    I have the following setup:
    Vizio 50" HDTV 
    Toshiba 42" HDTV
    Matrix Mini-I DAC
    Macbook pro 2012
    Scenario 1:
    Toshiba TV -> TOSLINK out - > Matrix DAC
    I tried using both the Toshiba and the Vizio HDTVs and I notice that connecting my Macbook to the TVs generates different results using SPDIF output from both TVs.
    When I use the Toshiba TV, I get a 44.1 khz signal on the Matrix DAC, if I choose that from the Audio/MIDI setup and I can also switch this to 48 khz if I wish to.
    Scenario 2:
    Vizio TV -> TOSLINK out -> matrix DAC
     when I use the optical out from the Vizio, I only get a 48 khz input to the DAC, even when I choose 44.1khz output from the output options
    How can I make the Vizio output a 44.1khz signal without resampling it to 48khz ?

    Does anyone else have experience using a HDTV's optical/coax digital audio out into a DAC ? 
    I am trying to find a HDTV that will not resample my signal to 48 kHz. 
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Is there a problem with just using the 48Khz?
  3. amol
    Doesn't the resampling to 48 khz screw up the signal in terms of quality ?  
  4. Paul Wentzell
    Yes, it does. I just bought a Vizio TV last year, and I'm hoping this newer model does not resample.

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