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Toronto Meet : August 12th

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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I might be coming if that's ok. Gonna check my calender at work....got an AS9100 audit coming up and wanna make sure it fits in.
    Should be fun!
  2. danielghofrani
    Awesome! I am good for both. let me know
    I will be bringing my Shure SE535 IEMs
  3. canonlp
    ahhh I really wish I could come, but I'm in Vancouver currently. Take lots of pictures though!
  4. d.n.d.
    mark me down as tentative, gonna try to bring one or two friends along as well.
  5. Rayzilla

    Will anyone be bringing an Edition 8 to the meet?  If so, it's really too bad that I can't make it to this one.  I listen to electronic/trance most of the time and so far the Edition 8 (or some have suggested the Signature Pro) is the HP that would suit me best.  I haven't listened to either of them yet but I am really enjoying my Pro 900.  (MacedonianHero, as we PMed, I really missed out on the deal when you offered yours for sale.  I just started coming back to this site a few days after you sold them.  Now I know why I tried to avoid visiting this site. LOL.)
  6. jono454
    12 should be good for me =)
  7. azncookiecutter
    I can do the 26th for sure, although the 12th is possible too. Won't bring a lot if it's the 12th though.
  8. ambchang
    Would love to make it.  Thanks for Charliex for letting me know about this.
    I will bring:
    2 modded Fostex T50-RP
    Woody Magnum v3 (not totally complete yet, but getting there)
    Modded SR60 (again, not totally complete yet)
    ALO Audio Rx MKII
  9. BMWWW
    Can't make it to the 12th.
    Don't base the date on me though (you are too kind), I'm more in for the conversations and dreams of a large rig.
    As they say, as you were.
  10. jchrist
    Ah, I've been looking to attend one for a while now - leaning towards Aug 26th but I'll try to come over on the 12th if that turns out to be the consensus date.
    I'm looking to bring a bunch of IEMs, the DT1350s and probably a full-sized pair (or two). It'll be a bit of an adventure lugging stuff around on public transit lol.
  11. doxaman
    My bad luck!  August is a write off for me, I won't be able to make it.  Sorry
  12. Exer
    With a bit of luck, the job will let up a bit and I will be there. Nothing new, but will bring the WA2 - > Beyer T1. Definitely looking forward to hearing MacedonianHero's setup -- his reviews have driven a lot of my spending, and with W4S DAC2 -> LCD-3 in tow, he may compete with charliex for drool worthy collection :)
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I can't be held responsible for $ spent....sorry. [​IMG]
    Still trying to access if I can make it. August is a terrible month for me at work. [​IMG]
  14. tdunks
    I would only be able to make it in the evening. I am teaching first aid until about 5, then have to come in from kitchener.
  15. NujaBlessed
    I might be able to go, but i can't bring anything special, i only own a Beyer DT880, Grado sr225i and some meh amps.
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