Topping NX2 Portable DAC/Amp Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mrjoshua, Mar 8, 2015.
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  1. hifou
    I understand, however, I'm doing differential analysis by comparing "with" and "without" the NX2 on the same (analog) source, material and headphone.
    Since the DAC part appears OK, I would put the differences on the preamp section of the NX2 and/or the particular coupling with the dap.
  2. peter123

    I'd guess we just hear it differently then. I'd still argue that if the amp section added the bass it should be there when using the internal DAC on the NX2 as well......
  3. hifou
    Perhaps I was not clear enough. You have two paths for sound "inside" the NX2:
    As I think the first path is very neutral, while the second one is less so, My guess was that the issue came from the analog preamp section and not from the amp.
    The hiss instead comes directly from the final "AMP" stage and is probably due to the high gain.
    A mod could be to hack a Hi/Lo amp switch so that is could be used as a DAC for very efficient IEM in addition as a power house for driving high impedance HP.
    But, I agree with you. It does sound very neutral. It is that I'm normally quite picky in my impressions. I'm quite disappointed only by the noise floor.
  4. kiqi
    Would the amp in this be powerful enough to power havi b3 pro 1?
  5. fredhubbard2
    yes it is
  6. djgriff
    hi guys just got some new cans DT 1770 pro's would the NX2 be a good match or worth going for something better?
  7. hifou
    I would like to mod my NX2 with a High/Low gain switch for use with sensitive IEMs, but I'm having trouble finding the TP9260 datasheet.
    Anyone has it ?
  8. C.44
    I'd like to up the volume on my DT770's (80 Ohm version) a little while they are connected to my PS4 controller. Would the amp section in the NX2 be able to drive the DT770 better?
  9. Mellowship
    Bought myself a NX2 two months ago, to use with my laptop, which has a terribly noisy soundcard... but lately I've been using it on a daily basis with my FiiO x3II through the line out and I'm absolutely addicted to this combo. It kind of hampers the sometimes analytic (and boring) side of the FiiO with some recordings, without compromising soundstage, resolution and timbre, and brings new life to most of my IEMs. Even the 1st generation KZ ATE are sounding great with this setup! It is squishing all the juice from my Shure SE215! With the same perceived sound amplitude (volume), the NX2 has more control on bass and smoother mids-highs than the FiiO's integrated amplification, and delivers more current to the earphones, making them work more efficiently. As for full size cans, I don't have any with more than 50 ohms, but even the more demanding (the Somic MH463) plays loudly and competently with the NX2 at position 4 on the volume knob. So I guess any headphone with an impedance around 100-150 ohms would be driven easily.
    The drawbacks are there, nonetheless. The slight thump when powering on, and the almost inaudible hiss, as well as somewhat lacking the aforementioned qualities when working as a DAC-amp when connected to a computer or a smartphone through OTG. But even using the DAC, I find it rather enjoyable, as my Honor 8 smartphone is nothing to write home about regarding the native sound (with this and the lack of a FM radio being the only drawbacks of an otherwise excellent smartphone).
    And the battery... Only got 3 charges, and I never let it drain completely... It seems that is powered by a nuclear reactor... that thing goes on forever... and ever...
    And the build quality of that thing? C'mon! Sturdy and beautifully assembled as it gets.
    I'm just sharing this experience because I believe this little marvel is not getting enough praise around here for such a cost-efficient product. I would totally recommend to everyone who is questioning themselves if they need an amp, and to those who don't believe they need one because they read somewhere that if you're using 16 ohms earphones or buds, an amp won't do nothing. For around 30€, you can't go wrong!
  10. sainteb
    Has anyone tried or heard anything about the NX4?
  11. Mellowship
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  12. BunchOfAtoms
    For those interested, I asked Topping about the DAC and the output impedance and that's what they replied (very fast, by the way):

    Thank you for contacting TOPPING support. We are happy to assist.
    NX2s use TI's PCM5101A and output impedance of headphone amp is 3.3ohm.
  13. Kitarist
    Does anyone own Fx-Audio Feixiang DAC-X6 or SMSL M3 and how does it compare to those two? Looking to buy AMP/DAC combo and curious if those other two would give much better audio quality compared to the Topping NX2 as i can get Topping NX2 for much cheaper
  14. Mellowship
    The X6 and the M3 are desktop dac/amps, the X6 being powered by a dedicated DC transformer and the M3 by USB. They are not portable battery-op amps like the NX2. Both have very good reviews online, and if you need a desktop dac, I would go the extra mile for those and forget about the NX2. You also have the Topping D3, which is slightly cheaper than the two you listed and seem to be in the same category.
  15. Kitarist
    Where did you find Topping D3 slightly cheaper than the two i listed? I can only find it for around 100-120 EU while other two go for around 50-70 EU Range
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
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